Current Obsession: Vintage Suitcases

When I saw this picture  in the new Lonny Magazine (amazing, by the way) it solidified one thing for me…


Why the HELL did I not buy the stack of gorgeous vintage suitcases I saw the other weekend at the SoWa Open Market???  ARRRGGGHHH! I was all “I dunno, they seem expensive at $65 a piece. Should I? Should I?” and then stood there for like twenty minutes doing the “I want to buy them buy my bank account will not like it one bit” dance. I finally told myself I could probably find more/better/cheaper ones at Brimfield in July when I go. But we all know that’s a load of hooey- Brimfield is shockingly expensive.

Beyond my insane non-buyer’s remorse, I have been obsessed with stacks of vintage suitcases for a while, but of course more so now that I don’t have any. Just look at these beauties! As side tables, hallway decor or even stacked on top of other furniture pieces they add such a fantastic vintage feel to any space!

BEDlamp2 grace4

3-25-2009suitcases hb au

vintage suitcases as nightstand nytimes 6a00e5536576ef88340115715ba955970b-800wi

vintage_suitcase_ron_marvin vintage-suitcases

stacked suitcases 3 2008-08-05-3257.0_mid1


Adorable other uses for vintage suitcases- as pet beds and storage for crafting supplies!

2329509862_2a0941139f_o suitcase-petbed2

Fleamarket Storage 03 Suitcase_Writing_Studio

How about this bad boy lined with my fave Chenonceau print from F. Schumacher? Wouldn’t that make packing more fun?


SoWa Market Sunday!

One of the best features of my amazing new neighborhood is the SoWa Open Market.  This weekend was opening weekend and the weather was absolutely perfect, so throngs of people came to check out the wares of various artisans, farms, vintage shops, painters and designers.  I had one of those “life is so good” moments walking around realizing this is literally out my back door now! Here are some pics from the day….

Farm goods and vintage suitcases and cowboy boots (I absolutely am kicking myself for not buying a stack of suitcases)

DSC_0133 DSC_0134

GORGEOUS vintage prints from Barley Corn Antique Prints.

DSC_0116 DSC_0120

DSC_0117 DSC_0119

The Vintage Market


Some pretty side tables from Painted Pretty Furniture


I LOVED these hand-printed leather wallets from Shara Porter (especially the anchor!)


Pretty pillow covers blowin’ in the wind…



These are my new favorite item for men, hands down.  Computer bags/ messenger bags made from recycled leather and vintage fabric by F. Rock.  You can even custom pick your fabrics, leathers and hardware! Such a wonderful gift! I made my friend Matt model one (and forced him to wear a little EmersonMade flower too.)



More furniture and heaps on vintage jewels.

DSC_0135 DSC_0137

Loved the styling of succulents in vintage silver and crystal all over the Painted Pretty Furniture booth!


Matt and I skipped the freshly baked breads and sweets for a sunny outdoor brunch!


Can’t wait for next Sunday!

For the Love of Hardware


I totally dork out on hardware. I guess this is why I do what I do- seeing a gorgeous period style door hinge just gets me all sorts of giddy. There is no better place to oogle luxurious, historically influenced hardware than E.R. Butler in Boston (or NYC). The shop itself is to die for gorgeous, set on Boston’s most charming Charles Street. I’ve always said that hardware is like the jewelry of a room (lighting too, but I digress) and these people treat it as such. Just check out some of the amazing goods they produce, all organized on their site by time period:

02 01

06 08

03 05

07 011

09 04

But that’s not all- they also carry some make-you-drool tabletop accessories. I always find myself pressing my face to their shop window and coveting these inset ceramics:

cakeplatter platter


And how about these sweet votives shaped like tulips and nests? Can’t you see a bevy of them scattered across a tabletop amongst simple flowers for a ethereal centerpiece?

tulip2 nest

And not only do they carry jewelry for the home, they also carry actual jewelry. Most notably the vintage pieces from the perfectly curated collection of Brooklyn’s Erie Basin. Consider me obsessed.


I could pontificate for hours about the joys of vintage jewelry- but I’ll just leave you with pictures of their vintage (and one new designer) engagement rings. While it seems that most girls are focused on big ass bling, I think if I were to choose again I’d choose something delicate, small and with history like these pieces.






tumblr_ksldcdFqAQ1qzi2nqo1_500 I’m going to stop before this post gets any more random. :)

Lucite and Vintage and Green, Oh My!

My cousin-in-law Courtney and her flawless eye spotted this little number at Christies and thought of me (and Sea Island, GA!) Up for grabs are a pair of vintage lucite framed headboards with fabulous kelly green fabric inserts, matching bedskirts and upholstered storage chests (for the foot of the bed). Check it here. The estimate for the lot is so low….I wish I had a very funky beach house to put these in.