Emmy’s Red Carpet Review

I’ll be honest, I did not watch a minute of the Emmy’s- I’ve taken to sleeping (or trying to) a lot in the third trimester.  But I did watch the Red Carpet- which really did help lull me to sleep.  Oh man, SUPER boring, am I right??  I don;t even have a clear best dressed winner- plenty of people looked prefectly pretty, but no one person made me sit up and go “Ooooohh, I LOVE that!!!”

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As far as “favorites” I think my favorites were Aubrey Plaza and Sarah Hyland.  Aubrey’s dress draped SO beautifully (I would have done a bolder earring I think) and Sarah Hyland’s dress was pretty from the front, but really stunning from the back.

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enhanced-11926-1442787982-1 67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals

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I also loved all the ladies in simple black dresses- not the most earth shattering thing ever, but still gorgeous. Julia Louis Dreyful always kills it and Julie Bowen’s funky top and awesome accessories keep her look from getting dull.

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67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals Julie Bowen

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Golden Globes Best and Worst

So, I’m in paradise…without a tv.  So I was not able to watch the Golden Globes, but that doesn’t mean I can’t review the fashion! :) A little best and worst dressed (and a lot in between) to kick off your morning:

For the first time in forever, I don’t think I was bowled over with a clear “best dressed” favorite! There were a bunch I “liked”, but nothing that totally rocked my world. Sienna Miller looks fabulous and unique- especially love the hair and makeup. And Naomi Watts looked amazing in this canary sheath with snake necklace. Although I feel like perhaps I’ve seen a version of this on her before? Hey if it works, don’t mess with it…

72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Red Carpet Review: Oscars 2014

The Oscars last night were funny and somewhat poignant but WAAAAAAAY too long. We don’t need a montage of “movie heroes” when this thing is running three and a half hours long! C’mon! But there was some good fashion, and actually a real drought of bad fashion! I thought most people looked lovely! Leaves me with less snark, but I still can review, right?

Tied for best dressed has to be Cate Blanchett and Lupita N’yongo (both winners) who looked so gorgeous. Cate is just a freakin’ MOVIE STAR. Look at her! That dress is perfection are the earrings, the hair and makeup. Lupita’s “Nairobi blue” Prada gown was the very best color on the carpet and the cut was magnificent on her. I didn’t love the headband, but I didn’t hate it either.

158_2686_350 rs_634x890-140302160348-634.lupita-nyoungo.cm.3214

These two killed it too- Charlize looked incredible and this dress fit beyond perfect. And Sandra picked the ideal color and silhouette for her. Loved her smokey eye too.

158_2696_350 158_2714_350

THESE TWO. Are you serious? Can they be any hotter? Olivia does pregnancy well, y’all. This 70’s inspired look on her was just amazing, I loved it. And his dark blue tux was the best men’s look of the night, hands down! When did Jason Sudekis become such a stone cold fox?


I thought Julia Roberts looked LUMINOUS- her hair and makeup was simply awesome and I actually loved this dress on her. I’m not crazy about the peplum, but I LOVED the neckline and lace detail!  Karen O’s dress ( I had no idea who she was…) was elegant and retro and super old school Hollywood. Love.

158_2703_350 rs_634x1024-140302162315-634.karen-o-oscars-030214

Golden Globes 2014 Red Carpet Recap

I friggin’ love the Golden Globes. Despite the horrid red carpet coverage (more fashion, less inane questions from Seacrest and Rancic pretty please) it was a fun show to watch. If I could go to one awards show in my lifetime it would be this one (can we make that happen universe? Mmmm, thanks.)  The fashion was a fab balance of AWESOME and HORRID, which is my favesies.  Let’s start with the straight up awesome.

Who didn’t gasp when they saw Lupita Nyong’o in Ralph Lauren. I mean, she SLAYED it so hard in that dress with the simple jewels. I bet half the celebrities asked if they could just come int he back door after she walked the carpet. Amazing.  And Cate Blanchett is such perfection. This dress is just amazing on her.  Here’s the thing, men don’t “get” Cate Blanchett, Andrew doesn’t think she’s pretty, which makes me think I’ve married a severely mentally questionable person.

article-2538268-1A9AD01200000578-686_310x673 155_2157_350

Leslie Mann either has amazing style or a seriously awesome stylist. I LOVED her dress, hair and makeup. Gorgeous. And Juliana Margulis was stunning- beyond chic- I loved the silhouette, pattern and her accessories and jewels. Killer.

golden-globes-2014-leslie-mann-red-carpet__oPt 155_2138_350

Amy Poehler’s dress is just awesome- sexy without being over the top and super modern. Loved this look.  And at first I wasn’t sure about Amy Adams’ dress but then she turned around and I loved it.  I wasn’t 100% on the hair, but she really did look pretty and it’s so nice to see her in color.

155_2125_350 rs_634x1024-140112161004-634.amy-adams-golden-globes.ls.111214_copy

These two. I mean, can we just discuss how awesome they are? Smart, funny as hell, successful AND beautiful??? I think they are two of the best role models in Hollywood for women.


71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Show