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I Want to Go To There: Paris Perfection

January 8th, 2014

I must be on a hell of a traditional/modern kick right now because I feel so drawn to spaces that incorporate both well. And nowhere do they do that better than is Paris.  I somehow missed this spread on the hotel Marquis Faubourg St. Honore in Domino and just added it to my “I Must Go There” list.  I adore the looks of this charming place- plus they have Hermes toiletries and offer turn-down macrons? Let’s leave now, mmmmkay?





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Trend I Love: Old Portraits in Modern Interiors

January 7th, 2014

I spent a nice day this weekend wandering through the Museum of Fine Art here in Boston (a must of you are visiting) and kept saying to Andrew how some of the gilt frames on the old works were nearly as stunning as the paintings.  I kept imagining what it would be like to have some of the massive, amazing old portraits in your home.  Which leads me here- to showcasing modern interiors utilizing old, antique portraits in them.  There is something so wonderful about the juxtaposition of the very old and very traditional withing a more modern setting.  I think in 2014 you’ll see people incorporate more traditional items into design, be it a small item or a large sofa. What do you think of this look?





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Blockprint & Beaches: Welcome Pomegranate, Inc.

January 6th, 2014

I know in a good portion of the country the weather is dipping into historically low temperatures, and so I thought a little sunshine and bright color would do us all a lot of good. Don’t get me wrong, I am not going to be all “it’s after Christmas, therefore let’s talk about spring non-stop”…..oh no!  We have a WAYS to go before the s-word is on our tongues. I mean, I saw shorts and bikinis on the “new arrivals” racks at Bloomie’s and nearly had a fit.  But when we face below zero temperatures we need a little hope, am I right?  And what’s happier than the beach, dining outside and bunches of block prints? Not much! It’s a great time to introduce a new EOS sponsor Pomegranate, Inc too.

How badly do you want to be here right now?


A summery table.


I adore a good block print- I’ve used this paper in a powder room and it’s lovely.


Caftans and tunics in a bohemian print are my FAVORITE thing to wear in the summer (India Hicks looks pretty stunning in this one!)


AHHHHHHHH….. yes please.


So let’s so a little daydreaming about setting a summer table with these awesome block print napkins (I adore the anchor ones and actually got my mom the oven mitts for her new beach house for Christmas!)



Their raffia placemats with inset border are a favorite of mine.  But they also have these pom pom trimmed ones and print as well.  If tablecloths are more your thing, there is a BEVY in similar prints to the napkins above too!



Kitchen prep with oven mitts and aprons.


These pillows and quilts are SO adorable in little ones rooms.


They introduced great bathrobes (love this one), pajamas and tunics (on sale!) in their prints as well!



I mean, come on! The little anchor tunic? I know a few little ladies who would be just DARLING in this!


Some cute totes and clutches are available too, for beach excursions and seaside dinners.


Back to the frigid temperatures for now….unless you live somewhere warm already, then LUCKY YOU (can I come visit?)


Fashion Friday: French Blend

January 3rd, 2014

Here in America I think we idolize the French for their style- there are so many books on how to get that perfectly disheveled, cool and luminous look that French women seem to have naturally. I do know two things though- 1) there ARE hot messes in France, not every girl looks perfect  2) it doesn’t come naturally, they work at it.   The commandments of French style and beauty seems to be to invest in the best basics and wear them often, spend time and money on your skin so you have to wear less makeup (I plan to embody this for 2014), don’t try to make everything perfect, leave a little bit off (slightly messy hair with a Chanel jacket or short, unpolished nails with a gorgeous silk blouse) and of course, when in doubt, simple is best.  I think attitude is important too in French style. In my jaunts to Paris I always am amazed at how much less STRESSED everyone seems. No one storms around with to go Starbucks cups, they sit and savor their coffees and espressos in cafes like civilized people! Stress makes us look haggard (remember Cameron Diaz’s rant in The Holiday?) and the French really seem to embrace a balance in life. Not in the “kumbaya” way but in the “I’ll have some wine and cheese and then walk two miles home through the city ” way.

So here’s some French style eye candy- fashion and a few interiors too- that make me absolutely swoon. Simplicity, lots of black, a mix of new and old and a heap of coolness and relaxed enjoyment.  I want THIS to be my look in 2014.













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Cabin Fever

January 2nd, 2014

I have always had dreams of renovating (and owning) a teeny tiny cottage somewhere I could escape to. So when I saw the cabin that Smitten Studio’s Sarah Sherman Samuel worked hard to transform, I became- well- smitten!! They took a nondescript, modern shack and turned it into my dream getaway! Check it out!

I love the black exterior with white framed glass doors. LOVE.


What a location!!!


An open and airy living space.



The renovated kitchen looks so fabulous- adore the open shelves, butcher block counters and overall simple, clean look.



The one bedroom in the cottage sleeps 4- the main bed has the fantastic Woods wallpaper by Cole and Sons behind it while the bunk beds on the other side of the room ingeniously have curtains for privacy!


A gorgeous IKEA hack (directions here)



The bathroom was totally redone. See all the before pictures on Sarah’s blog.


Sarah also is a graphic designer- a very talented one- check out the details of this wedding she helped design:




AND she has a cute little company of home goods called A Sunny Afternoon. ADORBS.



AND, did I mention she looks like THIS?


Yeah, that’s a lot of talent in a very pretty package! ( p.s. #notfair )