Good Things Come in Small Packages

I always look forward to the House Beautiful Small Spaces issue as it always gives creative inspiration on how to live in a smaller footprint smartly- or just be more organized and crafty with design! This year I was pretty blown away by one space in particular, a 700 square foot apartment on Park Avenue in NYC owned by designer Amir Khamneipur.  No doubt the renovation of this space cost a fortune as it’s all very, very high end (I can’t even imagine per square foot costs)- but there is such genius in the layout and overall design concept that certainly could be translated into a more modest budget.

Time For Change.

I had a nice little post ready to go today but can’t help but speak up about the horrible massacre in Orlando.  It’s hard to talk about decor when something so horrific has occurred in our country that highlights what is so wrong with our governmental policies.  I never have been political on this blog before, mostly because I never felt like I had skin in the game, so to speak.  I felt helpless as a single woman, like my voice didn’t matter and wouldn’t change anything, so what was the point of getting bent out of shape over these policies I couldn’t change? I think a lot of people feel this way and it’s why our country is in such peril.

But now it’s different for me. Watching the news coverage this weekend while playing with Henry I felt so angry.  I looked at his sweet, little, innocent face and remembered the unspeakable, unimaginable Newtown shootings and realized we have done NOTHING since then to change our gun policies.  Everyone said that if anything was going to change America’s stance on guns, it was that gut-wrenching event. But look at us now. Same story, different people. What’s it going to take? How much more carnage until we start making changes?

The main issue here is the fact that the NRA has our political system in a choke hold.  And that is terrifying.  As I stated on my Facebook page this weekend, I have no problem with the Second Amendment as our forefathers intended it.  If you want to own a rifle for hunting, fine.  Want a handgun to keep in your home for protection? Okay, that’s your right.  But you should have to take a class on how to safely handle and properly store your weapon, pass a test on those topics,  go through a full background check and then patiently participate in a waiting period.  But no one, and I mean no one (outside of our military) needs a semi-automatic or automatic weapon. There is absolutely no reason for it.  It’s just common sense.  And the fact that this country can’t pass common sense gun laws to protect it’s citizens because of the NRA is psychotic.  The fact that this person down in Orlando who was being investigated by the damn FBI was easily able to purchase an AR-15 is just the most backwards, messed up, violently wrong (literally) thing in the world.  And while we absolutely need more services available to the mentally ill and more people to speak up when they see or hear something suspicious- banning the access to these military grade weapons WILL help prevent mass killings. Period. No one can change my mind about that because it’s just the facts. No “cars kill more people than guns” arguments please. Because cars have a good purpose other than killing- they get people to work, to hospitals, to see family- an assault rifle has no other purpose than to kill and kill MANY.  And no, banning assault rifles will not end terrorism.  That is a sad truth.  But it will help limit the body count.  And if that is where we start, then that sounds good to me. At least it’s something.

The saddest thing for me is that we have allowed this to happen.  As a country we allowed all those children to die at Sandy Hook, we allowed all those innocent people out celebrating life in Orlando to be mowed down. We gave these killers permission by allowing our country to keep it’s lax and backwards laws in place.  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Time for people like me who have kept quiet and not participated in this discussion to start talking. To start screaming. Letting our leaders know this is not the kind of country we want to live in.  I’m terrified of the world my son will inherit from us.  I can’t sit idly by and just let the status quo stand. I need to be able to tell him I tried to make change happen.

I am sure this post will inspire much debate, and that is healthy and fine. But please keep it civil.  I don’t think anyone who reads this blog would disagree that we need to protect our children and our peers. We all want that.  I’d love anyone’s links, feedback and advice on the most impactful ways we can make our voices heard to our governmental leaders.


I’m Back!

Well, we survived our first trip with Henry- who did amazing.  But traveling with an infant is no joke, so I was unable to post yesterday. But tune in tomorrow with some highlights from our visit to Palmetto Bluff- an amazing place chock full of the cutest houses I ever did see!  In the meantime I leave you with this adorable shot of my little family from my brother’s wedding.


Andrew’s Suit- Bonobos // Andrew’s Tie- Bonobos // My skirt (it has pockets!)- Eliza J // My sunglasses- J. Crew // My necklace- J. Crew // My tee- H&M // Henry’s outfit- Janie & Jack (old)

Photo by my brother Sean with his amazing, super-hipster camera.

Fashion Friday: Sponsor Welcome- Tapered Collection

As of late I’ve been super frustrated buying t-shirts. It seems like every good looking one is made of linen- which is ridiculous because who has time to dry clean or hand wash a flipping t-shirt? Every time I’ve bought one of them I’ve mistakenly put it in the washer and dryer (because, you know, it’s a t-shirt amongst lots of other t-shirts) and it inevitably comes out a size more appropriate for Henry. There goes another $45. Cotton tees seem to be so see through you need to be okay with exposing your bra or need to wear a cami underneath- defeating the purpose of a t-shirt! So when I was sent a sample of a new tee brand, Tapered Collection, I was pleasantly surprised and delighted.