InteriorsSeptember 27, 2021

In Stock Dining Furniture to Get Holiday Ready!

Michael J. Lee for Elements of Family Style. If you aren’t in the design business you may not be aware of how LONG order times are right now. Like, the sectional I’m getting basically has a 35 week lead time. It’s ALMOST comical (except that it makes our job a lot harder).…
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FashionSeptember 24, 2021

Fashion Friday: A Fall Palette

It’s OFFICIALLY FALL! My most favorite season and the reason I stay here in New England and don’t run off to some climate that has milder winters and less expensive real estate. :). I’ve been hitting the whole terracotta/ bronze/ wine palette hard fashion-wise and thought I’d do a little roundup of…
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Shop Erin GatesSeptember 20, 2021

New Art Drop on Shop Erin Gates

HURRRRYYYYY over to Shop Erin Gates!!!! Things are already selling!!!!! Our featured artists this drop: Emily Davis Amy Stone Erin Clark William Mann Amanda Tanner Johnna Ayalin We’ll be doing a holiday shop too – October 20th! Let us know who you want to see works from, faves of the past or…
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FashionSeptember 17, 2021

Fashion Friday: Banana Republic’s Friends & Family Sale

Banana Republic has been putting out some seriously great, classic pieces lately (recall that amazing red dress I wore to Henry’s graduation this summer- SO good!) and so when they asked me to pick some faves to announce their Friends & Family sale I was happy to oblige! From cute animal print…
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FashionSeptember 13, 2021

My Health, Workout & Beauty Routines

This weekend when I did my Instagram AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) I got a lot of questions about my health and workout routines (and what kind of products and procedures I use/do on my face as well!) As you know, I tend to be mostly an open book so I’m happy to…
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InteriorsSeptember 8, 2021

Calendars and Schedules and School Forms, Oh My!

Photo by Michael J. Lee. With school back in session, getting our calendars, school forms and notices, mail and reminders organized has become a priority. In looking for attractive solutions for my own house I gathered up some great options that can work with your decor instead of against it. The pile…
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UncategorizedSeptember 3, 2021

I Just Can’t.

I was doing a beauty product post and I had to just stop because it felt so…. stupid. Who cares what face cream I use? I just can’t today. I’m too angry, too sad, too upset to be frivolous today. It doesn’t feel right. I’ve posted on my IG about what’s going…
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InteriorsSeptember 1, 2021

Bed Time.

Photo by Michael J. Lee “Wake me when this is all over” seems to be the undercurrent of reality today. So much tough news day in and out, it makes you want to crawl in bed and remain there, no? So here’s a post inspired by our shared exhaustion – BEDS, and…
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