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Old School Summer

July 8th, 2013

It’s been SO friggin’ hot in Boston this past week we are all wilting a bit.  While sitting inside by the A/C (and cursing the fact that we have yet to install central air) I read an interesting piece in the Wall Street Journal about how summer has changed.  I have to agree- as a kid I spent so much time outside in the summer months- at the beach, camp, in the pool, riding bikes or building forts with my brother.  No one was glued to a cell phone, iPad, TV or computer- it was so much more pure and easy then (ok, maybe not “easy” but simpler!)   The nostalgia for those times hit me this weekend and I want to spend my free time more like that- taking hikes, going to the ocean, going out for ice cream cones…. let’s bring back old school summertime!




Here are some things that would help re-create an old school summer:

shorts (on sale!)// jars // bike // wine tote (got this for my parent’s new beach house) // bathing suit // rope bracelet // pie recipe // towel // Bonne Bell Lipsmacker // pajama top & bottom // espadrilles // hammock


Love Me, Love My Dog(s)

July 3rd, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 6.48.52 AMScreen Shot 2013-07-03 at 6.52.53 AM

If you know me, follow me on Instagram or have spoken to me for 5 minutes you know how obsessed I am with my two dogs. Baxter was my first, a Havanese from a breeder in CT and Oliver was a lat night “impulse rescue” I found on Petfinder one night.  It said he was a month old Havanese puppy mill rescue and I was wanting a sibling for Baxter to keep him company.  One look at his picture and I was done for (kinda like when I saw Andrew’s picture on Match).  Andrew happened to be sleeping at the time so the next morning when he woke it went a little something like this:

Me: Honey, I may or may not have adopted a puppy online last night….

Andrew: No you didn’t.

Me: Yeah, I did.  And you need to fly to North Carolina to get him.

Andrew: (smacks head)


So Oliver came home with us and turns out, he’s not a pure bred Havanese but some sort of mix. We are pretty certain he’s a Bichon- Havanese mix, a Havachon, if you will.  He and Baxter were instant best friends, mostly because Baxter is a raging type A freakshow and Oliver acts like a stoned Matthew McConaghey all the time (“hey maaaaan, be cool….).  I would have 10 dogs if I could, but for now I’ll stick with these two weirdos. The fact that I got these two little fluffballs when Andrew is a big dog guy (his dream is a Newfoundland) is a testament to my powers of persuasion.

This does mean that I spend a ridiculous amount of money on them- between vet visits, grooming, nights at the fancy dog hotel, toys, food, treats….. and the fact that 50% of my reasoning for buying this house was so they could have a yard…. yeah, I am officially a crazy dog lady. I try to keep all their toys neat in a basket in a corner- but one thing that always shows are dog beds.  So I was psyched when I got this new ikat print bed from Blueblood (print available soon) to put in the sunroom where they like to lay and bark at every moving thing that goes by. It coordinates with everything else going on in there and isn’t an eyesore….


Here are some of my current favorite dog-centric accessories that are both good looking and functional:


1. I DIE over this ombre leash!!! I also like the natural looking one too, but ombre rope? Come ON!

2. Hysterical treat jar. My boys act like crack addicts for chicken chips.

3. A stuffed Eiffel tower toy would make me happy laying on my floor.

4. & 5. Dried chicken treats made in Boston (so no worries about that whole made in China chicken chip drama).

6. Baxter rocks this Blueblood greek key collar and leash and looks SO sharp in it. They have a great selection of collars- and 20% off today!

7. I love my dry shampoo, and now the boys have some too to freshen them up after tumbles in the park or pond.

8. A chic leather-look poop bag holder. As good looking as you can make that lovely task.


10. Cutest preppy little collar for a lady dog. (Which, by the way, if I ever had I would name Jackie O and she would be so well dressed).

11. Cute little rope toy from another favorite brand, Jax & Bones.  We have stupid names for each toy we have- Smelly Squirrel, Bitey Monster, Crazy Legs, Pirate Chicken…. this guy would have to be dubbed something too.

12. I had to. A leopard hide bowtie collar- ON SALE?! You know, for formal, fashion-y occasions.

13. A great looking double dish wood feeder. Love this.

14. I saw this lucite dog bed at Mecox in Palm Beach and nearly had a stroke. It’s the ultimate.

I’m going to sign off until Monday and take a little breather. I hope you guys have a great long holiday weekend!


