Sage Advice

Back in, like, 2000 I’m pretty sure everything and their mother had something Restoration Hardware “Silver Sage” in their house. The paint (guilty), the bedding (guilty) and just about anything else they made came in this “it” color.  And then there was the “silver sage backlash” and I for one, rarely used this color for about a decade.  It was so over-saturated in decor that it turned me off.

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And guess what, now I love it again! Proof that just about every trend will see a resurgence at some point (except, hopefully, lace curtains and doileys).

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My favorite tone of sage is one that is based in grey, but adds interest with a cast of green.  Take a peek at these inspirational spaces and tell me you’re not a little tempted :)

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Fashion Friday: Holiday High/Low Mix

I saw this picture on J.Crew Factory’s page and LOVED the feel of the casual plaid short with the skinny jean and sexy strappy heels. Nothing looks better than mixing casual and dressy- mostly because you looks festive but are pretty darn comfortable!

I pulled together a few options for this look to help you start planning for holiday drinks, date nights and girls gatherings!


Option A: shirt // jeans // necklace // heels // clutch  Option B: shirt // jeans // necklace // heels // clutch Option C: shirt // jeans // heels // earrings // clutch  Option D: shirt // jeans // earrings // heels // clutch

Canopy and Four Poster Beds

Something about fall and winter re-ignites my love of classic four poster and canopy beds. I think because they are just so COZY looking. I am truly obsessed with my canopy bed.  And it wasn’t our only one- we also had that fabulous white IKEA canopy bed in our old guest room (now baby nursery) that we moved so many times and took apart and put back together that we had to chuck it because I’m pretty sure one more re-assemble would have ended in serious injury for the next person who laid down on it.  And I was SO SAD, because for some bizarre reason, they no longer make it!  It was GENIUS and like, under $200 bucks!!! Makes me crazy.  Anyways, here are some inspiration photos for these styles of beds and a little roundup of some I love right now.


Fun Wallpaper Source

While I was visiting the home of one of our long distance clients a couple months ago I spotted the coolest animal wallpaper in her son’s bathroom. I asked her where she found it and she said “It’s by National Geographic!”. Intrigued, I researched this paper and come to find out, National Geographic does have a wallpaper collection, through Brewster Wallcoverings which happens to be a local company based in Randolph, MA!  I got to perusing their site last night and found MANY papers I loved and had not seen before- and the pricing is GREAT (can be purchased on online retailers like Wayfair, Home Depot, Lowes and American Blinds)

This was the paper I saw the spurred this post!  So adorable as an accent wall or in a kid’s bathroom.
f30231db-5dfb-4d36-8a9c-488fd6058424_1000 b7573510-f0c4-40a9-ad22-1a906e6eaa79_1000

I can’t find the orange colorway anywhere, so I don’t think it’s available any longer, but in this picture you can see the scale.