This or That: Vol. 10

This tee or the kind of rug that inspired it?
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A layered beige and white outfit or living room?

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A palm print piece of art or jumpsuit?

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Extreme Real Estate: Boston vs. New York

So we all know that New York and Boston have a long-standing rivalry, mostly surrounding sports of course (Go Pats! Go Sox!).  But as someone who has lived in both cities, I think you are either a die hard New York person, or a die hard Boston person. I fall into the latter camp.  I found living in New York to be anxiety-producing and claustrophobic- but I don’t mind a visit now and then for work or to see friends, of course! But I know people who find Boston way too small.  Regardless, both cities have awesome (and absurdly priced) real estate.  I peruse real estate listings like most people watch Good Housewives, as pure, fun, squeal inducing entertainment.  And this week I found two really cool properties and wonder, which would you choose (if you had 4-6 million to spend, of course). Let’s get dreaming…

This has to be one of the coolest listings in Manhattan– it’s basically clapboard cottages on the roof of a brick building on 13th and 3rd.  It’s not only incredibly unique, but also drop dead gorgeous inside and with tons of outdoor space (for New York).

DIIIIEEEEE over this brick work.



I remember when Serena & Lily was a new brand years ago seeing this crib bedding set below and thinking “they will probably stop making this by the time I have a baby but I am obsessed with it and maybe I should buy it”.  Well, I convinced myself that was pure craziness/ bad luck and did not. And now that I’m designing my own nursery I am PISSED at Past Erin.

I adore the linen and white color scheme and the embroidered Otomi-inspired details. LOVE. It might be a smidge feminine for Baby Gates but hey, it’s tan and has animals. And I still love it! Waaaaahhhhhh!


A Rustic Modern Cape House

I spotted this adorable 900 square foot Cape Cod house in the Boston Globe Magazine yesterday while perusing the Sunday paper. I love not only the darling size of this retreat, but also the unexpectedly non-beachy style designed by Brad Walker of Ruhl Walker Architects.  Since the owners use it year round, it makes sense to keep the home’s decor a little less expected “summertime casual”.  I LOVE the old beams and historic details mixed with some more modern elements and color palette. Take a peek:

The guest bedroom might be my favorite room. I love the beam and antique door which is emphasized by the grey wall color (find my favorite medium grey wall colors at the bottom of this post!)

They kept the palette the same throughout since the space is small.  This helps open things up and offer a sense of continuity.


A small but rustic kitchen is made slightly sleek by the removal of cabinet doors up top and a coat of dark grey paint.


I love the juxtaposition of the modern ladnscape painting and antique portraits. This wall color really highlights the art as well as the old beams!  Since this is a second home, most of the decor was budget friendly and bought online.


Things get lighter upstairs in the master bedroom where the walls are white but hints of the grey wall color from downstairs are found in the bedding.


Another example of old meets new with a vintage desk and chair paired with a modern light and upholstered headboard.


The couple outside the cottage. So adorable.


Love this look? Here are some suggestions on how to get it:


1. // 2. (slipcovered furniture is so much easier to clean) // 3. (buy an old door like this and install it with barn door hardware to save space!) // 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. // 8. // FAVE GREYS- 9. Benjamin Moore Iron Mountain // 10. Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal // 11. Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray // 12. // 13. // 14. // 15. // 16. // 17. // 18. // 19. // 20. // 21.

Globe Magazine photos by Dan Cutrona.



I wrote in my book about our family getting our first dog- I was 20 and my Mom had fallen in love with a sad little Schnoodle at a pet store in the mall.  No one wanted him and he was days away from probably being euthanized, but my Mom saw something in this pup’s sweet eyes that made her want to save him.  We had only had cats until that point, so to get the call while at college that we had gotten a dog, finally, was a bit of a surprise.

Tucker was a funny looking little pup- with spotty skin and wiry hair, but the sweetest disposition.  After lots of love and good meals, he filled out, his hair grew in and he transformed into one heck of a cutie. Tucker and I had a special relationship- even though I was out of the house, I was in school nearby and we spent lots of time together.  He’d get so excited when I pulled my car down the driveway, as would I. I would venture a guess that he would say that I gave the best doggie massages on the planet too.

But the best thing Tucker ever did for us was show us how much better life is with a dog.  He turned a family who had never had a dog before into some of the most solidly dog-crazy people out there.  He opened our eyes to the incredible gift of unconditional love and companionship.  How much more joyful things are with a furry friend by your side.  My parents went on to get three more dogs, and as you know I have two (and would have twelve if I realistically could). One of my brothers has gotten one as well and at Christmas we would have SEVEN in one house all at once. And it was awesome.

Yesterday Tucker went to doggie heaven. He was almost 16, blind, deaf, arthritic, in diapers and covered in tumors. It was time, but even so, making the call to say goodbye is such a heartbreaking one and I don’t envy my mom for having to do it.  But it was the right things to do before his life got really painful.  I got to spend last weekend with him and give him lots of treats, some walks and lots and lots of ear rubs (he had the best ears to rub).

He had the kind of life all dogs could only dream of. My parents gave him the best of the best and I know plenty of people who hope that if they are reincarnated they come back as one of their dogs. And while his life was long, it feels too short at the same time. I know he knew how much we all loved him and hope he knows how much he’ll be missed.

Thanks for being our first dog Tucky. We were lucky to have you.