Michael Gaillard Photography

I walked by this gallery yesterday and stopped dead in my tracks when I saw this huge scale beach scene photograph that I just LOVED (below).  I could immediately see it in a beach home as a focal point and was so taken by the movement, light and composition I had to know more…

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 7.04.10 AM

So when I got back to the room I looked up the studio and it turns out I love LOTS of the work of Nantucket based photographer Michael Gaillard.  There is a lot of popular “beach scene” photography out there, but this has more of a unique richness… a quiet interest, if you will…. I really love them all. The gallery was closed when I walked by yesterday but I’ll go in today and find out pricing. :)

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 7.04.27 AM

9 Years.


Nine years ago today it was 90-something degrees,  about 100% humidity with rain on it’s way.  But as I stood in my parent’s kitchen with paper towels stuffed under my armpits to keep me from sweating all over my Monique Lhuillier I felt only happiness about getting to marry Andrew Gates that day.  And sitting here today, nine years later, in bed on Nantucket celebrating our anniversary I feel the same way.

Like all marriages we’ve had our share of challenges- big and small- but one thing stays constant. We NEED each other. Desperately. Without him I’d probably be in a padded room somewhere and without me he’d be pondering another career change, perhaps something “reasonable”, like an astronaut.  One lifts, one grounds; and together we find a balance in our personalities that brings the best out in each of us.

You get a glimpse of what Andrew is like through his posts on here, but really that’s just a tiny sliver of the man he is.  He’s the most positive, loving, trustworthy, funny, smart, sensitive people out there and I am so lucky to be able to experience this journey of life with him. And I am so relieved and thrilled that he will be able to come on my entire book tour with me, a turn of events that makes this whole daunting process so much easier and fun.  I want him around all the time, I miss him when he leaves for a single night- still, after 12 years of being together. He’s my rock, my everything and I am so, so grateful for him.

So happy anniversary honey, I’m so glad you lied on your Match.com profile and tricked me into going out with you. :)






Quick Getaway: 21 Broad Nantucket

For the next few days Andrew and I are heading to Nantucket- a quick getaway to celebrate our 9th anniversary.  Fall in Nantucket is awesome- a little quieter but still beautiful weather and plenty to do. We’re spending two nights at The White Elephant but for the first night (tonight!) we’re checking out a new hotel in town, 21 Broad.  A modern take on summery Nantucket style, this space was decorated by Boston- based uber-talent Rachel Reider.  Rachel’s decorated all of this boutique hotel company’s properties (amazing gig, right?) and this one adds another feather in her cap.  Take a peek and follow me on Instagram to see more from my Nantucket trip!



A Fall Inspired Room

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There is nothing more refreshing, inspiring and happy than early fall in New England. I think we have this kind of amazing season to make up for the bitter and horrible winters we get.  But I’ll take it. Fall is my most favorite season by miles.  It makes me want to bake pumpkin flavored things, plant gorgeous window boxes, make fires and drink lattes. It also inspired me interiors wise as well!  As I’ve said before, I love a little rustic modern room and right now want to fill my house with velvet, faux fur and jute!  Here’s a make believe family room set up I pulled together based on my fall-centric mood!

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Fashion Friday: 25 Best Boots for Fall

With fall comes BOOTS!!!! I love, love, love fall boots- from winter snow boots to riding boots and various booties.  So I picked my 25 favorite pairs for the fall season from Nordstrom because let’s face it, it’s awesome to go to a department store that carries tons of brands versus going shop to shop.  Also, there’s a new feature here where you can click on each item when you see the icon pop up on hover. Easier than matching numbers up at the bottom! :)

Any boots you’re craving for fall I need to know about??