FashionOctober 22, 2021

Fashion Friday: Adele Inspired

You KNEW this was coming guys.  For one, I’ve been listening to “Easy on Me” non-stop. And when I mean non-stop I mean on a LOOP every time I get in the car. I have a problem. But also, how friggin’ AMAZING has she been looking, not only in the video, but…
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InteriorsOctober 20, 2021

Velvet for Fall? Groundbreaking!

Photo by Michael J. Lee We use a little velvet in most of our room designs, as it adds such nice texture and depth, but it’s especially nice to use in the fall and winter months. If you are someone who is keen to swap out pillows and drapes seasonally, now’s the…
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FashionOctober 8, 2021

Fashion Friday: Fall Finds

Just a quick round up of some things on my wishlist right now. Many are investment pieces, fair warning, but a few affordable items that are great staples (the booties, gingham dress…) I have been buying errrrrrrrything in this caramel/ burnt umber / fall leaves color lately. It looks great with my…
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InteriorsOctober 6, 2021

Throw Pillow Round Up

Image by Sarah Winchester Studios I was a little lost as to post topics today, so I went for a good standby that always needs updating- throw pillows! The biggest trends I’m seeing for this season are heavy textures (boucle, knit, velvet, mohair), block prints (always a fave) and FRINGE!!! When even…
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InteriorsOctober 4, 2021

Our Home Office Makeover with Ballard Designs

This small room (technically a bedroom, since it has a closet) shares a bathroom with Emma’s room and this whole area of the house will eventually become a new master suite. But until then, and especially since Andrew took a new job that is fully remote, we needed a home office and…
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FashionOctober 1, 2021

Fashion Friday: Family Picture Outfit Ideas

Our absurdly cute pic from last year thanks to Sara Grayson Photography (Emma doesn’t even look real) When it comes to family photo outfits my rule of thumbs is : no matchy-matchy outfits, navy or neutral always, denim is FINE and try to look casual but pulled together.  Our pictures are in…
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InteriorsSeptember 29, 2021

Here We Go Again…

So here is a life lesson for ya… NEVER SAY NEVER! After completing my second book, I swore up and down that was IT for me. No more. As much as I like things in threes, no – I would not write a third. Well, look at me now, eating my words…
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InteriorsSeptember 27, 2021

In Stock Dining Furniture to Get Holiday Ready!

Michael J. Lee for Elements of Family Style. If you aren’t in the design business you may not be aware of how LONG order times are right now. Like, the sectional I’m getting basically has a 35 week lead time. It’s ALMOST comical (except that it makes our job a lot harder).…
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