Throwback Thursday: Black Honey


If you don’t count the $.99 frosty pink Wet-n-Wild lipstick I bought with my allowance at CVS when I was in elementary school, the first REAL “lipstick” I ever had was Clinique’s Black Honey Almost Lipstick.  That slim silver tube and unmistakable light green packaging made me feel like an adult. So when I actually became an adult, I oddly associated it with childhood and brushed past it every time I went to Sephora in search of the perfect lip gloss.  As a non-lipstick girl (I own not one actual lipstick) I tend to stick to glosses and tinted balms so not revisiting this classic was actually pretty silly.

Well, last weekend I was repeating that same quest but instead this time I stopped at the Clinique section. Huh, I thought, Black Honey, I do recall it being a perfect sheer berry color. Perhaps I should try it again.  So I tried on the Superbalm version and lo and behold- the most perfect shade of gloss for winter, plus it was super moisturizing and had lots of shine. And at $15 it’s less than a lot of fancy glosses and balms I’ve bought. Why I have skipped over this old cult favorite for years I will never know. But I’m sure glad I gave it another chance.


Do you have a cult favorite product you’ve been using for years? One you’ve rediscovered recently? Share the wealth!

P.S. Don’t forget- tonight Andrew and I are hosting the opening party for J. McLaughlin at The Street in Chestnut Hill from 6-8 p.m. with a percentage of proceeds benefiting the Animal Rescue League! Please stop by if you are in the area!

Holiday Entertaining with Kate Spade New York.

I’m sure a bunch of you are hosting parties, dinners and family gatherings in the coming weeks and so we’ve partnered with Kate Spade New York to show off their fantastic tabletop and paper goods new for the season! All the black, white, gold and stripes are right up my alley, of course, and coordinate so well with my house we decided to decorate for a party!

Parties take a lot of prep. Fuel up with breakfast and get ready to run all your errands.


(How amazing are these Castle Peak bowls? And mugs? And creamer and sugar bowl?)


Time to jet out of the house with your cute planner, shopping prep reminders from this awesome sticky pad set, a fab travel mug full of caffeine to keep you going and maybe, just maybe, my favorite Kate Spade heels.

IMG_0420 IMG_0422

After shopping, get wrapping with this ADORABLE reversible paper (black and white stripes to gold dots- hello, perfection). I mixed in some leftover wallpaper scraps in a malachite pattern to add in a pop of color, but a bold color ribbon would look gorgeous too!

IMG_0431 IMG_0441

After all the party preparations you have just enough time to slip on something cute and sparkly like this jewel necked dress- no need for a necklace! I also love this simple black one as well, and this sparkly skirt!

IMG_0481 IMG_0485

Bottoms up! Pour the champagne and welcome your guests to your home!


These adorable striped coasters reverse to cute script-y sayings (cocktail napkins available too) and this adorable candle would make a great gift!

IMG_0426 IMG_0428

These striped acrylic straws are re-usable and add SUCH pizazz to any simple cocktail.


Coupe style champagne glasses are so elegant, and setting the table with this modern dinnerware set adds a little “edge”- a sprig of fresh rosemary tucked into the napkins whets the appetite with it’s yummy scent!

IMG_0456 IMG_0455

You don’t have to go crazy with table decorations, a great vase filled with one simple type of flower surrounded by glittery ornaments is easy and festive!


These cute confetti-like place cards lets people know where to plop down, avoiding any musical chairs!

IMG_0457 IMG_0464

Ready for a great meal and lots of laughs! (And yes, we invited Ryan Gosling to our party.  Sadly he was a no show.)


Post party it’s time to write your thank you notes like the gracious hostess you are, these monogrammed, striped lovelies do the job just fine.  And frame a snapshot in a matching acrylic frame.


Parties sure are exhausting, aren’t they?


Some fun Kate Spade New York events coming up in a town near you!


This post sponsored by Kate Spade New York.


Gift Guides 2013: For Him

Men are the hardest people to shop for, unless they have a hobby or passion for something like cooking, Star Wars or beer. So here are some ideas based on living with my husband and being raised with three brothers.


