July 26, 2017

State of the Union

A sneak peek of a project we completed this year. Photo by Michael J. Lee.

Its been a while since I really dished about life with you guys, and in an effort to get more organized an refresh some things in my world before fall I thought it would be helpful for me to share some personal and professional updates.

First of all- the business. We’ve been humming along on many projects both in the area and out of state, which is exciting. And in our new, bigger space we also have two new people, Kristen and Katie- so right now we are a team of four (plus Bax and Ollie, of course).  We hope to utilize our new space in the coming year not only for business but for other interesting endeavors too.  I’d love to host pop ups once in a while in which we can partner with vendors to show off stuff we love- from art to fashion to accessories, wine, kids stuff and more (perhaps wine AND kids stuff since those often go together, amiright?) and have a social aspect to the space. So be on the lookout for that, and if you have ideas about a pop up let me know!

Along with the new space is some new branding AND a new website dedicated to the interiors side of my business.  I’ve been working with the insanely talented Hanna of Gadabout on a new logo for Erin Gates Design that will eventually transition to the blog as well. I really needed to invest in a revamp of my brand imagery AND a site dedicated to my design business only,  and I’m glad I finally ripped the band aid off. It’s going to be awesome. STAY TUNED!

And speaking of the blog, more to come there as well.  I’m on a mission to create more original content and add in a bit more fashion (including more of what I myself am wearing, and Henry too).  It’s hard not to be able to show imagery of my work since its all embargoed for the next book, so it can be challenging to keep things interesting and varied in such a competitive blog marketplace.  I feel down about the blog a lot lately,  but I’m going to try really hard to improve in this category and be more creative in what I share.

As for the book, its slow going but it’s going. I am loving the concept for it (keeping your style while creating a livable, safe, family home) and the imagery we have so far (including work from other designers that has never been published before) is great.  I also will have Q&A’s with some of my design idols whoa re parents and lots and lots of tips, tricks and anecdotes about my journey to and through motherhood.  Right now its slated for October 2018 release, but we’ll see if I can get it done in time.  Fingers crossed.

And then there’s motherhood, which is more all consuming than I ever expected, especially as Henry gets older.   While we are all getting lots of sleep now (thank you sleep training, best thing I ever did), Henry is a whirling dervish of activity, development and emotions.  It is insane and awe-inspiring to watch him grow and change into a little person with opinions and a sense of humor.  His little face is almost too much to take at times and his little Henry-isms make me smile when I just think about them. I’m so taken aback by this HUGE responsibility of raising him that I find myself really struggling to write about it.  I’m sure it will come to me if I let it, but I am so busy right now between him and work that I don’t think I have the head space and clarity to assess all that has happened in the last 20 months and all that lays ahead for us.  I will just say he is as awesome and amazing as he is frustrating and stressful and we are grateful for all of it.

And yes, we do hope to have another. How I’m going to add another child to my crazy schedule, I honestly have no idea (and get indigestion thinking about) but if there is anything to make time for its that.  Henry would make a great older brother and I’d love to be able to see him nurture (or torture?) a sibling. And since I am turning 38 in two weeks so there isn’t much time to lose.  We lost a pregnancy in March, which actually happened on its own, so it was the shock of a lifetime as I never thought that was possible ).  I took some time off to get centered again before going back for another round of IVF (we have three frozen embryos from Henry’s batch ready to rock! It was a good one so why mess with perfection?) So cross your fingers and toes that we get to design a new nursery this year (and a killer big boy room for H).

And in planning to expand our family, we break ground on our renovation next month!  I’m getting ready to order all the new stuff for the family room, living room and kitchen revamp, which I will share with you, so follow along as we make our home even more kid/red popsicle/rogue blueberry proof, but still super stylish. It IS possible. (Also of note- a HUUUUUUUUGE blog sale coming up with tons of stuff from my house featured in the first book!)

Add to that more branded products coming out (including a whole new exciting collaboration launching this fall!) and more, fun partnerships on the horizon.

Phew. No wonder I feel overwhelmed. But as I always say, better to be insanely busy than bored out of your mind. Thanks for following along on my adventures and here’s to a year full of exciting new things!



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