February 15, 2017

Inspired By: Duck Egg Blue + Red

I have long had a complicated relationship with red.  Maybe it’s having grown up in the 80’s when “cranberry” was all the rage in home decor and fashion and it sort of scarred me for life.  But recently I’ve been coming around a little, especially when red is paired with turquoise-y blues.  So when I saw famed designer Sheila Bridges’ home the other day I, surprisingly, fell in love!  And as I studied these pictures I recalled my JP condo from 6-7 years ago and that in the guest room I actually TRIED this exact scheme (duck egg blue walls and a red and white toile duvet) and had really liked it.  I had totally forgotten about that room.  It’s making we want to create a space in this color scheme for a client!


While most of Sheila’s pieces are traditional- the pairing of the blue walls and trim with the pops of bold red read modern.  If the trim on the walls was white, I think it would look more traditional and fussy, actually.


It’s funny, when I look at this I think “I would never have made these choices” and yet the end result really works!  This is what I appreciate so much about the interior design field-  there are so many creative brains to learn from!


I rounded up a grouping of items that can help you steal this look for your own space. Remember to keep the textures interesting (shiny lacquer with matte pieces, nubby wovens paired with silks…)


  1. I adore the marbleized pattern on this lamp, and the gold base and shape are sleek and modern.
  2. The color on Sheila’s walls in Farrow & Ball Oval Room Blue– rich but bright at the same time.
  3. Really loving all these fabrics from Soane in England.
  4. An abstract figurative painting to keep things from getting too stodgy.
  5. Mix these colors on tabletop too- I paired a red banded dinner plate with this GORGEOUS salad plate reminiscent of Gracie or de Gournay papers.
  6. A pair of red lacquer Burmese vessels, just like Sheila has!
  7. I have always loved this colorway of Peter Dunham’s paisley fabric.
  8. I’d recover the seat of this faux bamboo chair in a tiny blue ticking stripe.
  9. A pair of chinoiserie panels looks great flanking a bed (on blue walls with red bordered hotel bedding (10), perhaps?)
  10. Pair this Greek key bedding with its bright orangey-red border with a pillow combining blue and red and some pretty blue walls.
  11. I love this rustic looking round mirror from Ballard- adding natural wood tones to the red/blue pairing is essential.
  12. A great antique rug that blends these two tones.

What colors do you struggle with using in your home? What are your favorite color combinations?

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