July 15, 2014

Renovation Update: The Guts of It

We’re in the final stretch if you can believe it, about four more weeks to go until we wrap this project! The beginning goes SO fast, the middle (the “guts” of the house) seem to be slower with less visual gratification,  and then the finish work and punch list tend to drag on as your anxiety to be DONE mounts and makes time stand still.  But thankfully, my team from VW Builders has been IMPECCABLE. Not only have I been totally impressed, but my Dad (whose been in the home building business over 35 years) has too!  What a professional, wonderful team to have on board. I can not recommend them any higher.

So- here’s the addition looking like a real addition! We got a new roof on the whole house too (ours was 23 years old, but luckily had not one leak).  We have a carriage style garage door on it’s way that we’ve decided to paint black to balance with the shutters and front door. And that last remaining wire running to the house will be buried underground any day now!
photo 2-28

So, in the kitchen this door is going away and there is a step down to a pantry and door to the patio near the grill. I’m also toying with continuing the  backsplash tile up and around this door opening, which I should have done originally but we all make mistakes….

photo 1-25

This will be the large pantry cabinet! STORAGE!!!!

photo 3-18

I decided to do single panel doors in white which will reflect the style of my kitchen cabinets making this feel like the extension of the kitchen it actually is. I ordered some gorgeous crystal Emtek knobs to dress it up a smidge.

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 5.20.50 PMBrass_Knob_Hampton_Rectangular_US7

To the left you step down again (ahhh, the beauty of a raised lot) and to the right is a giant coat closet and straight ahead is my laundry room (you can see my plans here regarding that space!)  Not having to go down a steep narrow staircase to the basement to do laundry is going to be amazing.

photo 1-28

Looking back to the pantry area from the laundry. To the right is the door into the garage…

photo 2-26


photo 1-27

Moving upstairs, this is the entrance to the master suite- to the left is the area we are installing some really wonderful built ins that will serve as Andrew’s closet and a bookcase….

photo 4-14

They will look like this- and the panels in the doors will be mirrored so Andrew can use them to get dressed but also it will  bounce some nice light around making it feel bigger.

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 5.15.28 PM

On the wall opposite I’m going to wallpaper with this Cole & Sons paper. Been wanting to use this forever. :)


This is the wall that will get wallpaper- also a pocket door is going into that opening which is our master bathroom.

photo 5-12

This long narrow space will be the master bathroom- the plan is almost exactly the same as I had hoped it would be (see board/post here) minus a few changes…

photo 2-25

I went ALL OUT with the flooring in here. I absolutely love it.  The one good thing about small bathroom is not needing much tile so you can get nicer stuff! :)


The master feels HUGE to me. It’s really awesome and I can’t wait to see it come to life with finishes and furniture (all pretty similar to this post here and here).

photo 1-26

The window seat will soon go in for my boys to look out at the street and bark at everyone.

photo 4-15

That opening over there in the corner is my awesome new closet! For the first time ever I will get to design and plan my own organizational system with California Closets! A pocket door also goes on this opening.

photo 3-17

It’s hard to tell the size here but I am REALLY happy with all this space to myself and high ceilings to utilize!

photo 5-13

Moving outside,  this is the addition from the back with two doors leading out to our fabulous new patio.

photo 3-15

Deciding between this and this for the patio lighting next to the doors…. we have the one at right up now by the older door.


This is what it looked like before! How far we’ve come!

photo 1-29

Due to the coat closet and laundry no windows could go on the lower level so we have this big expanse of wood siding to deal with….

photo 2-24

So we’re going to install a nice, huge trellis and grow something lovely up it, like climbing hydrangea perhaps!

Lattice Panel Manhasset80575

All the bluebpard and plaster go up this week so by next week things will really start to look finished! I can’t wait!











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