Fashion Friday: 14 Perfect Summer Weekender Bags

Summer is a great time to get away on weekends, and why not do it in style instead of in your fraying circa 1997 Vera Bradley duffle (fun fact- one of these below is a NEW VB bag! She’s back ladies!)

I have two weekenders I love (#7 and #9)- both really sturdy and hold the perfect amount for two nights away or a quick business trip.  Although I am pretty obsessed with the Wes Anderson Darjeeling Limited vibe of #2 ( I was straight up in love with the luggage in the movie).

1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. // 8. // 9. //10. // 11. // 12. // 13. // 14.

Also as a side note, I found the perfect slip on sandal for summer for $88. They have a very Hermes vibe and come in lots of colors. In love.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!



Father’s Day Gift Guide (& Giveaway!)

Father’s Day is next weekend so I wanted to make sure I got my gift guide up in time to actually order stuff :)  I’ll get back to interiors next week (I know some of you get really bummed when I don’t post heavily on interiors, but this week was an anomaly with Nina’s book release and this post! Sorry!)

Dads are tough to shop for, so I hope this helps give you some ideas! Plus an AWESOME giveaway!

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The Bright Hour

It’s the kind of book any writer wishes they could have written but is eternally grateful they couldn’t.  Nina Riggs and I had a lot in common- we share a literary agent (the phenomenal Brettne Bloom), published at the same imprint (Simon & Schuster),  both the mother of boys and an affinity for self-diagnosing via WebMD.  She seemed like the kind of woman I would have loved to have shared a cocktail (or four) with on a sunny June night, talking about motherhood, writing, dogs, wine…anything and everything. But for some cruel reason, Nina was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer at the age of 37 and that friendship will never happen.  Nina passed away last month, just shy of seeing her memoir, The Bright Hour, being published to rave reviews tomorrow June 6th.  And so other authors, like me, are hoping to take on a small part of promoting this book for her, in honor of her, to make sure the brightest of lights shines on her talent.

Nina had the painful and poignant experience of writing about dying in a way that I never could have- with humor,  exquisite clarity, bravery and levelheadedness. Her book is a masterpiece.  I was sitting with our agent at a Manhattan bar when she got the final bid on Nina’s manuscript and got to call her and tell her the amazing news that no doubt helped alleviate some worry for her financially.  She kept telling me how much I was going to love this book, how much I would love Nina, how important this book is.  And she was right. About all of it. It’s hard to make sense of it, but somehow I found myself looking forward to getting into bed and reading this book about a dying mother every night. How is that possible? Because Nina made this book about LIFE really, not death. She wrote about her excruciatingly unfair diagnosis with such levity (and even laugh out loud humor) that I found it uplifting instead of soul-crushingly sad.  I think that was her goal- a lofty one for sure, as how does one write about dying young in a “light” way??? But her extraordinary talent allowed her to. I saw so much of myself in her, and also qualities of the woman I hope I can become someday.

The lessons, the deep stuff- it’s all there. The reminders to value every moment of your life, even the shitty ones- that you take away for sure.  But upon closing the back cover, you also take a way a feeling of boldness and light instead of despair.  And looking at pictures of Nina, or reading her amazing Modern Love column that garnered so much attention, you can see it in her eyes and words- she was a woman who radiated love and positivity, even during her darkest moments.

“We are breathless, but we love the days. They are promises. They are the only way to walk from one night to the other.”

I really wish I could have met Nina. She was clearly a very special person. But I am so glad she left us all with this book, this gift, really. Especially for her two sons, who miss her with every ounce of their beings and will forever.  She was a magnificent mother. And writer. And human.  And you all need to read this book.

So today, I get to give away five copies (open to US residents only) of The Bright Hour thanks to Simon & Schuster. Leave a comment below and I will pick the winners randomly tomorrow morning and e-mail them directly.  For all of you who do not win, you can buy the book here or pick it up at your local bookstore.  Lets make The Bright Hour a rousing, NY Times Bestselling success and spread the love and light that Nina shared as far as we can.




Fashion Friday: Tapered Collection Launches Stripes!

Tapered Collection is a locally based, women run business that produces a tee that is truly “anti-muffin top”.  I shared them with you when they launched and you guys apparently loved them because she sold out super fast after the post!  So I wanted to share that they have launched STRIPES in a few new cuts in addition to the classic cap sleeve (tank, mid-sleeve and 3/4 sleeve!)

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Our New Office Reveal!

I’m really proud and excited to show you guys our new digs! Ever since I started my business I dreamed of having a “shop” with pretty little topiaries out front and this may be as close as I get!!!  I don’t have the bandwidth to do actual retail, but the flexibility of this space allows me to display some items I do have and create pop-up shop concepts with brands and artists I love (and stuff I myself have designed!) So without further delay, here it is!

The space is below street level but actually gets decent light! I found it to be a good fit because we don’t need foot traffic but I did want to be in a busier location with the ability to be found easily by clients (and potential clients), PLUS the rent was about half or less than a street-level shop.  So we have a big wall of glass at the front with a stone retaining wall outside (it could be worse!) It’s actually kinda cool looking!  I wanted the space to be serene and a great mix of traditional and modern with a pop of color.

We had to completely gut the space, but left the exposed beam ceiling and brick walls.  I had my painter, Peter from Adelfia Painting, spray the entire place top to bottom with Sherwin Williams Greek Villa and it is the perfect white- not too bright, not too creamy. I absolutely love it. He also painted the metal frames of my windows Sherwin’s Iron Ore to make them looks like old iron frames.  For flooring I found this amazing, tough wearing vinyl plank from Lowes that had that pale oak coloring I love.  It gave me the perfect neutral, light backdrop I was hoping for with lots of texture.

Sources: Chairs- Viyet // Rug- Landry & Arcari // Custom table skirt  (Schumacher trim) // Bust- vintage (similar here)

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