Roundup: Our Most Used Styling Accessories

One of the things that I find a lot of clients struggle with in decorating their home is that last 10%– the accessories and accents that take a room from good to great. As we continue styling and shooting our projects for book number 2 (it IS coming! Promise!) I thought I would round up the accessories the girls and I here int he office turn to time and time again for putting the finishing touches on a home. From always having birch logs on hand (for an empty fireplace or peeking out of a basket) to the frames and objects we use when styling a bookshelf or built in. Even my favorite books (yup, mine is up there- that striped spine was very much on purpose for this reason!) I hope you find these sections helpful when needing to source some final goodies for your own space! (sorry this post is so late- this too many hours more than I thought it would!)


Expanding Your Mind: Learning From Spaces That Aren’t Necessarily “You”

1528 New York Magazine Mele

Before I was married, I was an intern at a well known design firm in Boston.  And while many lessons (good and bad) were learned during this year-long experience in my career, one of the most important I took away from it was how to grow as a designer by appreciating and studying styles that aren’t necessarily “you”.  The designer I worked for was very modern, and I had grown up under the tutelage of my designer father who loves and works in a wholly traditional “New England” style.  It’s all I ever knew, and so I adapted it as “my” style as well.  So working under someone whose style was the compete opposite was challenging as selecting goods in this aesthetic did not come naturally to me.  But it was the best way ever to expand what I knew and figure out what I, as an individual, liked.  I found that I could really appreciate aspects of modern design, even if it wasn’t something I would do in my own home.  Now,  as a grown up (sort of) designer, my style is a complete blend of these two looks.   So I like to study the work of those who are perhaps bolder, or more demure, than what I typically like.   It’s a great way to push yourself and explore what  perhaps scares you or gets you a little excited.   I also work with clients all the time who don’t want “my” look, they want “their” look, so I have to keep myself abreast of all kinds of design styles.

Case in point, designer Patrick Mele.  I LOVE his spaces, but they are more bold and colorful than I would do in my own home.  But there is so much to be admired about his work. This room is probably closest to my own style, but even so, I am noting the bold, wide cuff roman shades as a great idea, as well as the blend of emerald green and super pale blue.  Just because as space as a whole doesn;t speak to you– find the elements that DO and consider how you could work them into your own space.


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Fashion Friday: Stylish Weatherproof Boots (And A Giveaway!)

Our weather has been crazy here lately– snowy one day, rainy the next and then yesterday near 60! As I was running around the city on our shoot, I cursed myself for yet again wearing leather soled shoes on the damp and puddle-filled sidewalks. I didn’t want to wear wellies or winter boots and I still wanted to look nice….so what’s a girl to do?
Well, I found a slew of weatherproof boots that also are totally chic and stylish– some you may even have to look twice at they looks so convincingly NOT like “winter/rain boots”! Click the images for links to these beauties!

elements-egvingette-12 elements-egvingette-13
Also, in celebration of my lighting collection release (announced yesterday) I’m giving away a pair of any of the lamps from my collection! All you have to do is help me spread the word– either share my post yesterday (easy share buttons at the bottom) on Facebook or Instagram your favorite pic from the collection and tag me @elementstyle and use the hasgtag #elementsbyeg #eglampgiveaway. Then comment here with which lamp you want! I’ll pick a winner on Monday! Be sure to leave your e-mail in the comments (no one sees it but me!)

Happy Weekend!

Nooks and Crannies: Tiny, Cozy Spaces to Get You Through Winter


via Pencil & Paper Co.

The crappiest part of winter is upon us, and if you live in a cold climate I bet you feel a little like me.  You just want to be cozy.  Nothing sounds better to me right now then a hot cup of coffee (or glass of wine) snuggled up by a fire with some good reading material.  Creating built in reading nooks, window seats or even daybeds is such a fabulous way to add charm to your home and create extra enjoyable space within very small square footage.