Made in the U.S.A- Faribault Woolen Mill

One of my brothers tagged me in an Instagram picture he took of a visit to Faribault Woolen Mills in Faribault, MN the other day. He suggested I check out the company’s story- and I had to share it with you too.  In a time when so many products are made overseas, I love finding small businesses that still craft their goods in America.  And Faribault has an interesting story too- founded in 1865 this mill is the last standing vertical mill in the US.  Still in the same location, and using many century old machines alongside new technology to craft these gorgeous blankets and throws.  In 2009 the mill had to close but in 2011 two local businessmen rescued it, reopened it and since then it’s been a wonderful comeback story!  George Clooney ordered blankets for the cast of one of his movies, they were featured on ABC’s World News Tonight and now they’ve landed an amazing deal with another very famous Minnesota company (more on that after the jump…)

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Pinch Me…

Hard. Because I have to be dreaming.

There is no way this is real life. How is this possible??

Best Sellers - The New York Times2

To be a New York Times best-seller in my category was a secret/ absurd / totally crazy goal of mine when writing the book that I only JOKED about accomplishing.   And to get the call today that it HAPPENED just rocketed me into outer space.

I honestly cannot believe it. In fact, am speechless.

So just….THANK YOU.

EOS the Book Instagram Contest!

When I was designing the exterior of my book it was really important to me that it be a beautiful object with which to decorate and accessorize as well as a worthy book to read.  I was OBSESSED with the idea of a striped spine once I’d pictured using it in my own home on my vertical DWR Sapien bookshelves.  And I’m glad to see you guys agree that the book is pretty fetch (“Gretchen, stop trying to make “fetch” happen…”) OK, I’m cracking myself up now…


(my book hanging out with one of the my father-in law’s books in our guest room!)

Anywhoo, I’ve been seeing so many fun Instagrams of my book used within your homes in stacks, on coffee tables, in offices and so on,  so I thought it would be fun to run a little contest in the same vein with my friends at West Elm!  Six of you can win my fave favorite items from West Elm just by posting a creative picture of EOS the book all styled up.

Fashion Friday: Looking Good After A Long Week


It’s been a busy week.  Scratch that, a busy MONTH.  And I know many of you also have had busy weeks/ months/ years too.  And it’s hard to want to get dressed when you’re beat, which is why I’ve been all about uniforms lately (as you may have noticed).  Even when I feel crappy, I make a point to put in a little effort to get dressed as it makes me feel just a bit better and more energized (although right now I want to just put my face down on this keyboard and go to sleep). You won’t find me teetering around in my rockstuds and a neoprene party skirt, but I at least can pop on a fierce blazer, jeans and super snazzy flats (and my glasses to hide the bags) and go about my day feeling comfortable and somewhat put together.  Life is hard, but dressing well doesn’t have to be.


T-shirt- Tees in the Trap (LOVE THIS!) // Glasses- Warby Parker // Bracelet- J.Crew // Blazer- J.Crew (currently OBSESSED with this guy- amazing!!!) // Jeans- American Eagle (my not-so-secret source for great skinny denim on the cheap- $35 today!) // Scarf- J.Crew // Necklace- Ann Taylor (40% off today) // Earrings- Ann Taylor // Bag- Henri Bendel (amazing new collection of bags!) // Shoes- Boden (bling bling!!!)



An Inspired Thanksgiving Table

I ordered the new Markham Roberts book last week and finally got some time to flip through it yesterday.  It’s a fascinating study on traditional decorating with an edge- full of bold color and mixed patterns.  One image, of the author/designer’s own upstate home, totally inspired me palette wise. Chartreuse and beige, baby!  I thought why not make an unexpected Thanksgiving table out of it? No one said you have to use orange and red and turkeys on T-day!  I wanted to incorporate gold, wood, color and some old school patterns together with modern touches to craft something really fun but formal enough for a family celebration.


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