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Designer Tag Sale #2

August 28th, 2013

So, kinda big news round these parts- we are moving our offices in October out to a space near my house.  Lots of reasons behind the move, and we are both looking forward to it and very sad about it too.  We have loved our time in our Congress Street space and will miss seeing all our studio-mates on a regular basis– but financially and time management wise it makes more sense for us to be our of the city a bit.  (For those wondering, my space has already been taken)  It’s a tiny space, but we’ll make it super cute…. promise. :)

SO, we have some stuff to sell- and per usual I am also adding in a few things from my house and my clients!  Please note the location of each item- most will not be able to ship unless small and not fragile! Some really good deals here, y’all!!!

Email me at erin@eringatesdesign.com if interested in any item!


Pottery Barn Carlisle Sofa with Left Arm Facing Chaise in Metal Gray Linen Cotton Blend. 7 months old. Retails currently for $3,300+plus shipping.  Asking $1,000.  Pick up only in Newton, MA (yes, I’m getting another new sofa….)  SOLD (but if you are looking for a new sofa Crate & Barrel is having a big sale on sofas!)


Vintage Dining Set (as seen in my old home and studio):  The chairs need to be touched up-there are some chips. Table is a Duncan Phyfe style.  Vintage.  $950- pick up only in Boston.


photo 6

Large Eiffel Tower print from IKEA- $50- pick up only in Boston. SOLD

photo 4

Black Peacock chair- vintage- $175- pick up only in Boston.

photo 2a

Pink Lamp with Shade- $50- pick up only in Boston. SOLD

photo 1

Painting- $150- Pick up only in Boston. SOLD

photo 3

Amazing vintage console found at Brinfield (I wish I had a spot for this). Currently gold and in GREAT condition- add a cushion and make it a bench! Or a great TV console. 64.5″ x 17.5″ d x 22″ h $450  Pick up only in Newton, MA. SOLD


Pair of chevron ikat pillows- $100- can be shipped from Boston. SOLD

photo 12

Brand New (installed for a week) Circa Small Cornice Hanging Lantern in Polished Nickel.  Retails for $895. Asking $425. SOLD


Circa Greggory Small Lantern in Bronze. One year old. $400.  Pick up in Hingham, MA


Pair of chairs- great for a redo project- only $200. Pick up in Hingham, MA SOLD


Gold Mirror- $150- Pick up in Hingham, MA SOLD


Gold fireplace screen- Horchow- $150- Pick up in Hingham, MA


Gold hide rug, zebra pattern- BRAND new and retails for $770- asking $500. In Alexandria, VA (possibility of shipping) SOLD


Single panel of chinoiserie wallpaper 24″ x 60″- $150. SOLD





Patio Perfection!

August 27th, 2013

As summer and my patio project draw to a close I am craving the opportunity to throw an al fresco dinner party. And after seeing Domaine’s spread featuring Nicole Richie’s outdoor space all dressed up for an evening of food, drinks and friends my desire quadrupled!!




I absolutely LOVE the blues and greens in this bouquet!!!


Gold flatware simple HAS to happen for me. Has to.



Twinkly lights make everything better.




Get the look of this event here:

EGD Projects: Newton Animal Hospital

August 26th, 2013

Hey dears, I had to share some of the progress photos from a REALLY fun, different project I worked on this year.  We were asked to help create a new look for Newton Animal Hospital in their newly built out space on Washington Street.  I was particularly excited about this because you KNOW how nuts I am about dogs (all animals really) and although we do far fewer commercial projects than residential, I LOVE doing them!

The concept started with the client loving this grey and yellow Trina Turk outdoor fabric so I built a concept around that- utilizing a wallpaper I’ve been dying to use that could not have been more perfect- Best in Show from Osborne & Little!  We kept it modern with a hint of industrial.

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 7.46.45 AM

And they are now open and this is what it looks like!  We are particularly happy with the vinyl plank flooring in a grey wash colorway that looks INCREDIBLE and is super durable for a high traffic space like this!


The bright yellow chairs are from Industry West and really add some punch! I love them! We need to add a couple bolsters to the bench and accessories here and there but all in all, I’m super happy with it! It looks like no other animal hospital I’ve seen!


