September 27, 2017

Sourcing Secrets: Secondhand Scores!

I have been really excited by all the more accessible alternatives to 1st Dibs that have popped up online these days. Especially those that not only offer vintage and antique goods but also showroom floor samples as well. It’s a BRILLIANT was to score designer goods in awesome condition for a fraction of the price. All three of these sources have been go-to’s for us in my office and I wanted to share them in case you guys weren’t aware of the killer wares you can score with a little digging!

Viyet is the most high end, specializing in showroom samples but also selling some vintage goods as well.  The selection is amazing, and if you are lusting after a specific designer item I would check here before splurging to see if they have a sample that is for sale for much less than brand new.

Bungalow 5 panels // Stanley dining chairs // Visual Comfort chandelier //  Madeline Weinrib rug // Oly Studio bench // vintage leopard chair // antique sideboard

Everything But the House is a really cool online estate sale site chock full of just about everything from hand saws to Chanel purses.  Instead of trolling your neighborhood for estate sales, you can just pop online now!  More digging is required on this one, but the prices are ridiculous on a lot of stuff (bidding starting at $1!) Unlike the others, this is an auction site, so you have to stay on top of things you want!

settee // painting // chair // umbrella stand // stool // rug // Dior china set

Chairish is one of my faves- I look for stuff on here all the time because they ahve a great mix of style and price.  Everything from vintage goods that have already been re-upholstered or painted to showroom samples (like that mint condition mohair Donghia sofa below selling for $1,800 down from $6,000+).

tray // chairs // painting // sofa // pendant // bust // coffee table // chest

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