Down For the Count

Well, it seems I ran myself a bit ragged this week and into a bout of sickness.  Which stinks, especially with my little guy around (praying he stays healthy).  Today’s post will have to wait for next week. Sorry guys! I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and those in the eye of the snowstorm stock up on wine, snacks and a whole lotta Netflix (if you haven’t watched Damages, The Killing or Friday Night Lights, start there..)

Me, I am in my own bed- but this one wouldn’t be too bad either.


Happy Holidays Y’all!

Since I can’t send all of you holiday cards, here is one virtually. :) I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and I’m looking forward to blogging with more regularity in the New Year! I plan to count my blessings and snuggle up with my new baby and celebrate with my whole family this year.  Should be one to remember. :)

Thanks for all your support, advice and loyalty this year. You guys are the best!

Photo above by Sarah Winchester, and another favorite of mine below. :)





Needless to say, I am feeling very thankful on this particular Thanksgiving.  Henry is 12 days old and has made this holiday very special for everyone in my family.  I am so grateful for a healthy baby, an uneventful delivery, the amazing care I received and continue to receive and for all the love pouring in for us.  A huge thank you needs to go out to all my girlfriends  and family who have been incredible with their dinner drop offs, visits, daily check ins, help, advice and support.  And to you readers, for your sweet encouragement, excitement and advice- many thanks.

This is an adventure, one that has turned my world upside down.  I’m sure it will feel right side up again soon, and an even better way than before.  I hope you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

(Oh, and my For Her gift guide will be up Friday!)



Cozy Up For Fall

The temperature is dropping here in New England and that gets me all kinds of excited. I may be a summer baby, but I am full force a fall girl. I had my first Pumpkin Spice Latte yesterday and it made me giddy. :) So here are some fun full finds to help cozy up for fall as well as in invite to an event I’m hosting October 1st!


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Come celebrate fall at the Simon Pearce store on Newbury Street where I will have designed a tabletop setting for fall and we will be giving away signed copies of my book to the first 15 people to arrive!

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