FashionJanuary 27, 2023

Fashion Friday: Shoe Capsule Wardrobe

A lot of you asked for a few different capsule wardrobe posts and today it’s all about shoes. I will admit, I am not super adventurous when it comes to shoes ( I will NOT be participating in any platform sneakers/ lug sole anything or grandma-esque high cut flats that look hospital…
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InteriorsJanuary 25, 2023

The Cover That Made Me Want To Be A Designer

Jenna Lyons has been back in the news lately with her (surprising) turn on Real Housewives (I don’t watch that series, to be honest) and it made me think yesterday about her AMAZING Domino cover and spread in 2008. That brownstone was SO incredibly influential to me as a designer just starting…
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InteriorsJanuary 23, 2023

Affordable (but Stylish) Accessories

Michael J. Lee Getting a couple of new accessories for your home can be an easy and affordable way to give your interior a little boost.  And there are some really awesome things to be found at really accessible prices to give a little pep to your place during this hum drum…
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FashionJanuary 20, 2023

Valentine’s Day Edit

While Valentine’s Day is commercial and slightly annoying, I do love hearts and pink and red and kind of have a sweet spot for it.  The trick is to expect nothing and just enjoy the aesthetics of it- LOL.  So here is a round up of Valentine’s themed picks- from my absolutely…
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InteriorsJanuary 18, 2023

Our Kitchen Renovation Plans!

photo by Jessica Delaney As you may know if you’ve been following along, when we bought our house I did a facelift on my kitchen as it stood (you can see before shots HERE and HERE). Perfectly good cherry cabinets from 2002 were painted Ben Moore Edgecomb Gray, counters were swapped for…
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FashionJanuary 13, 2023

Fashion Friday: Essential Outerwear Wardrobe

Everyone loves a good capsule wardrobe – at least in theory, right? Last night as I was getting ready to go out I was looking through my (way too full) coat closet and still could not find the right coat for my outfit. I really needed a short black faux fur type…
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Our ProjectsJanuary 9, 2023

Our Primary Bath Renovation

Time is moving VERY fast these days – and my renovation kick off date is QUICKLY approaching (omg, omg, omg). We actually ended up being able to rent a house across the street from us for 5 months while the bulk of the work is getting done by my team at Cambridgeport…
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FashionJanuary 6, 2023

Fashion Friday: 2022 Faves & 2023 Additions

I had some great fashion finds this year- a few things that I bought in multiples so you KNOW they are good (I never do that unless something is a very clear winner). So I edited down some of my best finds that I’ll take into 2023 and added some items I…
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