September 14, 2016

Current Crush: Painted Floors

Since seeing the wonderfully talented Lauren Liess’ painted ivory floors I’ve been obsessing over the look of white floorboards. I recall Lauren saying she probably would not do them again (I can imagine with four kids it would be hell to keep up) but I can’t keep myself from typing “white floors” into Pinterest.

Lauren’s floors are Farrow & Ball Ivory Floor Paint (see more here- also, her incredible house is for sale!)

This look is especially fetching in older homes with original flooring.  It’s a great solution for floors that need to be redone but perhaps it’s not in the budget to lay new ones. You can find info on how to do this properly here.


In my opinion it looks best to have the floors and the trim be the same color with the walls being a contrasting color (if white, a shade or two lighter or darker than the trim)


The more gaps in the floor boards the better. :)


So clean, serene and amazing, no?  I’d like a little room just for myself done like this. :)


I’m surprised at how few rugs are actually shown in these pictures- with lots of rugs down (sisal looking particularly fetching)



I also am obsessed with painted checkerboard floors which are a little easier to keep up but also look incredible with some patina (i.e. scratches, stains, chips…ya know, LIFE.)


This entry in house by architect John B. Murray is my DREAM.  This Old House has a great step-by-step on this laborious process.  It looks great in mudrooms, sunrooms, entries and other smaller spaces- but also killer in a kitchen.


Doing them with one color and letting the wood show is also an amazing look (a smidge more country).



Anyone have white floors and love them… or hate them? I’d love to hear your feedback!




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