I’m Back!

Well, we survived our first trip with Henry- who did amazing.  But traveling with an infant is no joke, so I was unable to post yesterday. But tune in tomorrow with some highlights from our visit to Palmetto Bluff- an amazing place chock full of the cutest houses I ever did see!  In the meantime I leave you with this adorable shot of my little family from my brother’s wedding.


Andrew’s Suit- Bonobos // Andrew’s Tie- Bonobos // My skirt (it has pockets!)- Eliza J // My sunglasses- J. Crew // My necklace- J. Crew // My tee- H&M // Henry’s outfit- Janie & Jack (old)

Photo by my brother Sean with his amazing, super-hipster camera.

Fashion Friday: Sponsor Welcome- Tapered Collection

As of late I’ve been super frustrated buying t-shirts. It seems like every good looking one is made of linen- which is ridiculous because who has time to dry clean or hand wash a flipping t-shirt? Every time I’ve bought one of them I’ve mistakenly put it in the washer and dryer (because, you know, it’s a t-shirt amongst lots of other t-shirts) and it inevitably comes out a size more appropriate for Henry. There goes another $45. Cotton tees seem to be so see through you need to be okay with exposing your bra or need to wear a cami underneath- defeating the purpose of a t-shirt! So when I was sent a sample of a new tee brand, Tapered Collection, I was pleasantly surprised and delighted.

Tapping Out.

I’m so sorry guys but I’m gonna have to tap out for a few days- I’m still sick and Henry isn’t sleeping and it’s created a shitstorm, for lack of a better word, in my world right now.  I have to focus for a couple days on getting myself better and getting him to sleep in order to even begin to think creatively.  Lindsey will be posting her kitchen renovation soon, maybe even in the next couple days, so at least we all have that to look forward to (it’s really good…)

Bear with me as I find my footing this week and I promise to be back as soon as I can, guns a-blazin’.