MusingsJune 28, 2022

A Reckoning.

*Warning: This post discusses abortion and other material NOT related to design. Click out of this post if that is offensive to you.  Today, I am unhinged. Truly and deeply exhausted, full of rage and despair. First it was about the guns, the dead kids, the fear. Now it’s about losing my…
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FashionJune 24, 2022

Fashion Friday: Wedding/ Event Dresses with Saks

Many of you have recently asked me to do a post about what to wear to spring and summer weddings and formal events now that we are back to having parties in person (yay!) This month Saks agreed that it was a great topic, and their selection of dresses is so great,…
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Life & FamilyJune 22, 2022

Planning for An Active Summer with Backcountry

This summer I really want to get my kids outside more and take more day trips exploring nature. We tried taking the kids hiking the other weekend and Emma, being only 24 months, is NOT the biggest fan- but Henry LOVES it. So it might be a case of “quality time” with…
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FashionJune 17, 2022

Fashion Friday: Finds Under $100

On this Friday, after a long week, all I can muster today are some really great finds under $100- who doesn’t love a good budget find? Hope you all have a great weekend! Click images for links. *link for blue top
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Life & FamilyJune 15, 2022

In Pursuit of Joy

As of late I have been feeling…unmoored. If I’m being honest, it’s been longer than that, but the past month has sort of frayed the rope with which I was bound (although at times tentatively) to my deep belief that things will just work out.  There are so many horrible things going…
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FashionJune 10, 2022

Fashion Friday: Summer Whites

Summer is here- and that means time to bust out the white dresses and jeans!  As I edit my wardrobe this season (i.e. donate or sell 90% of it) I’m looking for great basics that are classic- and white pieces are essential. A white summer dress, a white button down, great fitting…
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Life & FamilyJune 8, 2022

Gift Guide: Father’s Day

It’s a little late, but if you anything like me you have not managed to wrap your brain around the fact that Father’s Day is next weekend. YIKES. So here are some great gifts to help you check buying a gift off your to do list! Confession: I want half of these…
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