Fun West Elm pendants over the check in desk….


They have a cute little boutique with dog and cat toys, accessories and food.


The art is by a UK artist Paula Zimmerman, the client told me about her and picked a few for the walls. This pug cracks me up.


For the exterior we went with a black and white scheme, installing a black and white striped awning over the door. I love me a black and white striped awning!!!


If you have pets be sure to consider them for your care- they also do mobile vet visits in your home and doggie dental cleanings without anesthesia (Ollie is going in to get this done soon, thank goodness!)

Although we are booking for next spring, be sure to let us know if you have a commercial project you need help with! :)

Fashion Friday: Work It Out

August 23rd, 2013

I have been really, really bad about working out lately. Ever since we moved to this house I’ve pretty much stopped going to yoga and hit the gym only a couple days a week. I do love taking my pups on long walks around the lake, but I really need to get back into being focused on a real workout regimen. I need to remind myself that running around the design center does NOT count as a workout. I get really lazy about it and find myself doing my 30 minutes of cardio and then 15 minutes of weights and lunges and such and then splitting. I never take classes because my schedule is a little crazy these days.  So crazy that it’s added 10 pounds to my frame.  Now, I’m not totally freaking out about this as I am still slim, but I don’t FEEL good.  Years ago this kind of scale activity would have sent me into a complete meltdown, but as I have gotten older and wiser I’ve become a little more accepting of myself and giving myself a break.  But lately I’ve given myself too many breaks and, frankly, I feel like shit physically. Working out helps curb my anxiety, helps me focus and boosts my mood.  Plus it’s so GOOP. So I’m committed to getting back on the yoga mat with more frequency and taking at least ONE class a week- be it barre, dance, boxing… anything but spinning. I hate spinning and I just have resigned myself to accepting that, no, I do not want to go to Soul Cycle. It makes me feel like I’m going to barf in public and I find that most un-enjoyable.

One of the things that motivates me to work out (sadly) is cute workout stuff!!!! When I was a diligent and committed yogi I gave LOTS of my take home pay to Lululemon. But I’ve branched out and found lots of different lines to love that add some spice to my routine- here are a few:


1. A great looking headband to keep the hair out of my eyes.

2. I used to be a good tennis player. I played all through middle school and high school and famously bragged to Andrew when we met that I would “kick his ass” on the court. Little did I know he ALSO played a ton of tennis and schooled me 6-0 in our first set. This sent me into a very un-ladylike rage, causing me to  chuck my racket at him over the net. Now that I have my temper under control, we want to get back to playing (we have clay courts right by our house).  This skirt is ADORABLE for our next court endeavor.

3. I wore this jacket just yesterday post workout and love it- the color, baseball tee styling and THUMBHOLES (I get giddy over thumbholes in long sleeve workout jackets).

4. This Lululemon top is so…fashion-y. Love the black and white and halter neck. Great for yoga and avoiding any “wardrobe malfunctions” in down dog (come one, we’ve all had one).

5. I also have a great barre studio near my house and I HAVE. TO. GO.  I mostly want to get into it so I can wear these amazingly adorable Nike shoe-things…. every girl wanted to be a ballerina at some point, and this plays off that desire. You can get different color interiors too!

6. My current kicks feel clunky, these Nike Free’s have great reviews for a “barefoot” light feel with some stability and cushion. Sounds good to me- plus I love the grey and coral color combo (I hate it when the most comfy sneakers are the UGLY ones!)

7. Loving the back on this top as well as the color and flattering side ruching.

8. How friggin’ RAD are these yoga mats styled as rugs??? So perfect for a designer-yogi like me!

9. You know those days when you feel positively GROSS is your workout gear? Meet these Spanx capri pants that make you feel oh so slender and are comfy to boot (more for cardio and barre than yoga). Plus I feel like the compression supports your lower back a bit.  I wear mine all the time and plan to pair them with over the knee boots and sweaters come fall too!

