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Bundle Up with Burberry.

November 12th, 2013

My very first designer shoe purchase in my adult life was at the Burberry store on Newbury street. I must have been 23 or 24 and I was walking by the store, gazing in the windows when I saw a pair of classic Burberry plaid point toe pumps on a sale rack. Being an 8.5 shoe, I am totally used to never finding great sale shoes in my size, so I was totally assuming they were going to be a 10 or a 6. But I went to check anyways. Lo and behold, they were an 8.5 and on sale for $85 marked down from $375. I could not believe my fashion karma and I absolutely floated back to my apartment high off my amazing find proudly swinging my Burberry shopping bag. I wore those heels into the GROUND, they were insanely comfortable and I was so excited about having a touch of that iconic plaid in my possession. The day I had to throw them out was a sad one, I felt like they deserved a burial, but since then my love for Burberry’s classic, British design has remained.  Now my focus has moved onto acquiring a classic trench, one I would keep forever and hand down to a daughter as the most killer “vintage” piece.


Here are a few of my favorite current Burberry picks for the season- a little something for everyone.


trench // nail polish // bag // scarf // men’s wallet // gloves // tipped jacket // men’s scarf // black trench // girl’s dress

A little trench inspiration from three stylish celebs.


Additional favorites here- including an incredible evening gown and this KILLER pleated back peacoat!!!

*This post was sponsored by Nordstroms & Burberry.

Stephen Schubel Is My Decorating Spirit Animal.

November 12th, 2013

There are some designers that even designers want to hire to do their homes. Stephen Schubel is one of those people for me. I have been so enamored with his work for years and am starting to see his influence in my own.  The mix of antiquities and modern classics, leopard print, lots of white and black, stripes and small doses of green all are key elements in my own home now!

This is his San Francisco loft where he runs his design company- you saw it in Domino YEARS ago (2008 I think).  That ceiling height and light is just spectacular.



Of course, you know I was heavily influenced by these stairs…..



I love that he has a sleeping loft in his office in case he works too late. If my office wasn’t two miles from my house I’d like this too!


this might be the one and only time I’ve liked fringe on the skirt of a sofa.



I mean, wouldn’t you kind of hope for food poising so you could hang in this bathroom for hours on end?


Even the back patio is simply perfect.


This is his fisherman’s cottage in Sausalito, which you can see continue the same palette from the office. Just when I start thinking I need to add more color to my house, I revisit these two spaces and feel totally justified.



I just want to sit here with some tea and read for hours.




When I was little I dreamed of a bed like this! I still get a little giddy looking at it.


Man, I am really realizing how much influence I’ve taken from his work looking at all these pictures….


Moody, dark and awesome.


 Get the look of Stephen’s work with some of these items:

Come to My Calypso Event!

November 11th, 2013


If you have time next Saturday please come by Calypso Newbury Street for an event I’m hosting with them supporting Covenant House, a great charity assistant homeless youth.  If you bring a gently worn sweater to the party you’ll get 20% off a new sweater at Calypso! And let me tell you, there are some AWESOME ones available right now.  I’ll help you pick one out. :)

Beyond sweaters, there are some insane holiday looks too- I picked up this incredible dress I plan to wear to a party or to, as well as this cozy cashmere sweater with the perfect turtleneck!


Absolutely LOVING this jacket with the tassels- paired with leather pants or jeans and black heels it would be amazing.  As for this cashmere tunic dress- i saw it in the store and molested the mannequin wearing it. SO. GOOD.  I could see myself floating around a grand house in this with a champagne cocktail in one hand….


Sequin stripe pants really say “HOLIDAYS!!!!” while a fair isle cardigan says laid back cozy.


This stripe sweater fits amazing. Adore it. Equally enchanted with this sequin embroidered blouse.


Die for this gold and black top. Seriously. Elegant but comfortable.  And this sequin stripe sweater dress is the LBD for the holiday season.


Oh to have the right occassion to wear this strapless gold sequin dress. It’s just heaven.  I’m more likely to wear something like this cardigan instead!


I really hope you’ll come by and say hi!!!! Another great chance to do good while shopping this year!


I Want to Go To There: Crosby Street Hotel & The Mark

November 11th, 2013

One thing I always say about my design work is that I never want my projects to look like “hotel rooms”. By this I mean stark, cold and impersonal. I may need to rethink that little saying after seeing some seriously awesome hotel design where personality is the name of the game. New York certainly seems to be a hotbed for this, no surprise. Hotels like The Greenwich, The Bowery and Gramercy Park are all on my list and have been for a while, but two more have just been deemed “must visit”, namely Crosby Street Hotel and The Mark.

Crosby Street is owned by Firmdale Hotels who own a bunch of boutique hotels in England, all of which are designed by co-owner Kit Kemp (check out her new book). Each room has a unique look, which means there’s PLENTY of inspiration to pull from.


A good black and white room really does make me weak in the knees.



Love this little vignette.



A print headboard plus striped wallpaper might seem like “too much” in theory but in execution it works if you keep the tones the same.


You know I LOVE those wing backs!!!


A great example of a perfect color purple for walls- deep and rich offset by white trim.



The patio looks amazing too!


The other hotel I’m freaking out about is The Mark- look at the lobby floors (not to mention the hotel bikes!) I plan to be buried in black and white stripes and this just delights me to NO END.




Kinda obsessed with the trimmed out closets.




But the real design porn is found in the bathrooms. The marble striped floors and chromed our trimmed cabinets are utterly ridiculous (in a good way!)  I need to make this happen someday in a house (preferably my own)





One more shot of this magic….


My kinda mini-bar (ginormous and well stocked!)


Even the pencils are awesome.


Fashion Friday: Caped Crusader + Leslie Tessler Discount Code!

November 8th, 2013

Capes are super on trend this year, and I for one LOVE the look. Sure, it can be a smidge tricky with a purse, but one you find the right bag (I recommend a small cross body worn under the cape) they are such stylish and easy pieces to wear in cooler weather.  Especially if you aren’t feeling your fittest- they camouflage a multitude of sins (in my case, chips and hummus+ wine + no time to work out). Pair them with skinny jeans, leggings or tights and a short skirt or dress to keep the volume up top, making legs look leaner!

Here are some great inspirations from street style folk and some celebs- all doin’ it right- after the pics, I have a special offer for you guys to get you into one of your own:




Kate and Sienna look so cool in black. But does Kate ever not look awesome? yeah, didn’t think so.


Love Claudia’s peek of bright orange under her neutral cape!


And just for EOS readers the cape GURU, Leslie Tessler, is offering 20% off your order from her site (I have the plaid one and LOVE it).  Just enter the code ELEMSTYLE13 at check out until November 15th!  Here are some of the styles available….


(I have the one at left and am BUMMED the one at right is currently sold out- I may have to waitlist myself for it!)


Keepin’ it simple in black. Adore this look.


Just look at the awesome array of colors and styles. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 5.17.51 PMScreen Shot 2013-11-07 at 5.17.22 PM

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 5.17.39 PMScreen Shot 2013-11-07 at 5.18.09 PM

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 5.24.57 PMScreen Shot 2013-11-07 at 5.24.22 PM

Also, there are tons of other styles out there for all budgets and tastes…. here are some of my other favorite capes!!