Jackson Hole: Our Trip & Project

One of our all time favorite clients (whose Boston home is in EOS the book) surprised us a year or so ago when she told us she was building an awesome vacation home in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and asked us if we could remotely decorate the space.  We immediately said “hell  yes” and got to helping her!  Last week I took my family out to stay there for a few days and not only see the project in person, but explore a part of the country I had never seen.  Traveling that far with Henry was a bit stressful, but he was a champ and we did lots of things to try to make it as enjoyable for him (and therefore us) as possible.  More on that after we take a peek at the house!

Moccasin Chute Lodge is within a new development called Shooting Star at the base of Jackson Hole Mountain and Teton Village (and is available for rent all year-see more info HERE).  It’s a large, modern log cabin-y style home with stunning views of the Jackson Hole slopes with enough room for a large family trip.  We wanted to embrace the style found commonly in this area, but make sure it was still modern and anything but kitschy and certainly family friendly.

Fashion Friday: Fave Recent Purchases

A simple Fashion Friday since I’m on vacation and about to go up to the top of a mountain to have waffles (yup, for real!) Just some items I’ve picked up lately that I’m loving (and one I am lusting after!) Have a great weekend everyone!


  1.  Andrew got me this great Cuyana tote for my birthday and I love the grey color and the fact that it’s logo-less and big enough for all my (and Henry’s) crap (plus a front pocket!)
  2. Picked these great skinny cargo style pants up for my trip- stretchy, comfy and a great fit.
  3. Two fave new beauty finds: Kate Somerville face wash (heavenly smell) and Bumble Surf Spray Foam (a combo of a light mousse and sea salt spray- awesome for volume and beachy air dried waves)
  4. These are my comfy, killer new leopard loafers for fall from Kate Spade. Because DUH.
  5. Totally random sweater vest I happened to just try on and LOVE! Great for fall with fitted long sleeve tee, boots and jeans.
  6. Love Les Bon Bons earrings but can’t stomach the price? These are a fraction of the cost and the same look.
  7. These are J.Crew’s best selling new pant that is perfect for summer with a tee or tank and sandals or for fall with flats and a cute sweater!
  8. DREAM FALL SHOE (wish I could buy): Prada’s suede bow flat. So amazing in person.
  9. Soft, light jammies in a perfect preppy stripe.

A House Chock Full of Personality

Amanda Brooks (former creative director of Barney’s and author of I ♥ Your Style and Always Pack A Party Dress )has her England home featured in the new Arch Digest and it’s such a fun, personal, collected space that really speaks to the beauty of individual style.  I love that this space looks lived in, loved and decorated over time.  Nothing too perfect or precious, just a gorgeous celebration of this family’s particular brand of cool.  I’m so over perfection. In so many ways.  In a world ripe with Pinterest-worthy everything and Instagram-filtered reality I crave more realness from people.  This home is a nice example.

This makes me a tad obsessed with the idea of getting a striped chesterfield sofa for some reason.

The Motherhood Challenge No One Warned Me About

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 9.23.27 AM

“Ma! Bibs are for BABIES. I’m a big boy now!”

For the past week or two I’ve felt off.  Occasionally more than off. Gleefully at peace one moment and then at the drop of a hat I turn into someone possibly emulating Ron Burgundy in his “glass case of emotion”.   And weighted down with a source less  sensation of sadness and anxiety. I also have been so bone tired, even though Henry is sleeping through the night (finally).  Perhaps it’s because I am having vivid, psychotic dreams (like, hallucinatory-style weirdness in which I’m typically about to die) every night.  For a few days I was petrified that I had gotten pregnant again already (which, while it would be a miracle, NOT the timing I’m hoping for!)  And then at dinner this weekend I was talking about how I was feeling to Andrew and a revelation hit me– I’ve been finishing up weaning Henry this week, maybe THAT has something to do with it!