Design Crush: Furlow Gatewood

I posted this picture on Monday regarding what I think will be “in” for this year.  But I wanted to go beyond this picture into the designer behind it and my new obsession (probably so late to the game on this one) Furlow Gatewood.  I received the new book by the staff of Veranda for Xmas (get it) and I fell madly in love with it- particularly Mr. Gatewood’s home, which I had seen before but never really paused to examine.  But when I did– my mind was blown and I had to know more. So I ordered his book (coming any day now!) and dug into the interwebs to see more.


Mr. Gatewood is besties with Bunny Williams and has worked with her antiques dealer husband John Rosselli for decades.  You may recognize this shot of the entrance to his home from Bunny’s last book– this image stopped me in my tracks (he also raises peacocks, because he is THAT cool.)


Predicting Home Trends for 2017

I thought I’d take a stab at predicting what we’re going to be seeing more of in 2017 in the design world.  Of course, the best look for a home is the one YOU love, so buck the trends as you see fit– but if you are looking for some inspiration for change, here it is!


2017 is setting up to be a very uncertain year, so I think people are going to crave peace and comfort in their homes– which means less jarring color and more soft, pastel tones and grey-ed down colors.  I’m thinking of going this route in my own living room (if I ever get around to doing it). I am not one who thinks the Pantone Color of the Year is correct (acid green? WHY?)

One Kings Lane (Mark Cunningham)


Fashion Friday: NYE Dressing By Effort Level.

So, it’s New Years Eve tomorrow night and I bet a lot of you have fun plans. As do I. Sitting on my couch (post putting Henry down), watching some episodes of The Crown with Andrew and a nice bottle of red and then going to bed by 10. BOOM. I bet you’re so jealous.  But really, I can think of nothing I want to do more than that.  I’m the youngest granny on the block, and I embrace it now, instead of getting all FOMO about life like I used to.  No glittery Instagram party snaps will make me feel bad about slothing it on the sofa this year!  But more power to you if you are so motivated! So I partnered with Nordstrom, my favorite place to shop online, to bring you four New Years Eve outfits based on your effort level from 1(leggings) to 4 (Spanx).  You’re bound to find inspiration in at least one of these ensembles, if not for tomorrow night, than another night in the near future.


A Decorative Palette Cleanser.

Immediately following the holidays I always find myself craving clean, calm and crisp environments.  Out with excess and busy details of the holiday season and in with simplicity.  We’ve already given the heave-ho to all all Christmas decor and I’m the process of editing everything down in our home (and my wardrobe).  As a visual palette cleaners, here is an amazing monochromatic space (via this French blog) that really OWNS the black and white look.  Right down to the children’s room.  I love how this looks, but it would be so hard to not let ANY color into my space I think.  But I love the way it looks and keeps everything neat and tidy looking, even if it’s not!


Gratitude & Giving


As I sign off for the holiday, I wanted my last post for a little but to focus on the gratitude I feel for all I have and the ways in which I want to give back to those who are struggling, in pain, scared and hurting.  The images I’ve been seeing of these poor children in Aleppo have broken my heart.  Scrolling through the news these days has been painful and scary on a general level, but those images of scared small children and babies surrounded by death and destruction absolutely haunt me, especially knowing how safe, healthy and happy my own little baby is. I am so lucky, and recognize so many are not.

So I wanted to share some ways we can all give a little to help those poor children and families suffering right now.  As my charity of choice this season, I think it’s important to do all I can to spread the word and encourage people to give in one way or another to those is Aleppo.


I am packing up a baby carrier we didn’t end up using to ship to Carry the Future, a charity that gives baby carriers to refugees making it easier for them to get around with their children.  You can donate your gently used carrier very easily here.  Or for $100, you can donate a Baby Bed Box to safely sleep a newborn and that also includes diapers, a carrier, mosquito net and toiletries. I just did this in two minutes. So easy.

Other charities that have been vetted and are in need are UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders and this charity set up by Glennon Doyle Melton of Momastery.  All are supplying much needed care and aid and very well regarded operationally and financially.  I hope you will consider contributing in any small (or big) way you can.  In a world full of uncertainty, we never know when we, in turn, may be the ones who need help so lets all be a little extra generous in our giving this holiday season.

screen-shot-2016-12-21-at-9-02-08-am screen-shot-2016-12-21-at-9-03-01-am screen-shot-2016-12-21-at-9-01-48-am

And as a little bonus, Lisa Todd offered to donate 15% of all purchases made through the blog to the charity of my choice, which is UNICEF.  You can shop her yummy cashmere here and check my Instagram later today for an exciting giveaway. :)  It’s a nice way to give and get this season.

I wish all of you a healthy, safe, joyous holiday and will see you back here on December 28th.  Again, my gratitude to all of you who keep reading this blog and supporting what I do is not quantifiable! My amazement will never cease!