My Week in Instagrams

July 2nd, 2013

If you aren’t on Instagram yet…. GET WITH IT! It’s my favorite social media app by MILES and it’s such a fun way to chronicle your life in filtered, beautiful images.  Here are some things that went down in my world this week:

I had dinner at fellow designer Mally Skok’s INSANE home.  I mean, it’s 100% my dream house….


Her dining room has upholstered walls. This style is what I would call Traditional Badass.


Need a close-up? Thought so.  Her fabrics are awesome, but this one happens to be Quadrille Contessa.


I got myself a faux bust for the bar.  Goddess of the Drink. All hail.


My new line with Jill Rosenwald fresh outta the kiln with the cutest little lower case monogram!


Part of the line…. I happen to be super into the cream and sugar set.  They’ll be up for purchase in a couple weeks and you’ll be the first to know!!!!


Frozen yogurt break, nerds.


I took the ferry to the Hamptons. It was peaceful and reminded me that I am SO much happier and calmer by the ocean.  Good thing my parents are building a gorgeous home by the shore right now! #movingbackhome #nomoreemptynest!


So happy how these Ballard barstools came back from our upholsterer for out Hampton’s job!  We did some custom pieced upholstery to get this look and it’s pretty awesome.


I got to visit the new Serena & Lily store in Wainscott. It’s as adorable as you might imagine, but this wall o’ art was my fave.


So many people commented on how cute this top was.  It’s cheap and you can get it here.


I babysat for my Mom’s new 11 week old Golden puppy Barney last weekend. He bit a hole in the above cute shirt, but because that face is so smushy and amazing I don’t care.


The view from their porch.  This is not England, but it could be.


While there I went to the nearby antique shops and saw this lucite goodness. I paced, I pondered… and I left empty handed.


But then I went back and bought the (now known to be) Thorpe candlesticks, which I had the intention of selling.  But then I put them on my mantle and….. scene.  Welcome to your new home, crazy pretzel, lucite candlesticks. Would it be so bad if I try to get the metal part brass plated??


Then my vintage Brown Jordan patio set that was my paternal grandmothers came back from the shop all freshly enameled in black and ready for my patio (which starts soon).  Planning on topping those seats with black and white wide strip cushions and adding a white umbrella! Perfect, and meaningful.


Yesterday we were setting up for a book photoshoot all day today!  I am SO,SO obsessed with this tablestop setting I created- especially that Juliska Country Estate china.  I think I need it (in blue).  Those ombre napkins were under $4 at Crate and Barrel too!


PHEW. I’m exhausted. But more to do…. Stay tuned!!!

Gimme Shelter

July 1st, 2013

At the end of last week I ventured out to the Hamptons to visit a project I’m working on. It’s a bit of an adventure getting there from Boston- first te big ferry from New London then two little ferries to shuttle you across Long Island itself.  It’s a BEAUTIFUL drive and if I had the time, I would have just explored for hours and hours.  Especially little Shelter Island.  It’s a bit more quaint than some of the other parts of the Hamptons and my only experience there was waitressing one summer in college at a hotel there for three whole days before quitting and going home.  It was a bit Bates Motel and I just was beyond creeped out.  But now I’d like to go back and see more of it.  Certainly there is a lot of style out there- one spread in the new House & Home particularly piqued my interest.  So here are a bunch of images from projects all over Shelter Island…..









Sarah Story








Sarah Story


Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan have a big place on Shelter…. talk about cool neighbors!


Andre Balazs’ Sunset Beach is THE spot to dine, drink and stay.




As I was driving around I was getting whiplash trying to peek at all the homes- specifically the ones that had for sale signs outside. Like this one. OHMYGOD the potential!!!!! All those white beams! An outbuilding (office??)! Gaaaahhhhh!











Fashion Friday: Hers/Mine Summer Outfit

June 28th, 2013

I’m traveling today but I couldn’t sign off for the week without a little dose of summer fashion.  I saw this woman’s picture on Pinterest and loved the fun, funky but casual look she had going on- mixing florals, denim and leopard (so of course I loved it).  Here I have it recreated for us mortals.  Perfect to go from shopping to dinner to a patio party!


skirt (also love this one and this one) // shirt // shoes // bracelet 1 // bracelet 2 // belt // clutch