June 2, 2016

Father’s Day Gift Guide


  1. These are Andrew’s absolute favorite polos. He now has five he loves them so much- great fit, great material.
  2. I think every traveling guy wants one of these new suitcases that has USB phone charging ports and can be located via GPS. This set is super awesome too.
  3. I got these for Andrew and we refer to them as his “Dress Flops“- they are quite nice looking, better than your average flop.
  4. Kaufmann Mercantile’s new book– because every guy needs to know how to do these things, right?
  5. Such a classic, great looking watch for under $150!
  6. Andrew really wants an Echo. I think my brother has one in his house. I think it would be annoying- but men seem to love them!
  7. A super amazing driver (or so I read)
  8. For the dad who runs, this new Thule jogging stroller. A win/win since it means some quiet time for momma!
  9. To be honest, I don’t know how this smells, I just LOVE the name and the packaging. :)
  10. I also hear from fellas that Yeti coolers are the shiz. I at least love this light blue color.
  11. A gourmet s’mores kit and roasting stick– a cute activity for dad and the kids!
  12. For the chef dad- a bad ass knife.
  13. Upgrade his casual footwear game with these white leather sneaks.
  14. If he loves to play chess, this set is also a work of art!
  15. Because bourbon helps.
  16. A sweet little box for his trinkets/change.
  17. I am pretty sure Andrew would love me forever if I got him a ping pong table. (Especially if it were this crazy one which doubles as a fancy dining table.) Also perhaps because I gave birth to his son. Same/same.
  18. I saw this little piece titled “Dad’s Car Collection” on 1stDibs and loved it- art is always a good gift- also these car prints and this limited edition print by Donald Robertson of The Royal Tenebaums (obsessed).
  19. Father/ son swim trunks (squeeeeeee!)
  20. Why do I have so many shoes on here? Oh well- I love these chukkas with jeans. :)

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