A Kitchen Inspired by a Movie

The other night I was in the mood to watch something light set in France. But for some crazy, unknown reason, no streaming service has French Kiss, one of my favorite “lay in bed and do nothing” movies. It’s a tragedy, I tell you. So instead I made Andrew watch Chocolat, which he was less than thrilled with,  but I was into since I hadn’t seen in in many years.  I forgot how amazingly charming the little chocolate shop is- and it immediately had me thinking of designing a kitchen based on the details in it!

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The perfect light blue-green walls, the wood shelves, the patterned concrete tile floors? Oh yes, this is the PERFECT inspiration.

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Granny Chic.


I’ve found myself drawn to some rather granny-esque items lately. I don’t know why- but I’ve purchased a dusty old portrait and a pair of Staffordshire dogs in the past couple weeks alone.  I love antiques and classic, traditional design, but am appreciating the more really old school Americana like pieces. Including spongeware (or “graniteware” or “spatterware”).  And good thing, I’m not alone!  A few designers are into it too- like Tory Burch, who released a spongeware collection this year.  It’s such a fun pattern (and best in blue and white, of course) and adds a little pop of color to tables or displayed in collections.


Introducing Annie Selke Luxe


As I’ve gotten older I’ve come to appreciate something I always though was a waste of money- good sheets and bedding.  I’ve long been a discount store shopper when it came to sheets, but after getting my first set of high end sheets and seeing my bargain bin ones pill and wear terrible I became a convert. So when one of our favorite vendors, Annie Selke told us about her new bedding line, Annie Selke Luxe, and offered to send over some bedding to try I was psyched (and so was Oliver).


A Quick Nantucket Trip

Instead of anything material this year, I told Andrew all I wanted for my birthday was to go back to Nantucket for a night. So on Thursday we hopped on the ferry and went over on what had to be the most beautiful day of the summer!

Of course I had to pay a visit to my favorite house on the island, Hunky Dory, which is just amazing.

The little guest house on the property (I mean, how cute is that?)


Fashion Friday: The Striped Dress

A couple of you asked for a an updated bump pic, so Andrew snapped one yesterday while we are here on Nantucket  ( the man is many things but one of them is not a photographer).  I love Nantucket for many reasons, but one of them is that I feel I can indulge in my stripe obsession freely. In fact I packed only stripes- this dress ($18 from H&M Mama– I love ALL their maternity stuff) and striped tees with jeans. :)  Nothing easier than a striped tee shirt dress, denim jacket, sandals and fun necklace to look put together and yet super comfy.

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 7.42.22 AM

A couple days shy of 6.5 months!

So here are a few good striped dresses for those expecting and not expecting. SUCH a staple, if you don’t have one- get one!


1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. // 8. // 9.