Fashion Friday: The Staple Piece


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I’ve come to feel the the staple piece for spring, summer AND fall is going to be the sleeveless trench or blazer.  It’s such a versatile topper that can dress up or dress down any outfit AND hide a multitude of sins!  I think it’s perfect for me while I get bigger and bigger and may want to feel a little more layered and covered up.  Here’s some inspiration on how to style this piece with pants, skirts and even dresses!

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Design Crush: Chango & Co.


Even though I am a designer and I love the work I do, sometimes I wish I could hire a designer to do my own home. I get stuck far more often choosing something for myself than I do for other people and frankly, after a long week of work sometimes the last thing I want to think about is picking a fabric for an ottoman for my living room.

One of the designers I wouldn’t mind handing the reins off to would be Susana Simonpietri of Chango & Co.  I just discovered her portfolio and I am awed! What a fantastic talent full of unexpected choices while maintaining a classic overall look.  Here are three of her projects I love:

Extreme Real Estate: Boston vs. New York

So we all know that New York and Boston have a long-standing rivalry, mostly surrounding sports of course (Go Pats! Go Sox!).  But as someone who has lived in both cities, I think you are either a die hard New York person, or a die hard Boston person. I fall into the latter camp.  I found living in New York to be anxiety-producing and claustrophobic- but I don’t mind a visit now and then for work or to see friends, of course! But I know people who find Boston way too small.  Regardless, both cities have awesome (and absurdly priced) real estate.  I peruse real estate listings like most people watch Good Housewives, as pure, fun, squeal inducing entertainment.  And this week I found two really cool properties and wonder, which would you choose (if you had 4-6 million to spend, of course). Let’s get dreaming…

This has to be one of the coolest listings in Manhattan– it’s basically clapboard cottages on the roof of a brick building on 13th and 3rd.  It’s not only incredibly unique, but also drop dead gorgeous inside and with tons of outdoor space (for New York).

DIIIIEEEEE over this brick work.



I remember when Serena & Lily was a new brand years ago seeing this crib bedding set below and thinking “they will probably stop making this by the time I have a baby but I am obsessed with it and maybe I should buy it”.  Well, I convinced myself that was pure craziness/ bad luck and did not. And now that I’m designing my own nursery I am PISSED at Past Erin.

I adore the linen and white color scheme and the embroidered Otomi-inspired details. LOVE. It might be a smidge feminine for Baby Gates but hey, it’s tan and has animals. And I still love it! Waaaaahhhhhh!


A Fun Project

Last week I had the chance to see the final product for a cool project I worked on last year. We were engaged by a development/ real estate company to consult on the floorplans, layouts and interior finishes for a condo building development in Medford called One St. Clare.  It was a great project because I always get SO frustrated when I tour new construction homes and condos and see mediocre “builder grade” finishes that went out of style in the 90’s.  It doesn’t cost more to use more classic, universally appealing finished- in some cases, it can even be cheaper! White subway tile in a shower costs a fraction of tumbled travertine, for example, and looks so much better!

I happen to think these units came out awesome!  The model unites were staged by Stephanie Morrison and they came out fantastic.

These professional shots show the colors better than the iPhone ones I tool below.  The walls were painted Sherwin Williams Eider White with Extra White trim and we selected a greyish pre-finished wood plank floor that came out incredible.


Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 7.41.38 AM