October 9, 2014

And We’re Off!

So, we (yes we, Andrew is coming on the whole tour with me) are hopping on a train this morning heading to Manhattan to kick things off!  Yesterday was an exercise in packing smartly as I’ll be gone for 11 days straight and can only bring one bag (albeit a BIG bag).  So I had to choose my outfits smartly, both for travel time and events.

This is what my bedroom looked like yesterday… (click on hotspots for item info- I’ll be posting specific outfits while on tour too…)

So here are my packing tips for long trips:

– Pack in one palette- or as close as possible. The majority of items in my suitcase are black, white, grey or leopard. :)  I have a couple items of color mixed in but I wanted to be able to mix and match items if need be!

– Packing with one palette makes your shoe needs significantly easier. I actually cut back a pair after this pic was taken.  You don’t want to have specific shoe needs for each outfit, rather many outfits that go with a single pair shoes since they take up SO much room!

– A really good pair of flats is essential- for me that would be the insanely perfect SJP black flats I picked up (amazing, truly).  They take up little room and go with everything I packed for running through airports or popping on tired feet at the end of the night.

– Accessories make a difference when you pack simple outfits- a bevy of necklace and earring options takes up less room than seven top options.

– Plan ahead- lay out your outfits for each day and night and be ruthless! Take only what you need to plan to wear certain things like jeans, black leggings and sweaters more than once!

photo 3-41

A few statement necklaces, pearls, stud earrings and some dangles along with the gorgeous Temple St. Clair amulet pendant my parents gave me for my book release will get me through this trip.  And look, it all fit!!!

photo 4-38

So, please bear with me with blogging while we are on this whirlwind trip! I am going to do my best to mix in some normal posts about decor with the tour coverage ( see dates and locations here if you haven’t yet). :) But this is a once in a lifetime experience so I’m going to do my best to soak it all in and share it with you!

See you tonight NYC!


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