July 20, 2016

Daybed Roundup

The daybed is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture there is. It can be a sofa or a bed- provide an extra place to sleep a guest in a tiny room or act as a workhorse in a studio apartment. They also make GREAT kids beds- especially those transitioning from a crib to a “big kid” bed. They work for boys, girls, old and young.  We’ve used them so much in our work and I think they are an important option to consider when decorating!  So I wanted to do a round up of a ton of different styles and price points for you.

Here is a daybed (Restoration Hardware) we used in an office/ guest room.  With the right style and number of pillows daybeds can easily look like sofas.

This one you’ve seen in my book- we designed a custom canopy to make this daybed (Ballard Designs) into a real dream bed for a lucky little girl.

Erin Gates Bronxville_204

Also seen in the book was this one (a Ballard Design daybed) in a space that was an office/ playroom/ guest space!


Camille Styles used this beauty in her sons nursery (also a Henry!)


This antique number also was dressed up with a dramatic canopy, but in a more grown up manner.


Kathy Kuo Home designed this built in daybed I’m just dying over.


IKEA showcases it’s daybed (for $299!) on a sun porch- perfect for reading, relaxing and maybe even sleeping.


Some options to consider:



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Images of my work by Michael Partenio (#2) and Michael J. Lee (#1 & #3)

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