His Thoughts on the Big News.

*Many of you asked about Andrew’s reaction to our big baby news, and so I asked him to write something over the weekend. And as it turns out, it only emphasized my belief that he will be the best dad ever.

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When I first moved to Boston it was to help my older brother open a bakery. Those first few years I was here, he did so much to ensure I was okay and adjusting to life in New England. He helped me find a place to live, gave me a car to use for a while, and included me socially. The move to Boston changed my life and I felt indebted. So even though I didn’t have a lot of money at Christmas the first year I was here, I wanted to show him how much I appreciated all that he had done. So I gave him and his wife 1-year of date nights. Each week, for 52 weeks, I would babysit my 2-year-old nephew so they could go out. It was the right price for me and priceless for them. What I later realized was that it was priceless for me too, especially now as I prepare for being a father to a son.

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My relationship with my nephew Jackson, who will attend Harvard this September and has now publicly stated on Facebook that he will return the babysitting favor, will always be a special one for me. And perhaps a blog for another day. But Jackson is one hell of an impressive kid and if I can do half the job of raising our son as my brother did, then I will consider it a great success. In fact, Johnny (my brother) did a pretty good job of raising me a little too. And it began with the framed copy of If  by Rudyard Kipling hanging on Jackson’s wall as a kid. It was the first time I actually read the poem and I have read it hundreds of times since. I have referred to it as a guide and as motivation throughout my life. If I can raise my son to live by one set of rules it will be this these:

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A Big Thank You.


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I just have to say how incredibly grateful and overwhelmed Andrew and I both are from all your wonderful comments and well wishes yesterday regarding our big baby news.  I spend a whole lot of time reading each and every one and am so amazed by the incredible community this blog has built from all you wonderful readers.  It was especially lovely to hear from longtime readers who had never commented and those of you who live both near a very, very far!

I also want to say a special thanks to those of you who shared your own infertility stories, worries, concerns and info on what it’s like being the momma to BOYS. :)  I know that I will lean heavily on your wisdom and guidance when trekking through these unchartered waters in the next 5 1/2 months (oh, and for the next, say , 18 years???)  I also plan to crowd-source lots of great info from you on everything from strollers to swaddling to sleeping.  It’s so fantastic to have access to so many women who know so much about motherhood!

And yes, I plan to share ALL my nursery plans once I get started on it (I plan to wait on that until after my 18 week appointment just because I’m being extra cautious about this whole process).  And there will be plenty of maternity style posts once I’m actually IN maternity clothes (I am feeling grateful for the first time in my life for my crazy long torso- but I’m not sure what to do with these BOOBS!?)  And there will be a lot of writing about pregnancy and all my fears and joys as I go through this (fingers crossed).  But don’t worry- this isn’t going to turn into a mommy blog.  I plan on keeping the focus on style, interiors and lots of things that non-pregnant people can wear! :)

Yesterday was a whirlwind that consumed me, so that’s all for today.  Just a big thank you.  Back to all things interiors tomorrow :)

Much Love & Respect,


Afternoon Tea with Me and India Hicks!

I’m so, so delighted to be hosting a little get together for India Hicks next Thursday here in Boston at the fantastic Mohr & McPherson in the South End (since they source a lot from India I thought it perfectly appropriate!)  I have met India before (she’s incredibly funny and lovely) and she was kind enough to review and give a quote for my book- so it’s so nice to be able to welcome her back to Boston!