Fashion Friday: Dressing Up When the Temp is Down

For those that live in cold climates getting dressed in something beyond a big sweater, jeans and Uggs during this time of year can feel like torture.  How does one look nice when so many layers are required? I’ve given it some thought and here are a few outfits to keep you looking hot when the thermometer is reading cold.

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This blazer is pretty genius with a zip in sweater neck, reducing bulk while keeping your neck warm!  Wear with a camisole underneath and some amazing knee high boots (I am still lusting after these so hard).

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blazer // jeans // scarf // boots // bag // earrings // sunglasses // gloves

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A Guide to White Paint


A couple of you mentioned needing some help finding a white paint that could give you the look of the home I posted on Monday.   It’s such a wonderful look, an all white room.  The way it gives a clean backdrop allowing your furnishings, art and architectural details to take center stage is magical.  But there are a zillion shades of white, which one is right? You don’t want something too sterile or too yellow- in fact even the WSJ did an article on the struggle of finding the perfect white paint. I thought I’d chime in with my tips for going all white.

Let’s start by talking about types of whites- there are bright, very true whites,  warm whites and cool whites.  Bright whites you will see a lot on trim, woodwork and cabinetry as it’s very clean and crisp.  Warmer whites can range from very light ivory or off-white to deeper creams and cooler whites have grey or blue undertones to them.

A Trip to Ramble Market

Last weekend Andrew and I made a little trip to Waltham, MA to check out Ramble Market, a new hot spot for affordable and interesting vintage and antique wares in the Boston area.  A collection of various vendors, this space-while on the smaller side-really packs a big punch with lots of interesting finds at different price points.  And since antiquing can be my favorite form of cardio (Brimfield being the marathon of the sport) I love searching out new, hidden resources not only for me but for you too!

A Collected & Layered Home

*Sorry this is so late guys- slept in because of a nasty cold…. and the Patriots win :)

I have been drawn to the beauty of layered and collected spaces more and more lately.  Those with a big focus on antiques mixed with modern staples and clean white backgrounds.  The Domaine spread on designer and antiques dealer Brenda Antin’s home in Los Angeles (for sale- see listing here) left me sighing.  How peaceful, bright and interesting is this home? And bonus, it once belonged to George Peppard of Breakfast of Tiffany’s fame (“Fred Darling”…)

Let’s take a little tour:

Other than the linen slipcovered sof and chairs, everything here seems like it has an interesting provenance and story.