Fashion Friday: Fall’s Best Bags

I know that most people are sad it’s already August, but I for one am not. BRING ON FALL. Like, I cannot wait to be buying sweaters and boots and yummy layers for fall temperatures. Humidity and I do not get along.

While it may feel too warm to go as far as buy sweaters and coats, bags are another thing.  A good fall bag (or two) will get you far (and is something you can carry now for the most part, because instant gratification is where it’s at, right?)

Trends for fall bags seem to be in line with the thinking that simplicity is key, which I love.  Specific things to look for:

  • suede and leather mixed textures
  • rich jewel tones like olive (the new neutral), navy and oxblood
  • Structured totes and lady-like silhouettes
  • Or the extreme opposite of slouchy, unstructured hobos
  • TASSELS EVERYWHERE (cue me doing spirit fingers!)
  • Unbranded bags- no giant logos or logos-as-pattern

Here is a round up of some bags that fit the bill! Click the images for links!

New Art Source: Poster Club

I was away working this weekend so this morning’s post is going to be short and sweet. Came across a great new source for affordable art prints in the UK called The Poster Club and rounded up some favorites into a virtual gallery wall to share with you guys. I love the mix of line drawings, graphic prints, abstract paintings and photography.

1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. // 8. // 9. // 10. // 11. // 12. // 13. // 14.

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Fashion Friday: Favorite Pretty Purchases This Week

  1. I am going to love pairing this adorable tweed-y Chanel inspired jacket with distressed denim and cute suede flats in the fall!
  2. I am obsessed with these new bralettes from Spanx– supportive and yet light as air and pretty too! I bought every color.
  3. I ordered this navy faux fur jacket from the Nordstrom sale in the off chance it was remotely cute– and I LOVE it! Bring on fall!
  4. If there is a tassel earring within a 50 mile radius of me I will buy it. Its just a fact. Love that these ones from Ann Taylor are more refined, glam and modern than most.
  5. I am a C of H devotee when it comes to jeans, and their new Arielle cut is awesome- mid rise (high rise doesn’t seem to favor me) and skinny but with a straight ankle, which is more flattering.
  6. I don’t have this top yet but I fall in love with it every time I see it! The playful bow and bright color would be killer with jeans and cute heels for a night out (like maybe my birthday dinner next weekend?)
  7. This Tammy Fender cleansing milk is a fave these days- it smells like the organic spa of your dreams and leaves skin feeling clean but not dry.
  8. The Wave Spray from Ouai leaves my hair so soft and frizz-free when I air dry it.
  9. Talbots coming in hot for fall with these pointed toe driving moccasins in leopard! The silhouette is more feminine and finished but with the same comfort of your favorite driving moc.
  10. Also Talbots (!!??) this reversible horse bit belt is awesome for traveling (2-in-1!) and is a tad Gucci-esque (old school Gucci, not crazy looking new Gucci)
  11. I love me the Factory Studio tee AND stripes–so to combine them is the definition of #DUH.
  12. I picked this DKNY top up last weekend on sale and it’s really great (more impressive on than on the hanger or even in this photo). The ruffle on the sleeve is flattering on the arm and the silhouette is refined but comfortable.
  13.  These crackled gold leather mules are so left-field for me but I saw them in the store and tried them on and they were so damn cute with jeans I had to.


State of the Union

A sneak peek of a project we completed this year. Photo by Michael J. Lee.

Its been a while since I really dished about life with you guys, and in an effort to get more organized an refresh some things in my world before fall I thought it would be helpful for me to share some personal and professional updates.

First of all- the business. We’ve been humming along on many projects both in the area and out of state, which is exciting. And in our new, bigger space we also have two new people, Kristen and Katie- so right now we are a team of four (plus Bax and Ollie, of course).  We hope to utilize our new space in the coming year not only for business but for other interesting endeavors too.  I’d love to host pop ups once in a while in which we can partner with vendors to show off stuff we love- from art to fashion to accessories, wine, kids stuff and more (perhaps wine AND kids stuff since those often go together, amiright?) and have a social aspect to the space. So be on the lookout for that, and if you have ideas about a pop up let me know!

Along with the new space is some new branding AND a new website dedicated to the interiors side of my business.  I’ve been working with the insanely talented Hanna of Gadabout on a new logo for Erin Gates Design that will eventually transition to the blog as well. I really needed to invest in a revamp of my brand imagery AND a site dedicated to my design business only,  and I’m glad I finally ripped the band aid off. It’s going to be awesome. STAY TUNED!

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