Anatomy of a Well Styled Bookshelf

We’re moving into our new office today (!!!!!!!) so this is going to be short and sweet. Someone suggesting tips on styling bookshelves and so I thought I’d break down a few images of ones we’ve done for you with the hopes that it helps you with your own bookshelf styling!   The issue we run into with a lot of bookshelf styling jobs is not enough books. The key is to have as many books as possible- hopefully all ones that interest you, but no shame in buying books for their pretty spines (ahem!)  Too many decorative objects and not enough books is not my favorite look.

Also, when arranging- start with a blank slate. Take everything off the shelves first and start arranging shelf by shelf.  Trying to just move stuff around never works out well in my experience.


Fashion Friday: Singing In the Rain with Joules

Today I’ve partnered with one of my sponsors, Joules, the adorable British clothing brand to share some picks that Henry and I made for rainy spring days ahead of us (please- I’ll take rain over snow!) Also, Joules was kind enough to offer a 20% off code for EOS readers good until June 10th!  Use RAINAWAY at checkout!

Is there anything cuter than a baby boy in a raincoat and wellies? I think not. Especially when toddling to Starbucks with his daddy (who also happens to be wearing a Joules raincoat purchased last year- this one is the same fit but different color).  I have tons of Joules stuff for Henry because its so well made and lasts forever. As a mom, I’m a huge fan (and was before they were sponsors!)
Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 11.37.52 AM

Charitable Design

For several years I’ve been passionate about Flying Kites, a Boston-based organization founded by a friend of mine,  that works to bring education and care to some of East Africa’s most vulnerable and orphaned children, so I was touched when they asked me to put together an inspiration board for the Boys Dorm they are currently building.  Knowing that this dorm will be providing a home for a group of kids who would otherwise be on the street is about as meaningful as a project gets!  I wanted the decor to be cheery, reflective of their heritage and passions (Leila says they love cheetahs and lions) and durable (as we all know young boys are tough on stuff!) And I think we succeeded!


SOURCES: (some of these are “inspirational” and less expensive versions of the items will be sourced)

Safari shams //  Stripe sheets // Quilt // Rug // Sconce // Throw Pillow (similar) // Bunk Beds (similar for cheaper) // Wire shelves (similar) // Dressers // Wall map // Animal art // Wall Color- Horizon- Benjamin Moore // Hooks // Faux leather beanbags // Hampers

I am hoping to work with some vendors to get goods donated for the project (if you are interested in being a part of that please contact me), but I also wanted to share with you in case any of you were looking for a great charity to support.   Flying Kites also takes people on safari in Kenya (which is on my bucket list), so I can’t wait to see this in person and meet the little fellas who live there someday!

Photo by Cheryl Richards
Founder Leila de Bruyne and one of her little guys! Photo by Cheryl Richards

Fashion Friday: Shopping Like Your Mama

I wore some high heels last weekend to dinner and felt a tad wobbly in them- then realized that’s because I NEVER wear heels anymore.  I have come to value comfort as much as style now that my life is crazy busy with a toddler, and so my wardrobe is slowly shifting from binding party clothes (a la Cher Horowitz) to more comfortable, but still stylish basics.  Ain’t nobody got time to be uncomfortable in their clothing.  And while I still think I dress pretty decent, I have noticed more “mom store” items creeping into my atmosphere. Now I have not gone so far as to start ordering from Soft Surroundings and living in mumus, but I have noticed that traditional “mature women’s” shops have been stepping up their game a bit more when it comes to design and fit.  Chico’s has some seriously cool jewelry with a MArni-esque vibe, Talbots has had some awesome shoes as of late, and Ann Taylor has greatly improved their fit and style.  Even Garnet Hill has a bunch of stuff that I’ve dog-eared in the catalog.  So here are some recent finds that I think work equally well on someone 25 as it would on a 55 year old.  Lesson learned: never write off any store because it seems too “mom”. :)