Fashion Friday: Workout Motivation

I’ve decided it’s about time to stop using the “but I JUST had a baby” excuse as to why I’ve been so lazy about working out.  Henry is almost 9 months old and I’m just about done weaning (running/jumping with nursing boobs is NO fun- also one of my excuses) so it’s time to get back into a healthy routine.  Not necessarily for aesthetic reasons, but more for the mental benefits and just feeling healthy.  I’ve found that it can be too time consuming to get to the gym (time is precious when you are working and have a nanny on the clock), so I’m trying out some workout apps (Sweat with Kayla) and YouTube videos (Tone It Up) so I can workout at home (or on the road).  If you have any YOU love, please leave a comment so I (and other readers) can check out various workouts!  To help motivate myself to get moving, I plan to treat myself to a new workout outfit- so here are some cute ones I pulled together for various activities!

RUNNING: 1. // 2. // 3. (great support for big boobs!)// 4.

HIKING: 5. // 6. // 7. // 8. // 9.

This or That: Wedgewood Edition

I was perusing Tuckernuck the other day and saw that they are carrying a collaboration between Barbour and Wedgewood– which at first I was like “that’s a bit of a ‘strange bedfellows’ situation”, but it got me thinking about how patterns and trends really do carry over between all creative. visual planes and categories. And why not combine two preppy staples- blue and white Wedgewood patterns and Barbour jackets? Kind of genius.

I typically do a big “this or that” post, but I’m short on time this week so I thought I’d keep this one simple….

The Barbour x Wedgewood jacket:
Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 2.45.21 PM


Art for Good

I am really excited to share this incredible site with you today (thanks to a reader who gave me the heads up about it!).  Art Lifting is a curated art site, but with a purpose.  It empowers homeless and disabled people by selling their works online (where 55% of the profits go to the artists themselves).  There are originals, prints and even cell phone cases.  Founded in Boston (yay!) by Liz Powers, a Harvard graduate who received a grant to create art groups in homeless shelters and through that saw the amazing talent of the people she was helping.  But the art they produces was tossed or forgotten- so Liz decided to start this company.  I absolutely LOVE this concept and wanted to share with you some of the work I thought was great in hopes that we can all spread the word about this resource and help get more art groups for those struggling across the country!!

Mike Gosbee creates his collages at Hospitality House which serves homeless and poverty stricken individuals in the San Francisco area. As someone who worked in collage in college I happen to think he is insanely talented!



Fashion Friday: Buy Now, Wear Later

While I can’t even begin to deal with the fact that stores are carrying Halloween (and even some CHRISTMAS) merchandise in July, I am excited for fall. By far my favorite season for numerous reasons- sweaters, hot coffee, fires, cool air, Henry’s FIRST BIRTHDAY (what?!?!)- I still respect summer and hate to rush it. BUT, with fall clothing making its way onto the racks, it’s a good time to buy things that can not only be worn in the fall, but now as well! Getting two seasons out of clothing is fabulous financially, and here are some examples of how to do it:

Lingerie inspired tops and dresses will be hot for fall, but are also perfect for hot weather NOW.  Wear alone with bohemian accessories in the heat, and then layer with cozy sweaters and boots come October!


Now: shorts // earrings // necklace // sandals

Later: jeans // boots // sweater // necklace

Sag Harbor Dream Home


Last weekend we were in Sag Harbor, NY, which I think is the most “un-Hamptons-y” village in the Hamptons.  It’s small but interesting and not as flashy as some of the other parts.  The houses are ridiculous (and the real estate prices even more so).  And as I was looking at some listings in a agency window I saw that Steven Gambrel’s latest Sag Harbor home is for sale…for a mere $10.5 million.  I need to figure out what kind of design work gets you a home like THAT.  And while the price tag is completely absurd, it is SO DAMN GOOD- the perfect blend of modern amenities and historical design- not to mention the guest house, pool and perfectly situated lot. If I could pick anyone to designa home for me, it would be him.