October 26, 2015

Nesting Updates

Andrew and I have been nesting like MOFO’s. This weekend was no exception- finishing up some exterior work on the house, the nursery and the basement.  I was so exhausted last night my brain could not come up with a more fascinating post, so here are some house updates!

The basement isn’t finished by any means, but here is an update.  I’m waiting on some wallpaper and a countertop for the bar in the basement, along with some new furniture (a larger, more comfy sofa) but it’s coming along! The walls are Sherwin Williams for Lowes in Modernist Gray.  It’s pretty true  mid-tone grey if you need one- not too blue, green or purple.  The sconces are awesome and from Lowes as well.  We decided to re-purpose some items from other rooms in the house or items we no longer were using.  The IKEA rug is from our guest room (which is now the nursery), the sofa is from the sunroom which we replaced (and we’re getting rid of this one too), the leather butterfly chair was in the sunroom too but is too crowded in there with the larger new sofa. Same goes for the acrylic CB2 table.  That is the only thing I really need to replace upstairs but not until next spring :)

The side tables I picked up at Target ($77 each on sale and real marble! Thanks Nate Berkus!) and the IKEA frames I will fill once my prints arrive, obviously. :)

I wanted to put some greenery in our large egress window well to make it more attractive and Andrew wanted a mini Christmas tree so, yep- we have a tree before Halloween (he put lights on it last night).  My hormones are making me a nicer person. :)


I also swapped the accent pillow in my master bedroom from Peter Dunham’s ikat sptripe in purple to the blue colorway because I was craving blue (and a client wanted to buy my purple pillow!)  So I needed to replace the purple art in there and got crafty and did some gouache paintings myself this weekend.  They came out a little brighter than I wanted, but you can’t beat the price! :)


Popped into a West Elm frame and it looks more professional.  This is me putting my bachelor’s degree in studio art to work!


I know you’ve been curious about the nursery and we’re SO close. By next week it should be done!  Some little details though- my fave little Jonathan Adler nightlight against the mural wallpaper and the giraffe hooks we put up in the closet against the Nobilis wallpaper. :)


The buffalo check roman shades went in too. :)


I’m going to post this week on the redo we did of the entrance to the house, but I came up the walk yesterday and got a glimpse of the new chartreuse door (Ben Moore Wasabi) against the cheetah carpet and swooned. :)


And while it’s not our house, I am really jazzed about this gallery wall install at a new client’s home!  We laid it out and had an installer hang it and it came out perfect (her incredible collection of art doesn’t hurt either!)  If you are curious, the wall color here is Ben Moore Revere Pewter.


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