Sponsor Welcome: White Fences Inn (& Giveaway!)

I’m happy to welcome our new sponsor, White Fences Inn in Water Mill, NY to the EOS family today! Actually, welcome them back in a way, since the former owners of a Kennebunkport inn who were a longtime sponsor are the new owners of this Hamptons property!  They bought this old home and renovated and added an new addition and just opened in late summer- take a peek and then enter the giveaway at the end of the post!


A Trip South

I figured I’d share some pictures from our babymoon/ 10th anniversary trip down to the Maryland shore last week.  It was so nice to actually take a week off- a hard thing to do when you run your own business AND and preparing for a baby- but much needed.

We stayed at the Inn at Perry Cabin which has phenomenal views- including those from our bed! The light in the mornings was nothing short of magical.


A Quick Nantucket Trip

Instead of anything material this year, I told Andrew all I wanted for my birthday was to go back to Nantucket for a night. So on Thursday we hopped on the ferry and went over on what had to be the most beautiful day of the summer!

Of course I had to pay a visit to my favorite house on the island, Hunky Dory, which is just amazing.

The little guest house on the property (I mean, how cute is that?)