My Favorite Gadgets for the Home

Susie Homemaker I am not (it may be pretty, but not always tidy), but there are some little gadgets we have at home that really are amazing at making life easier and that I see as really valuable investments in our hectic, busy lives.  I thought I’d share them here in case perhaps you needed recommendations or have your own life-saving device to enlighten us all about!

I hesitated to buy this Dyson cordless hand vacuum for a long time and tried cheaper versions that sucked (or actually, didn’t suck!) This thing is AMAZING. It acts as a dust-buster and powerful vacuum all in one- amazing for easy cleanups or a quick clean before company comes. INCREDIBLE if you have kids and dogs. I have clients who keep one on every floor of their house. For my smaller house, one is fine. :)

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Random Goodness: Unbelievably Chic Highchair

I am not in “the family way” yet, so don’t go reading into this- I simply saw this Ovo high chair and yelled aloud “OHMYGOD! That is the best children’s design I have ever seen!!!!!!!” I mean, look at this thing, it’s freakin’ GENIUS.  No longer an eyesore in your dining room or kitchen, this high chair would actually UPGRADE most interiors. No joke. I am head over heels.  And of course, as expected, it has the price tag to match- and of course is only available on European sites for a painful 349 euros (about $477 for us).  But given how much you use this thing and it’s flexibility (it transforms into a toddler chair) I think it’s worth the investment. Not to jinx myself, but I am almost tempted to buy it and stash it for whenever Baby Gates decides to come our way. Is that creepy?

Buy the white and deep navy chairs on this site. Also available with faux leather harness straps for a little more money.

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If that’s the packaging this thing comes in then it’s even better. It’s not even fair to American high chairs.


Random Goodness.

Sometimes it’s hard to put together a cohesive post. So today I’m going to fill you in on the randomness swimming around in my brain:

Tommy Smythe’s closet is actually IKEA! Shows what paint and some kick ass hardware can do for a space.

When I saw these insanely cute pet pods I couldn’t stop thinking about Cadbury Mini Eggs, my kryptonite and the crack cocaine of candy.

Baxter would straight up KILL for one.

Oh my God, that makes me hungry. And I bet those bad boys are on sale now post Easter! :)

This font, Vermandois is BANANAS good. I love me a good handwritten font. This is the best I’ve seen to date!

This custom silhouette return address stamp is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

A cheaper, daintier alternative to the amazing Hicks pendant seen all over the design world…

I’ve been seriously parched this season. My skin, that is. I feel like I need to re-apply moisturizer right after I’ve just finished applying it. Annoying. So I finally caved and went back to the only one that actually works all day.  Hype usually falls flat, but not in La Mer’s case.

Just ordered one of Rikshaw Designs kurtas for summer. I love them paired with skinny bright colored denim. Easy peasy.

This double vanity is sleek, pretty and CHEAP- under $400!!!

LOVING this adorable animal wallpaper for a child’s room!

Margot Love.


I’ve said it before, but one of my favorite movies of all time is The Royal Tenenbaums. I can watch it over and over and never get sick of it.  Not only for it’s dry, witty humor but also the incredible style and sets! I particularly am enamored with Margot, played by the pitch perfect Gwyneth Paltrow- her straight faced delivery, edgy look and quirky style clearly hiding a sea of emotion underneath. So this Halloween the plan is to be her alongside my friend Matt who will be my Richie. All I need is a blonde bob wig, striped polo dress, fur coat, faux Hermes bag, smokey eyeliner and wooden finger. :)  I am not alone in my Margot adoration, specifically according to Etsy!

I am bummed I waited too long to order one of these Margot striped polo dresses– now sold out for Halloween! :(

il_430xN.184121019 il_430xN.182086192

How fantastic is this Margot paper doll print from Etsy? I may need one.


Or this set of silhouettes of Margot and Richie??? I die, so cute!


Now let’s see if I can get my act together in time….

Brown Baggin’ In Style.

With the economy the way it is a bet a lot more of you are packing your own lunches to bring to work rather than spend $8 on a sandwich at the local deli. Well, brown baggin’ it just got cooler thanks to chef Mario Batali and his fabulous purse-like Marguerite Satchel lunch bag! Perhaps not as cool as your old Thundercats/Barbie lunchox of yesteryear, but a heck of a lot nicer looking than a paper bag or old shopping bag- plus it’ll keep your goods cool and the planet a little greener.