10. I am always SO boring in my workout pant purchasing (i.e. BLACK or BLACK).  I feel like patterned bottoms are less versatile and a waste of money because of that- but these REVERSE to solid charcoal grey!!!! And on days when I feel sassy (and my one solid black workout top is clean) I can wear the leopard side! These are IN my shopping cart!

From His Perspective: Technology Addiction

August 22nd, 2013


Before I let Andrew take the stage, I just wanted to say thank you so much for your thoughtful, detailed and incredibly helpful comments yesterday!  It’s such a help to me in attempting to create something useful, funny, beautiful and cool for you. Many, many thanks. -EG


I am finally ready to admit it. I have a serious problem with Candy Crush (besides getting to the next level) **note from Erin– he’s on level 323 people. 323!!!  I play it too much. It fills my free time. If not that, then Words With Friends and Angry Birds. Or Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn (not huge on Twitter).  Or emails and texts. If I am not on my computer I am on my phone, kindle or iPad. And in our house of two, I am the least of the offenders. (*cough- bullshit-cough*)

It bothers me that it has come to this. I went to take the dogs for a walk this morning, forgot my phone, and had a quick panic attack. What would I do while they were sniffing! I will get so bored! What if I miss a call or don’t respond to an email right away?

When Erin and I go out to dinner it is painful for us to not be on our phones. So usually we are. And I know we look like douche bags. What couple goes out to dinner and sits there on their respective phones? I have a picture of us in Paris, with her father, sitting down for a drink, both head down in their phone. I took that picture with my phone. *That last part is true, but we aren’t on our phones all dinner, come on now Andrew, we are THAT couple. Or are we?

I can’t watch TV anymore without my phone. What would I do during the commercials. Or boring parts of the movie. What if someone updated their Facebook status and we were watching the same show! At the same time!

I am not trying to be funny when I say it actually scares me. How did I acquire this need for constant entertainment? For instant gratification? What the hell will this develop into? Is this bad? It has to be…right?

Erin and I got in a minor argument over this the other night. She said she couldn’t go a full week without “connecting”. She couldn’t unplug from the Matrix. My argument was that she could and should. That the world won’t end without her input for a week. Even design emergencies can be handled by someone else or put on hold. She doesn’t believe that. And I am a hypocrite because I have the same issues. I can’t remember the last time I went a week without my phone. Can you?

We have done this to ourselves. We have trained everyone around us to expect an answer quickly. And we expect it in return. When you call someone and they don’t answer, you know they see your number. Why aren’t they answering! I know they saw my email or text. Ugh.

Tim Ferris, of The Four-Hour Work Week, suggests purposefully not responding to people right away. He started with waiting until the end of the day. Then the end of the week. An now the end of the month, if at all. Email is the worst time suck we have as a society. It is constantly interrupting us. If something is really that important it will either get figured out or they will call you! Email suggests that it isn’t that important that I need a response right away. If it was an emergency you would call. You wouldn’t email 911 if there was a robber in your house.

Don’t get me wrong. Technology is changing our lives for the better in so many ways. We can do so much more, see so much more, know so much more. But as I have said before, to grow you need to challenge yourself and get uncomfortable. Maybe growth sometimes means digressing every so often.

My challenge to Erin and myself is to unplug. Let’s not get crazy and do it for a week. But maybe at 6:30pm, every night for a week, we unplug. No phone. No computer. Just us, the dogs, a little TV (I realize that is not unplugged, but baby steps people), and some closeness. Too many marriages result in divorce because people “grew apart”. It is because they stopped growing together. It takes effort to grow together and the first step is personal interaction. Technology is fantastic, but it can hinder one-on-one interactions. I think we all need to unplug every once in awhile.


* While I completely agree that we spend WAY too much time on our phones and computers, I validate my constant Instagram, Facebook, blogging, web surfing a.k.a. “research” as WORK, because it is. I can’t possibly go offline for an entire week, my career is online! But I agree that we could seriously use a break to clear my head.  you know, take a walk with my head up, not trying to pick out the perfect filter for an Instagram picture (if it’s not on Instagram, it didn’t happen, right?) I’d happily try 24 hours without using our phones (other than for calls) or computers. Oh man, I’m getting hives just thinking about it.

Have you ever taken a Tech Break?