July 24, 2017

Coastal Living’s Idea House: A Master Class in Decorating

I had grand plans to attend the Coastal Living Idea House in Newport recently but we had a Henry meltdown/ nap protest and I didn’t get to go. But I am going to try to get there because HOLY HELL it is spectacular. One of my junior designers Kristen went and took a zillion pics and I’m psyched to show you because Mark Sikes, the designer of the house and one of my personal favorites of all time, did such an incredible job that I wanted to walk through what makes this house an incredible example of impeccable decorating. I want to LIVE in this room….

It’s a bold choice to use a stripe in the hallways of a large home, but it works SO well. It makes what is typically a boring “pass through” space an awesome statement.

The pairing of modern art and the classic stripe is A+ too.  One of the most amazing things about this house is the level of detail. Not the patterned pleated sconce shades.

Looking into the amazing family room and kitchen.  Mark is known for his love of blue and white and this house is a perfect example of how to use the color combo in a  fresh way where each room feel different but flows into each other seamlessly.

Check out the modern use of fringe trim on the drapes and the fab curation of the coffee table accessories.

Stripes and checks and florals…oh my!

Can I move in?

I loooooove the kitchen.

The crisp navy and white is just awesome and modern yet totally traditional too.

And don;t forget about coordinating your dog beds to your decor, folks!

The butlers pantry is INSANE.  Two different wallpapers, Florals, stripes and geometrics all meeting in one space!

Always pay attention to surfaces oft overlooked like the ceilings- especially in smaller spaces it pays off BIG time to use wallpaper here or simply a paint color.

The dining area is cozy but functional (you could pull that table up to the window seat and use as a banquette.

The use of the border of the fabric on the side of the cushion is amazing.

The formal living room has upholstered walls topped by a very modern piece of art, which looks so cool.  The bordered cushions are so crisp.

Note the skinny woven trim around the edges of the walls and trim. Pretty baller.

A dark navy mudroom off the stripes hallway.

Art in the stairwell. Amazing.

Another upholstered wall paired with a four poster bed. I adore this space, it’s fun to go a little wild with pattern in a guest room.

Framed botanicals, a vintage rattan headboard and a graphic paper play well together with a floral fabric.

Its busy but awesome.

This room is making me itch to do Henry’s big boy room. The check walls are incredible.

Paired with the modern art in reds it looks SO fun and fabulous.

In the master things are a tiny bit less playful, but still layered and interesting.

The limed oak wood looks fantastic with the blue floral walls.

I adore the details on these window treatments too.  Small details like this really add up to make the space feel super special and thoughtful.

These hallways are blowing my mind.

Another example of modern art looking amazing on patterned wallpaper.

I’m loving the dark subway with light grout paired with patterned wallpaper (and that rope mirror to make it less serious!)

The master bathroom:

I’m not entirely sure what this space is- looks like an office/ guest suite- perhaps above the garage?

Whatever it is its awesome. :)

Patio outside the office/guest suite.

The patio is a study in blue and white stripes and old school wicker.

Love the simplicity of the pool design as well.

Some suggestions on how to get this look in your own space!

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