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Currently Obssessed: Little Market

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

I find that when it comes to dishware and glassware I have always played it safe. I’ve said it before, a major wedding registry regret of mine was not going bold with a classic, colorful china pattern.  While there is something clean and easy about all white dishes and simple clear glass stemware and bar ware- I am deathly bored by it.  Which is why I am still plotting to get myself these dinner plates once my renovation is done and have fallen in LOVE with these beautiful glasses from The Little Market (Lauren Conrad’s shop).  Handmade in Mexico and PERFECT for summer, they have gorgeous patterns (I prefer the more vine-like one) that would spice up any dinnerware set.





A Sweet Inspiration

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

I am not the best cook- I actually leave a lot of the fancier, savory cooking to Andrew who seems to have developed a keen interest and knack for whipping up dinners for us (lucky girl, right?) I however am a pretty darn good baker. I have always loved baking, perhaps because I find it to be a bit more joyful and therapeutic (I cannot stand handling raw meat, like, it’s bordering on a phobia…but buttercream? SURE THING!) Baking also can also be incrediblly aesthetic, colorful and pretty- so really it’s more up my alley. The decorating of the food world (perhaps cooking is more the architecture? Am I going too far in my analogies here?) So when I saw this speckled egg cake I just about keeled over. I really want to try to make this, alas, my cake decorating skills are still a bit on the juvenile side. My delicate splatters would probably end up looking more Jackson Pollack than this. But how darling is this for an Easter table???

I would have a hard time cutting it. If I could, I imagine the inside would be something lemon-y and maybe coconut-y? Can you tell I have a major sweet tooth?


A cake like this deserves to be the showpiece and so I thought I’d create a whole table setting based on this very cake.  Classic robin’s egg blue mixed with natural accents and white is the perfect holiday table color scheme. I adore it.


Charger // Turquoise Plate // Wine Glass // Straws // Water Glass // Lily of the Valley // Candleholders // Gold Flatware // Serving Boards // Cake Plate // Napkins // Place Cards // Chocolate Eggs

An Inspired Garden Party Table

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

Once I actually decide on dining chairs (still haven’t, time is TICKING) I plan on entertaining a lot more than I have.  And since my patio renovation is about to break ground (YAY) I may actually be having dinner parties outside sooner than inside!  I love eating outside- I don’t care as much what the food is as long as the ambiance is great and there is a cool summer breeze.  When I saw this image from Aerin Lauder I felt totally inspired to set a table:


I love the colors and the mix of fancy and casual elements on the table.  And then I went in search of other green and blue inspired tables…








And here’s my table design inspired by Aerin’s spring table…..


1. William Yeoward Claire crystal (my mom has this and it’s SO gorgeous) 2. Wisteria vases 3. White tulip bouquets 4. Haviland’s Jardin Francaise china 5. bamboo flatware (cheaper version HERE) 6. Linen monogrammed napkin 7. Centerpiece brass accents 8. Woven charger 9. Juliska bamboo china (mix in with the above) 10. Ikat fabric (have a seamstress whip you up a tablecloth!)

Setting the Table with Zara Home

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

I know every blogger and her mother posted about the new Zara Home launch yesterday and I hate to be redundant, but I had to post about the one section of the site I love- the tableware!  I really love all the gold accents offered as well as the mix of traditional and modern styles.  As I started playing around with the offerings I got an image of one of my favorite dining rooms in my head. Something about scenic wallpaper makes me weak int he knees….

So here’s a fun table setting based on this traditional look, all from the new Zara Home! (I need those horse glasses for my bar!) No need to wallpaper when you can get a hint of the look through placemats (and I was tempted to throw in some leopard napkins too….)  A perfect looks for a less expected looking Thanksgiving table, no?

1./ 2./ 3./ 4./ 5./ 6./ 7./ 8./ 9.

I’d do a centerpiece like these….

Setting the Table

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

As I think about setting tables for the holidays I think about the fine china I registered for for my wedding.  Of course, as with most big decisions I erred on the side of SAFE and CLASSIC.  Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I remember looking at other china patterns that were so beautiful but scared me with their bold color and pattern.  Yes, I can always pair my Vera Wang Grosgrain with colored chargers or pattered dessert plates, but something in me wishes that for fine china that I use only a couple times a year I had gone BOLDER!

The china that I was lusting after, and still am to this day, is the Etoile pattern below left by Bernardaud . Gold tipped and a gorgeous mix of plum and light turquoise it enchanted me from first sighting.  But I was too scared to go there. I also loved this mint green and gold design by Haviland. I would advise brides that if they ARE registering for fine china to make it some thing special and funky and keep the classic and safe patterns for everyday dinnerware! Perhaps someday that Etoile will be mine!

Also currently adoring the bold orange and gold setting as well as this chain link Hermes pattern!

I also fell  head over heels for the pewter banded Match goods and the over-scale Royal Copenhagen style for a less formal look.

What about you? What china did you register for? Do you still love it or wish you had chosen something different?