FashionMarch 15, 2019

Fashion Friday: Dressing By the Book

I’m trying to shop for my upcoming book tour and have been trying to keep things in a palette similar to the cover- blues in florals, stripes and checks. So I thought I’d round up some book cover inspired clothing:

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UncategorizedMarch 13, 2019

Organzing Our Mudroom with Home Depot

As you all have seen from my features on the blog here, when we did our addition a couple years ago we were able to add a very small, but very important mudroom to our home.  This long narrow space offers us a large coat closet with sliding doors and a pantry (and small laundry room).  adding this space to our home made the BIGGEST difference in how we function as a family, especially now that we have Henry. However, given the tight quarters and limited storage space, it can get disorganized and messy VERY quickly.  I also will be the first one to admit that I am NOT the most naturally organized person.  So I was happy when The Home Depot asked me to partner with them to help get my little space organized in a cute way. I haven’t gone totally Marie Kondo yet, although I am thinking we need to, but this was an easy, quick and relatively affordable way to utilize the space we have better and make it a little cuter too!

This closet is a place where mittens and hats go to die– we were constantly losing things in the dark recess and not maximizing the storage space effectively.  So I got these amazing lightweight bins for everyone in the family that fit perfectly on the top shelf and used a paint pen to label one for each member of the family (okay fine, I admit it, I got TWO bins for my insane scarf collection I seem to have amassed).

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InteriorsMarch 11, 2019

Island Time.

The “island” pun seemed like a good way to re-introduce myself after my long weekend away in the Bahamas (side note: The Ocean Club was AMAZING, a great escape a mere 3 hour flight from Boston).  I have been noticing in my Pinterest/ Insta/ magazine perusing that freestanding, leggy islands, or even…
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InteriorsMarch 7, 2019

Announcing My Book Tour and Kick Off Celebration!

I can’t believe the time is here – the new book comes out in less than a month and that means it’s time to talk all things TOUR! We’re still firming up a couple events, but I wanted to give you a heads up about where I’m stopping and invite you to the kick off, publication day event here in Boston at Mitchell Gold Bob Williams on April 2! It’ll be a fun evening and I truly hope you all will bundle up and come out on a Tuesday night to toast this new book and life in general (there may even be a celebrity appearance by Henry Gates himself! He gets recognized more than I do these days!)

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InteriorsMarch 6, 2019

Affordable, Customized Art with Artfully Walls

I’m delighted to share one of my favorite vendors for affordable art with you today, Artfully Walls.   While we love using original art in our projects, not every room calls for it and not every budget allows for it.  What’s so great about Artfully Walls is that there is not only a wide variety of artists, but you can often pick the size you want and from a beautifully curated selection of framing options. It’s frustrating to find a print you like, but perhaps you hate the frame it’s in or it’s too large or small.  This way, you can customize each piece to your exact specifications.

I have SO much art in my own home, a few Artfully Walls pieces, that i thought I’d share.  One little spot I’m trying out a small piece is above my stove, and this illustration of Lily of the Valley is such a crisp, happy piece. It’s on a little sticky hook on the tile so it’s able to be removed anytime, but also you can take it down when you are doing more than boiling water for mac-n-cheese (which is rare for me) :)  I also like leaning small works in a kitchen on the counters too, it breaks up all the hard surfaces found in kitchens and warms it up.

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FashionMarch 1, 2019

Fashion Friday: An Eye for Eyelet

image left via Atlantic Pacific (her dress HERE) // image right via lonestar southern As the stores fill up with spring merchandise (which is frustrating when 6-10 inches of snow is predicted this weekend in the Northeast)- you can begin to see what the trends will be for the next season.  One…
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InteriorsFebruary 27, 2019

Molly’s Nursery Design Battle!

Molly, who runs my marketing/ products/ schedule/partnerships/ basically all the things, is pregnant with her second baby, a girl, and we’ve been discussing the design in the office and ultimately decided to have a design battle. :)  So here are out three designs for her space, which is a rather tiny room…
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