Bunny Williams Home: Giveaway!!!

I have long loved Bunny Williams, her book An Affair With A House being the first interiors book I ever bought for myself.  She has such a wonderful eye, lasting style and incredible business sense.  I am so happy that her gorgeous line, Bunny Williams Home, now has an e-commerce site for those of you not working with a designer to buy it for you.  In honor of this launch, I get to give away one of my favorite Bunny lamps, the zebra lamp!

I have the lamp in my own master bedroom and I love it’s whimsical, artistic yet classic style.  And you can;t lose pairing charcoal grey, white and gold!



To enter this giveaway, valued at $750, follow Bunny Williams on one or more social media channel and then leave a comment about which room in your house you’d use these lamps!

1. Like Bunny Williams Home on Facebook

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3. Register on BunnyWilliamsHome.com

4. Then leave a comment!

Here are some more Bunny Williams Home favorites:

The Skol Bar



Brush Stroke Lamp



OBSESSED with the Helena Chair.


Such an awesome, sleek side table for a bedroom!


A gorgeous classic upholstered chair for anywhere






Fall Cooking: Butternut Squash

With fall comes yummy things like warm soup, pumpkin spice lattes and…. SQUASH.  I admittedly eat like a toddler, nothing beats a good PB&J for me, but I do LOVE anything made with butternut squash.  Last weekend I spent some of Sunday making a yummy, meat free butternut squash lasagna and thought I’d share some recipes I LOVE along with some I’m dying to try using this delicious fall favorite.

Butternut Squash Lasagna: (made this and it’s SO good)

  Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 6.34.03 AM

Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese: DYING to try this one!


Butternut Squash Soup: I need a Vitamix somethin’ fierce.


Butternut Squash Ravioli with Sage Brown Butter: I order this any time I go to Todd English’s Olives, it’s my favorite thing evahhhhh. Like dessert for dinner.


And basically every single recipe on Martha: risotto, penne and potato squash mash in particular.

1004_edf_butternutrisotto_vert 4029_110708_penne_xl ef101654_1105_potsquashmash_vert

Link to your favorite fall recipes and give me some more ideas for using my new kitchen!


Emmys Red Carpet Breakdown

OK, guys. I have to say, I missed a lot of the Emmy’s red carpet. Andrew was all about football and I admittedly kind of forgot while busily prepping for a big shoot this week and attempting to make a butternut squash lasagna.  But the pictures showed me enough to do a full recap of the fashions.  I think the more “mature” ladies KILLED it this year.  With age does come wisdom- and increasingly better taste, if these pictures show us anything.

Can Kerry Washington do anything wrong on the red carpet? On anyone else this dress may have looked too pretty, pretty princess but on her it looks funky and cool.  And while I typically am not a big fan of this whole crop top trend, I think Rose Byrne looked so great (despite the meh hair color, much prefer her as a brunette).

rs_634x1024-130922190448-1024.Kerry-Washington-EMMYS2-jmd-092213_copy_2 rs_634x1024-130922165820-634.Rose-Byrne-EMMYS-jmd-092213_copy

LOVE both Laura Dern’s coral lace gown and I don’t think Allison Janney has looked this good, well, EVER. I think she looks incredible! These amazing ladies over 40 looking better than most of the 20-somethings.

150_1713_350 rs_634x1024-130922162933-634.Allison-Janney-Emmys.ms.092213

Christine Baranski is SO awesome and this dress is just as much so.  Love the cut, love the simplicity, love it all. Michelle Dockery makes it interesting in this two toned red and burgundy dress. I would have loved her hair done a little different. Loving the shoes and the clutch though. And when is Downton coming back on???

150_1678_350 rs_634x1024-130922170126-634.Michelle-dockery-emmy.s92213_copy

Cobalt blue SO stands out on the red carpet and these two both wore it SO well. I adore how so many women let simple cuts and solid colors make the real statement instead of gimmicky details.

150_1734_350 150_1746_350

These two. Forever and always. I worship them and I thought both looked pretty fabulous.  Especially Tina- hot damn with that figure!

rs_634x1024-130922171145-634.Tina-Fey-Emmys.ms.092213 150_1730_350

Jane Lynch’s tuxedo and tassel necklace is pure streamlined chic. Plus that striped clutch? Hell yes. And look at Homeland’s Damien Lewis and his wife cutting a pretty darn sharp figure in classic silhouettes. Love the neckline on that gown and that CLUTCH! Such a good pairing!

