Big Announcement! Erin Gates for Momeni Coming This Fall!

I’m SO excited to finally be able to announce this amazing new collaboration I’ve been working on for the better part of a year– my own rug collection with the fabulous Momeni rugs!!! I was so excited when they approached me to work on this collection because other than home accessories, rugs was one of the next category of items I wanted to design (fabric and wallpaper being the last piece of the trifecta).  We worked hard to create beautiful, high quality rugs at an accessible price point.  Not “cheap”, but the best quality for the money, which is important when you want your home to be durable but not break the bank!  A variety of styles can be found from colorful wool flatweaves to classic jutes perfect for layering, to amazing faux hides (affordable AND nicer to animals!)

I’ll be launching the whole collection at High Point in October in my very own showroom (IHFC G-382) and we’ll be having an event on October 14th at 1 p.m., which will be a Q&A between myself and Amy Panos, the Homes editor for Better Homes & Gardens.  We’ll be discussing how to create a beautiful, but also livable home for families followed by  a cocktail reception in the showroom. If you are going to High Point please stop by and say hello and join us for this event!

Here’s a sneak peek of a couple of the styles we’ve developed ( I think we have close to 40 different styles!)  Included is an amazing kids capsule collection in there that I am BANANAS about. :)

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Sponsor Welcome: Old New House AKA the only vintage rug source you need!

The one element I have been using in homes non-stop the past couple years (no matter the style of decor) have been antique Persian or Oushak rugs. There is little else that can really ground a room and make it feel more sophisticated, warm and lived in than a rug with patina.  I especially love the look of these layered over wool or jute/sisal rugs (which also can make them a bit more affordable as you can buy a smaller rug and still have the impact!)

image via Domaine

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Nailed It.

I recommend wool berber or wool sisal runners with contrast banding to many clients due to their hard-wearing tendencies for busy families as well as classic good looks. Re-doing a trendy stair runner is not something you want to do often! But lately I’ve been trying to think of ways to dress them up a little and came across some images of runner borders being detailed with nailheads and I love it! This Barry Dixon example is just bananas:

That little detailed flounce at the end is bad-ass.


Some other examples:

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 4.30.58 PM




via Erica Burns Interiors


What do you think? Yea or nay? Anyone done this in their own house?


Buck Wild.

I’ve been trying to pick a stair runner for my house for a while. Banded wool sisal is the obvious choice, and probably the one I’ll go with, but of course animal print is my JAM and I still think about using one on the stairs. Andrew will throw in a veto on that, I am sure. Leopard is my favorite color, but maybe it’s overkill? How about antelope though? I do love the pattern and have seen the rugs used in so many spaces.  It reads quite neutral and is a little less {cat sound}.



 Bailey of Peppermint Bliss used it in her new living room- how about that green sofa too?


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Do you even notice the rug when there are 50 Birkins on top of it? You could lock me in this room and I’d die a happy lady.

sarah kaplan 12


I love the grey colorway as well! A little more modern.


I actually ADORE this in a nursery- particularly a boys nursery! So fantastic!


But then there is THIS. Holy hell, yes.


And this…


And I finally found the manufacturer too!


I think I have my decision. :) Except for the pesky husband decor veto…. PLEASE ANDREW?