1. Shawl collar sweaters are HOT. They just ARE. (* 25% off today with code WINTER)

2. Designer BBQ sauce. I don’t know a single guy who doesn’t love BBQ sauce.

3.  Hysterical and adorably package chocolate bar made with bacon and potato chips! Perfect stocking stuffer!

4. Also funny, perhaps for Dad, a book on understanding rap music.

5. The coolest gadget this season- Coin- which will keep his wallet from ruining his back jeans pocket from how big it is. Read about it here and pre-order yours NOW. He won’t get it for a a while but when he does, he’ll be first!!

6. Best. Cologne. Ever.

7. Hippest watch of the moment, made in Detroit.

8. The foodie guy’s guide to restaurants.

9. Seriously, I’m concerned. This is the second gift guide where I’ve miscounted. It might be a brain tumor.

10. Most BAD ASS kitchen knife ever.

11. For the fella who brings home the bacon, the perfect money clip.

12. For the busy guy who can’t bother to shop, a Trunk Club subscription.

13. Bottle opener. Duh.

14. I love these monogrammed leather catchalls for change, keys & other crap.

15. What guy doesn’t want a leather club chair? This one will blend in with your pretty decor. This one too.

16. Jupp Apatow’s book for laughs. Also McSweeney’s.  If you haven’t read this piece, DO IT. You’re welcome.

17. Killer grey and white plaid shirt.  Gorgeous under that shawl collar sweater up there. :)

18. Brenne French Single Malt Whiskey. It’ll look pretty on your bar too.

19. What guy wouldn’t want to hang out with George Clooney? At least he can drink his tequila (except Andrew- after a certain “incident” he is not allowed to drink tequila any more. Ever.)

20. Maybe not the most exciting, but at he won’t be yelled at to come make the fire alarm stop beeping! Nest stuff is genius.

21. Basic, awesome grooming products from Aesop.  And he’ll like that it says it’s for “athletes”.

22. Beats headphones. Lebron approved, so they are cool enough for him.

23. Monogrammed collector’s book of all the ballparks in America. For the baseball nut.

Flowers + Fabulousity

When I tire of the bull that a career in design brings with it (believe me, there’s lots….) I think I’ll open a flower store. After arranging so many flowers for our photo shoots for the book, I found that I kind of have a knack for it.  It’s so peaceful and meditative, and I for one need a bit more of that kind of vibe in my life. So I think when I grow up, I’ll be like Stephanie Schur, the owner of Botany Flowers in California.  Lonny did a great feature on her and I kept thinking (as I virtually flipped the pages)- “Her life looks nice.”



I romanticize retail all the time, it’s a HARD business, but I can’t help but want a little shop like this!


The flowers– oh, the flowers!






And of COURSE she has an incredible home! Naturally!  See more of it and a great interview with her on Jenny Kayne’s blog Rip+Tan:




schur2 Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 9.21.29 AM

Images via: Lonny, Rip + Tan, Botany.




Fashion Friday: Holiday Dressing Two Ways

As the holidays approach I’m attracted to all things sparkly- even though my holidays rarely include a bevy of parties that require such dress. But why not have something on hand just in case of a pop up invitation to somewhere awesome? Or even dress up a little extra fancy for a holiday at home with family?

Here are two looks I’m totally loving- as I constantly have trouble deciding how I want to look- ladylike or fashion-y. I am OBSESSED with this Hugo Guinness for J.Crew tee (it’s on it’s way to me now!)  The perfect sentiment on the perfect linen tee (I just have to remember not to put it in the dryer this time.) It also would be amazing under this blazer with jeans for a more casual look. But HOT DAMN look at that sequin maxi!  I looooooooooove it (and there are a few other options like it in the “Shop The Post” link below like this black one!). You could also top it with a black leather biker jacket for more of a “tough girl” look.

As for that dress, it’s from The Limited if you can believe it and also comes in a completely gorgeous blue for only $90 on sale!  The monogrammed gloves would be an amazing gift for any special lady too. Lots of little gifts here, actually. Happy shopping!


Fun & Funky: 1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. // 8. //(clearly I can’t count) // 10.

Ladylike: 1. // 2 . // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. //