150_1742_350 150_1764_350

I thought Elizabeth Moss’s hair and makeup were perfect, giving her a little edge. I like the concept of the gown, but not the sequined skirt. It felt, and looked, SO heavy to me.  As for Claire Danes, I am just not into the whole faux bob thing. It looks so stiff.  And while I like the gown on it’s own, on her figure I think it did her body shape no favors. Same with the skin tone color.

rs_634x1024-130922164108-634.Elizabeth-Moss-EMMYS-jmd-092213_copy rs_634x1024-130922171304-634.Claire-Danes-EMMYS-jmd-092213_copy

More middle of the road looks- Zooey Deschanel looks pretty for sure, but like she’s dressing up like someone else. It’s a little too “lady who lunches” for someone with so much spunk.  Kate Mara is on one of my favorite shows, House of Cards, and I am so digging the concept of this top and skirt idea but something feels a little off, I think it’d the width of the stripes in the top.

150_1682_350 150_1747_350

 And while we are speaking about the sheer trend, here are two examples- Lena Headley looks sexy, but I still don’t love it. Especially the white shoes that look bulky. Amazing strappy, ankle wrap black ones would have been so much better.  And Julianne Hough again with a swing and a miss. It would have been SO much prettier with a fully lined skirt.

150_1694_350 150_1736_350

I just could not get behind the purple.  This particular shade of it looks totally cheap and prom-y to me. Purple looks best in a rich plum tone or a silvery violet, in my humble opinion.

150_1741_350 150_1687_350

Blondes in light pink- it’s tough.  January Jones’ dress just fell so flat for me- the lace, the color.  In a bold color maybe the cut would be better?  There was SOMETHING I liked about Julie Bowen’s dress, had it been like, 20% less “ruffley”.  It felt a little too fussy.

150_1756_350 rs_634x1024-130922173122-634.Julie-Bowen-EMMYS23-jmd-092213_copy

What is it with the teeny tiny boob area of these two dresses??? They look like SUCH an ill fit on both these women!!

150_1732_350 rs_634x1024-130922152310-634-zosia-mamet-emmy.ls.92213_copy_2

UGH with the high neck sheer lace.  Aubrey Plaza’s ensemble is light years better than Amanda Peet’s trainwreck of a dress. Can we please find her a new stylist???? I volunteer! Seriously, she’s so pretty and she keeps showing up in Grandma’s cast offs.

rs_634x1024-130922151327-634-aubrey-plaza-emmy.ls.92213_copy_2 rs_634x1024-130922154750-634-amanda-peet-emmy.ls.92213_copy_3

Below the waist Jessica Pare’s dress maybe could have been cute, but the top of it….no. Not flattering or pretty.  And I almost missed Anna Faris’ dress (which I saw on TV) because she did SO much work on her face she looks like she’s wearing a mask! Isn’t she younger than me? Why?? Also, I’m pretty sure Amanda Bynes has that same wig.

rs_634x1024-130922163233-634.Jessica-PareEmmys-ms.092213 rs_634x1024-130922162848-634.Anna-Farris-EMMYS-jmd-092213_copy

The two worst- Lena Dunham. Oh Lena. What can I say? This whole situation is just not working for you. But I ain’t mad at ya. ;)

And Paula. What is she wearing?? And get that lady some powder STAT.

rs_634x1024-130922170604-634.Lena-Dunham-EMMYS-jmd-092213_copy 150_1728_350

Who were your favorites and least favorites??

House Crush: Jessica de Ruiter

I typically don’t get Martha Stewart Living but the September issue has now made me a subscriber.  Particularly because of the incredible spread on stylist Jessica de Ruiter’s house in Los Angeles. I LOVE this modern, clean, bright look!  It’s so refreshing and crisp and so unlike any house I’ve ever lived in.

I am ALL about a waterfall countertop AND a chevron wood door.

la-house-0549-md110366_vert la-house-0471-md110366_vert

Gorgeous open shelving (seriously, how do people deal with the dust- please share) and how chic does plywood look in their entry? PLYWOOD!

la-house-0334-md110366_vert la-house-9898-md110366_vert

Love this open plan and mix of furniture styles with the restrained palette.  Another plywood built in!

la-house-0597-md110366_vert la-house-9997-md110366_vert

Such a cute child’s room (love the inset wallpaper and mismatched children’s chairs), more wood in the office.

la-house-0221-md110366_vert la-house-9685-md110366_vert

ADORE this brass bedside lamp as well as this view!

la-house-0091-md110366_vert la-house-0480-md110366_vert

I mean, that FLOOR and that VIEW???

la-house-0040-md110366_vert la-house-0480-md110366_vert

Adore the gold vintage mirror paired with the to die for marble slab modern sink.

la-house-9831-md110366_vert la-house-9763-md110366_vert

I picked some items to help re-create a similar look:

Fashion Friday: Classic Fall

I have been so loving this crisper weather because fall is the BEST season for dressing.  I happen to be into super classic, New England-y looks this season incorporating, wool, flannel, leather and denim with feminine touches of gold.  And I’m simply MAD about capes- particularly this entire line by designer Leslie Tessler. I’ll take one of each, please.


1. // 2. // 3. // 4. (or my dream watch) // 5. // 6. // 7. // 8. // 9. (you can monogram it too!)