May 15, 2017

Inspiration Files: The Fox Group

I saw this kitchen on Instagram last week and absolutely loved it and needed to know more about the people behind it- turns out its from a design-build firm called The Fox Group in Salt Lake City (I feel like there is a lot of good design coming out of that area!)  I absolutely love the blend of rustic and refined here:

The inset wood cabinetry really stands out as well as the special custom details on the paitned cabinets (and cool hardware. And lights. And everything else.)

Here a quick way to replicate this look in your own kitchen- simply painting your island or lower cabinets black and adding interesting hardware, modern dome pendants and glass and brass shelving (these are technically bathroom shelves, but I think they could work in a kitchen if you use the bar as a place to hang pots and pans or mugs!)  A dash of copper int eh form of a kettle also will add some interest and shine.

1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5.

This entryway has me weak in the knees- the blue paint color with the brass accents and checkerboard floor is just PERFECT.

This appears to be QUITE the home…

Some suggestions to replicate this look (also a great palette and concept for a powder room, bathroom or pantry!)

1. Sherwin Williams Debonair // 2. // 3. white & black  // 4.


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