Fashion Friday: Steal Her Style- Chrissy Teigen

I saw this picture of Chrissy Teigen in Cannes the other day and really loved her outfit.  The silk tassel tie waist pants are by Roberto Cavalli and actually, older and sold out in the color (and crazy expensive).  But I love the combo of this flowy pant (if they were hemmed, a little TOO long for me) with the structured and cropped blazer, loose updo and gold jewelry. It’s the perfect mix of dressy, casual and fun and is sexy without shoing everything off.

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Guest Room Update Wishes.

I have design ADD. Completely. It’s why I’m good at my job, but also why I redo my own interiors (or WANT to) roughly every 12 months.  Magnifying my “quick to tire” attitude by 1,000  is the fact that all my rooms are published in my book.  After working on the book for so long and staring at the images of the spaces day in and out all last year, I am tired of my own spaces.  Thankfully, none of the big items,  I managed to make solid choices there, but more the small decorative ones.  With Baby Gates on the way, I have an excuse to make over one of my guest rooms, but I’m craving an update to my living room and main guest room (my former master bedroom) ASAP.

New baby, new year, new look.

The easiest one to update would be the guest room- this space:

Erin Gates Newton_008

Nantucket vs. Martha’s Vineyard

It was fun to play the NY vs. Boston real estate game last week, so when I saw these two properties I had to do it again. Granted, they are not for sale, but bring up the classic Boston-dweller dilemma- Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard?  These islands are right next to each other, but people seem to be drawn to one or the other.  Architectural Digest published both these homes and I’d love to know which one you’d prefer- the crisply renovated Nantucket home of Victoria Hagan or the antique charms of the Martha’s Vineyard home of Sir Evelyn and Lady de Rothschild?



Our Office Mini Makeover with Pottery Barn

Earlier this spring we decided that our bright coral walls in the office were a bit much for us day in and day out. I get tired of things incredibly fast in my environments, and felt that it was time to go lighter and more neutral since we spend all day looking at color and pattern.  So we painted the walls Farrow & Ball’s Pointing (using their primer first since the pink was quite hard to cover) and then partnered with Pottery Barn to style up the space. And here it is, as featured on Pottery Barn’s blog (hop over there for some home office styling tips from me).

We’re not quite done yet (we have some old wingbacks being re-upholstered and a few more things to do but here’s a little peek).