Fashion Friday: His & Hers Spring Dressing

Hew New Englanders- did you EVER think we’d get warm weather like this again? Isn’t it MAGICAL??? I can barely contain myself- literally- I want to spend every waking second outside soaking up the sun and warm breezes. But it did kind of come on all of the sudden, leaving me with “I hate all my spring clothes” fever. So I partnered with J. McLaughlin to showcase a his and hers spring outfit that works for just about anyone- in case y’all are looking for some inspiration and ideas. Also, just for you a 15% off discount today through the 11th with code JMCLSTYLE.

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As you may know, I love stripes. Like LOVE,LOVE stripes. I have 427 striped 3/4 sleeve shirts but shockingly, had no striped t-shirt dresses. This one is great because it’s not too short, not too long (on my 5′ 9″ frame- so shorter ladies may want to size down a full size or even two- I’m wearing a small) and it’s made of THICK cotton. Flimsy, thin material in this application just highlights everything you don’t want to show off (plus underwear lines) so I adore the weight of it. Comes in lots of colors too. Paired it with a patterned scarf and the CUTEST little rattan bag that my mom totally eyeballed hard when she stopped by this week– so if you need a mother’s day gift, I suggest  you pop into a store and grab one of them and get wrapping. Oh also, I cut all my hair off this week. Surprise!

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IMG_1760 IMG_1766

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Dress // Bag // Scarf

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Simple Ways to Decorate “Green”.

Considering the environment when designing a home has become more and more important to people as we understand the greater impact how we live has on the environment.  It’s no longer “trendy” but something every person should think about when building and decorating their space- from tiny to big!  One of the reasons I partnered with resource Natural Spring Water  on their eco home remodel sweepstakes (you can still enter until May 12th! NO PURCH NEC. 18+. ENDS 5/12/15. Rules here) was to help spread the word about green design.  So here are some quick and easy tips that help incorporate green design into your space in big and small ways- every little bit counts!



1. Low VOC Paint– Using this type of paint reduces the amount of volatile organic compounds in your air, and in turn is far less smelly! Almost every major brand has a low or no VOC formula, so pick your favorite color and have it mixed in that formula! This is a very easy choice to make when doing home renovations.

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2. Energy Efficient Lighting- When replacing fixtures think about using energy efficient ones (and LED bulbs).  The not only make great looking fixtures now that use less energy, but also bulbs that emit soft, lovely light, unlike the first generation LED’s which were harsh and ugly! They may be more expensive up front, but last far longer and reduce your energy bill.


3. Adding Greenery– Simple adding a few houseplants to your home can help you have cleaner air, while adding great color to your space! Types that help eliminate VOC’s from your home’s air include the spider plant, aloe plant, snake plant, ficus and bamboo palm.  Plus every space needs a little green life to make it look complete.

Inline image 3Inline image 4

4. Low Flow Showerheads, Faucets and Toilets –  You can find showerheads and faucet that help conserve water while maintaining nice, strong water pressure! Look for items with the WaterSense mark for those approved by the EPA.  There are SO many choices available from all the best brands.


5. Reclaimed Wood Details- From reclaimed wood for flooring, beams and construction materials to using old barn wood tables decoratively, using older wood is both green and an amazing way to add texture and depth to your home. As you know from reading this blog, I LOVE reclaimed wood furniture and beams, so there is no compromise here!

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6. Employ Antiques– Nothing is greener than using something that already exists instead of buying something new! Shopping online vintage sources like Etsy, eBay and 1stDibs is great, as is scouring your local flea market and tag sales.  And don’t be afraid to paint something with great lines that is an off-putting color (with low VOC paint of course, if you want to be really green.)  Every home should have something antique or vintage in order to keep the space interesting and unique!

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7. Buy Organically Made Furniture–  There can be a lot of icky chemicals in furniture (especially true with upholstery and mattresses) but there are some great companies that construct their furniture from environmentally friendly materials. All you have to do is a little bit more research into what goes inside those cushions!


8. Be wary of furniture made of MDF- Of course, a piece of furniture here and there made of MDF is fine (and helpful to the old decorating budget).  But too much in your home can be unhealthy as MDF can emit formaldehyde into the air, which is a known human carcinogen.  Budget furniture companies like IKEA are looking into using alternatives to make their furniture, so this may be a thing of the past with some inventiveness.

A Quick Met Gala Recap

I totally spaced on the Met Gala and so I HAD to do a quick little recap to review the truly ridiculous, totally boring and totally great dresses.

My favorites that were both on theme (China) and pretty:

Bee Shaffer (Anna Wintour’s daughter) was perfection in Alexander McQueen with a huge gorgeous crane or phoenix on the train. The perfect gown for this event. Too bad mama looked crazypants.


Give and Get with #CalypsoCares!


Every year Calypso St. Barth holds a #CalypsoCares initiative for which they offer 20% off your purchase of full-price Calypso items when you bring in like-new clothing or donate $5 in boutiques or online. This year, they’ll be partnering with the online charitable re-commerce, Fashion Project (which is GENIUS, check it out), and the organization, She’s the First. Through the #CalypsoCares donation program, you’ll help change the lives of hundreds of thousands of girls across the US and Canada.  I love supporting this project and hope you will too. I think empowering women is truly the way to help change the world. 

To inspire you here are my favorite new items in store that may spur you on to clean out your closet!


1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. // 8. // 9. // 10. // 11.

And speaking of fashion, I  just saw all the Met Gala pictures and am going to do a little recap of best and worst later this afternoon! Stay tuned!