An Antiques Wonderland

I saw a story about Alex MacArthur’s home in Elle Decor and just HAD to look into it more. Alex is an antiques dealer/ guru in London and her home also serves as her shop and showroom! It’s the coolest concept! The whole place is like Disneyland for antique junkies like myself!  Just take a peek into this treasure trove and check out her website for current items for sale! You can also gather a lot of decorating inspiration from every corner of her home!


Giving: The Best Gift

I like to support charities close to my heart and wanted to share some with you for your consideration this holiday season since supporting others and giving back feels SO good.  Also, for the impossible to shop for, making a donation in their name is a wonderfully thoughtful gift.

As you know, animal charities are very important to me.  If I could save all the puppies in the world, I would.  If Andrew would let me, I’d rescue ten dogs (including this guy who I am PRAYING will find a forever home soon!)  But it’s not just dogs- it’s cats, bunnies, horses, elephants… you name it.  Locally, I’m a big fan of the Animal Rescue League- they do amazing work and I financially donate and have made a resolution to find ways to get MORE involved this year.  You can donate HERE or look at the animals up for adoption HERE.  Rescue puppies are the BEST puppies, after all.  Oliver is a rescue from a puppy mill and he’s the best dog in the world (Baxter was from a breeder and is nuts- I love him to pieces, but he’s cray-cray.)


Windows on the World

As a New England-er and daughter of a traditional architectural designer, I know I will always live in a classic style home- Colonials, Cape Cod and Greek Revivals are my jam. Wonderful historic details- molding, wide plank floors, incredible paneling is just in my blood. However, that doesn’t keep me from loving and oogling more modern spaces, especially ones with dramatic, huge windows. Lately I’ve been enamored with such spaces- both in the city and in the country!

Can you even imagine waking up to THIS???  My toes are actually curling over this image, I can barely take it.


My Xmas Wishlist & Wrapping Style

Thank you so much for all your kind words about my home yesterday! Sorry for the server issues too, hopefully everything is/ will be ironed out soon. Now that gift guides are over, I thought I’d post what I’m eying this season.  Of course in reality my list read more like this: my reproductive system to get it’s shit together already, funding for my husband’s start-up, some nice strong lasers pointed at my sun damaged face, a solidified second book deal, the ability to save all the sad puppies in shelters and of course, world peace (cue Miss America wave). But alas, Santa may have some trouble with those.  So here are some fun material things I’d love to see under the tree!

But Santa, seriously, it’s all about lasers.