September 26, 2016

Wine Pairings for Real Parents.

It’s been a crazy couple weeks (I feel like I say that a lot)- two entrepreneurs at super busy times in their career plus a baby is a tad nuts at times. At the end of the day sometimes we are just spent and can’t deal with making dinner.  The other night I was finishing up feeding Henry while sipping on some wine and snacking on his teething puffs because I was too lazy to get up and get my own snack and thought “hey, these pair pretty well together” which was sad/funny and so I thought I’d pair wines with all sorts of harried parent snacks.  Hey if you can’t laugh about the insanity….

So the fruity teething puffs mostly ended up on the floor and in the high chair? Doesn’t matter- it’s way easier to just eat them than sweep them up. While you are acting like a human Dyson, sip a little Hogwash rose to really make that enticing blend of purple potatoes and  blueberries sing in your mouth.  Then go flip through a Garnet Hill catalog, fold down seven pages and wonder what the f*%# happened to you.

Shoveling the lukewarm remains of a pot of Annie’s Mac and Cheese down your gullet? Why not try a nice, slightly sweet yet refreshing Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc  to really make it a feast.  If you close your eyes and let the din of “Mom! He’s touching me again!” fade into background noise, you may be able to imagine yourself to a mediocre Italian restaurant (located in the ball pit of a daycare, but whatevs! Serenity now!)


While nibbling on some leftover chicken nuggets that your little angel refused to finish because they decided two minutes into dinner that chicken nuggets are no longer their favorite food, mac and cheese is (see above), pour yourself a glass of a nice, dry Pinot Grigio like Santa Margherita.  It really helps stave off the rage.  Side note- you’ll make mac and cheese tomorrow night and they will want the nuggets. Obviously. Good thing this wine also pairs well with mac and cheese. Win/win.


Peanut Butter and Jelly- I eat this A LOT and have found that the big, berry flavors in Bogle Phantom really bring out the sweetness of the jelly and the bitterness of having your husband on yet ANOTHER “essential” business trip to Las Vegas.


A particularly stressed out shamble of a dinner of some hummus, chips and a handful of stale gummy bears from someone’s ancient Easter basket while trying to get everyone to bed calls for the bubbly reward of sparkling wine.  But let’s not fool ourselves, that spit up stain running down your shirt and splash of spilled coffee on your pants means you need to be drinking bubbly out of can, sister friend. Ain’t nobody got time for champagne coupes in this house.


Motherhood. It really is the best.

And sometimes the worst. :)



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