New Wallpaper Obsession

Even though Henry is only turning 1 in a few weeks (side note: how did that happen so fast?) I admittedly have been thinking about his “big boy room”. And you know that means WALLPAPER.   A client introduced me to this line, Sian Zeng, and I am straight up obsessed.  Not only is it a darling modern take on classic toile and scenic papers, but many designs are magnetic!  And she sells these darling magnets that go with the paper to create fun playful scenes for kids!

I just adore this Dinosaur “toile” pattern (loving it with the green trim, btw)


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The Wallpapers of Marthe Armitage

I saw a little story is this weekend’s WSJ Magazine about a wonderful English wallpaper artist, Marthe Armitage , who has a cool collaboration with Jo Malone  coming out this summer.  The best part? Martha is 86.  And has only really gained notoriety in the last 10 years!  Talk about an inspiration for never giving up on doing the thing you love most, you never know when you wills trike it hot!  Her papers are still produced by her and her daughter in her studio in England (and some are now available digitally printed, all through historical wallpaper dealers Hamilton Weston).

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Palm Perfect.

I had pulled this Cole & Sons Palm Jungle paper to use in a client’s bathroom last week and just found these great images of it in use in Sue de Chiara’s guest bathroom (you can also shop her great site here) Palm prints have seen a huge resurgence, particularly the bold green versions a la the Beverly Hills Hotel and Dorothy Draper. And while I love my Greenbrier Palm pajamas I think a lot of my clients (and I) prefer a toned down version of the bold print in their homes. Crazy print papers done in a neutral tones allow you to have fun without feeling “trendy”, per se.

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Fun Wallpaper Source

While I was visiting the home of one of our long distance clients a couple months ago I spotted the coolest animal wallpaper in her son’s bathroom. I asked her where she found it and she said “It’s by National Geographic!”. Intrigued, I researched this paper and come to find out, National Geographic does have a wallpaper collection, through Brewster Wallcoverings which happens to be a local company based in Randolph, MA!  I got to perusing their site last night and found MANY papers I loved and had not seen before- and the pricing is GREAT (can be purchased on online retailers like Wayfair, Home Depot, Lowes and American Blinds)

This was the paper I saw the spurred this post!  So adorable as an accent wall or in a kid’s bathroom.
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I can’t find the orange colorway anywhere, so I don’t think it’s available any longer, but in this picture you can see the scale.


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Design Detail: Shiplap Walls & Ceilings

Shiplap has been around forever, in fact, it’s more of a historical, period look than anything, however it seems to be making one fierce comeback as of late!  I’ve been seeing so many fabulous modern images of spaces utilizing it on walls, ceilings, in bathrooms, bedrooms, mudroom and kitchens, it no longer is reserved only for older homes.  As I dream of renovating our sunroom into a four season family room, this style of wall and ceiling treatment is in the forefront of my brain!

This laundry room uses it with an amazing result (although that lantern placement is driving me bananas.)


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