Fashion Friday: Looking Good After A Long Week


It’s been a busy week.  Scratch that, a busy MONTH.  And I know many of you also have had busy weeks/ months/ years too.  And it’s hard to want to get dressed when you’re beat, which is why I’ve been all about uniforms lately (as you may have noticed).  Even when I feel crappy, I make a point to put in a little effort to get dressed as it makes me feel just a bit better and more energized (although right now I want to just put my face down on this keyboard and go to sleep). You won’t find me teetering around in my rockstuds and a neoprene party skirt, but I at least can pop on a fierce blazer, jeans and super snazzy flats (and my glasses to hide the bags) and go about my day feeling comfortable and somewhat put together.  Life is hard, but dressing well doesn’t have to be.


T-shirt- Tees in the Trap (LOVE THIS!) // Glasses- Warby Parker // Bracelet- J.Crew // Blazer- J.Crew (currently OBSESSED with this guy- amazing!!!) // Jeans- American Eagle (my not-so-secret source for great skinny denim on the cheap- $35 today!) // Scarf- J.Crew // Necklace- Ann Taylor (40% off today) // Earrings- Ann Taylor // Bag- Henri Bendel (amazing new collection of bags!) // Shoes- Boden (bling bling!!!)



An Inspired Thanksgiving Table

I ordered the new Markham Roberts book last week and finally got some time to flip through it yesterday.  It’s a fascinating study on traditional decorating with an edge- full of bold color and mixed patterns.  One image, of the author/designer’s own upstate home, totally inspired me palette wise. Chartreuse and beige, baby!  I thought why not make an unexpected Thanksgiving table out of it? No one said you have to use orange and red and turkeys on T-day!  I wanted to incorporate gold, wood, color and some old school patterns together with modern touches to craft something really fun but formal enough for a family celebration.


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Plain + Simple

Fall brings with it an amazing variety of colors- but sometimes simple is best.  When life is crazy (as mine has been), soothing palettes make me feel calmer (hence, my new all- neutral bedroom, which I am going to shoot for you soon- I promise!)  But that translates into clothing too- black, white and camel is such a fabulous, classic, streamlined way to dress AND decorate.  Just check out these pairings for inspiration…

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The Tour.


Chicago readers with champagne and books at Jayson Home!

First of all I have to say, I love my husband…but last night I almost murdered him.

Over the weekend I upgraded to the iPhone 6 since my 5’s battery would last about an hour before it would die. Andrew insisted he backed up my phone (and all it’s photos) on my computer before we brought it in to sell- and have the hard drive wiped. I believed him. (Cue foreboding Jaws music…)

Cut to me opening my laptop to blog about our Chicago trip and come to find out- the backup did not work and he had not checked to make sure. All my photos are GONE. GONE! I managed to not have a cerebral hemorrhage right then and there, but the anger is stewing.  Yet another example of why my micro-managing of life is for a good reason (ahem!!!)

The Last One!

This week holds my last book tour stop, I can not believe it! It went by SO fast, and I’ll be recapping my Chicago trip tomorrow and the whole experience soon (Andrew will also chime in with his take on this surreal experience). But for my “victory lap” party I can think of no better place than my favorite home store here in Boston, Hudson, in the South End.   They just switched the store displays over for fall (and always do such an amazing job) so I sent my assistants Lindsey and Allison to take some pictures of all the new goodies while I was traveling!  More info on the party after the jump….