Counter Stool Roundup

Image from the awesome, Pin-worthy Ally Banks Interiors. And no, I do not know where those stools are from but am dying to know myself!

Counter stools seems to be a lot of people’s decorating kryptonite.  Sometimes it’s mine as well!  Its a piece of furniture that is prominent in your home and likely used non-stop so it has to be pretty AND durable while alos coordinating with your kitchen AND any other decor nearby if your space is open concept.  So I find it helpful to do roundups of them often.


  • Make sure you give enough space between each stool- don’t try to cram in too many- they will be uncomfortable and make your kitchen look sloppy.
  • Make sure the distance between the seat of the stool and the bottom of the counter is about 10″- this is ideal for comfort.  Most counter stools will be 26″ because the average kitchen counter is 36″ high- but make sure you measure your counter before buying!
  • Measure the recess the stools push into- you want to give enough room for peoples legs while keeping their backs close enough to the counter itself. I have a shallow overhang so this is an issue- backless stools work best in this instance.
  • Make sure the material suits your lifestyle. Got kids? You’ll want to stick to wood, plastic, outdoor fabric or faux leather- easy cleanup and strong durability. Leather can go either way- its durable, but if someone sits on a blueberry on it- it’s going to stain.
  • If you have upholstered dining chairs in the same space, look for non upholstered counter stools and vice versa. Or instead of upholster look for woven styles.

Here is a group of great looking, slightly more unique counter stools that may peak your interest. Some of the upholstered ones have the ability to be customized with your choice of fabric too!

1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. // 8. // 9. // 10. // 11. // 12. // 13. // 14. // 15. // 16. // 17. // 18. // 19. // 20.



Fashion Friday: How to Wear the Ruffle Trend Without Feeling Like An Idiot.


I’ve noticed that for the upcoming season everything and its mother is covered in ruffles. Now, I like a good flouncy ruffle as much as the next girly-girl, but some of the stuff I’ve been seeing is serious ruffle overkill.  Like, trying to look really fancy for your fourth grade piano recital.    So here are my suggestions for how to subtly embrace this popular look while still feeling like a grown ass woman.  Because I lived through middle school dances once and I don’t really want to channel that time-period in my life again, thankyouverymuch.  The key is to balance the fluffy, busy-ness of the ruffle with super streamlined and sleek pieces- like a ruffled sleeve top with super slim pants or jeans.


I adore this one- sweet with a little bit of n edge in the distressed denim and embroidered loafers.

This one could potentially go to the office, or is great for when you want to be comfy and casual but still look totally pulled together.

I’m kinda obsessed with this look- the crazy fun metallic skirt paired with the cool beaded scarf necklace and a touch of denim to bring it down to earth.

A great work look with trim, tailored print trousers paired with a dramatic ruffled sleeve sweater (I also LOVE this one, which I’d do statement earrings with). The of-the-moment loafer tops it off. Also, that bag is under $75!

An evening look (this dress is bananas good)- loving red and navy together right now!

Have a happy weekend everyone.




Killer New Lighting!

When looking for lighting for clients I have my go-to sources: Circa, Arteriors and Hudson Valley for the middle ground client, Urban Electric, Currey & Co. and Vaughn for higher end ones and then PB, Wayfair and Shades of Light for more budget-conscious projects. I always skipped over Hinkley as I never saw anything that was my taste from them– until now. Holy moly- they have awesome new pieces with a really sleek modern-farmhouse / modern-traditional appeal. And in looking at their prices from retailers, they are a great price too.  I rounded up my picks to share with you because I’m so digging these looks! :)


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More Pillows!

If you follow me on Instagram you saw my announcement that my fall pillow collection released early and is up on Wayfair! I am really excited about these additions to the current collection as they are PERFECT for fall decorating on a budget! I know a lot of the velvet ones have sold out already but they ARE restocking ASAP so put your email in to get notification when they are back in and ready to ship! Dimenisons are missing online right so the square pillows are 22″ (about 20″ when stuffed) and the lumbar is 14″ x 24″ (slightly smaller when stuffed also).

Loving this rich orange for fall… it’s the perfect shade- not too “burnt” and not too bright.

I still can’t believe the level of detail on these pillows for the price. The velvet has linen applique border (looks So expensive) and the more graphic one has two layers of applique trim.

Agean Key Collection: I mean, these look like $200 pillows for $48 a pop for the large squares! I am OBSESSED with them. (Again, they are coming back in stock so just sign up for notifications).

This grouping is particularly pretty- the Agean Key, Pavilion velvet lumbar, Ikat Stripe and the thick, woven Angier diamond.

Again, in a smaller grouping. I’d do the diamond and velvet on a sofa and the lumbar on a chair.

The morel colorway is awesome- grey-brown that really mixes well with the orange and fig but also is great paired with neutrals like linen and stone.

The Pavilion Collection is velvet cut and appliqued onto linen blend pillows.

The Tangier Collection– a thickly woven diamond pattern with tons of texture. Easy to mix with tons of other patterns.

The Herringbone is another thick woven that is fabulous of mixing with florals or solids.


Fashion Friday: The Shoe You Need For Fall

I am happy to let you know that THE shoe of the fall season happens to be one that is not only comfy but appropriate for all ages (and even the office!) No platform stripper heels this year!  The loafer- be it tasseled, velvet, embroidered, suede or embellished is IT.  You need some. Probably more than one pair (I am currently awaiting my fourth pair to be delivered-#1 see you soon!)

Paired with jeans or skinny black pants, leather leggings or a bold color- these shoes will take you far (literally- you can actually walk comfortably in them- rejoice!)


1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. // 8. // 9. // 10. // 11. // 12. // 13.