My Top 15 Shows to Binge Watch

Everyone is binge watching shows these days, and we certainly participate in this. SO much so that we feel we’ve run out of shows to watch! So I thought I’d share our top 15 favorite shows to binge on and ask for your recommendations for others and perhaps we can help each other out! :) With the lack of sleep I’m getting these days I need something GOOD to keep me going!


1.) The Killing

I love, love, loved this show. The premise is dark but we were SO hooked on it. Especially the first two seasons. If you like mystery/suspense/ cop dramas this is SO for you.


2.) Friday Night Lights

I never in a million years thought I would love a show about football so much, but during the finale I was boo-hooing like a fool. And one of the most satisfying endings to a long series there has ever been.

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A Public Service Announcement

Dear Ladies of Planet Earth,

If your husband bugs you for months on end to please watch Suits on USA with him, you really shouldn’t blindly resist, tell him it’s a stupid boy show about lawyers and be a jerk about it like I was. You should listen to him. You wanna know why?

Exhibit A: Gabriel Macht a.k.a Harvey Specter.  GUH.


Exhibit B: Gabriel Macht a.k.a Harvey Specter in a variety of Tom Ford suits that are the best example on TV of how men should dress for biz-ness. Or anything. Because he’s perfect. A modern day Don Draper if you will. But slightly less douchey.


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Exhibit C: Donna and everything she says and every face she makes.


Seriously, it’s such a funny, awesome show.  The relationship and chemistry between Harvey and his underling Mike Ross is so great and the writing is smart. I am OBSESSED. Like, first two seasons of Scandal obsessed (unlike season three of Scandal which has totally jumped the shark for me). Watch it.  Revisit Exhibit A if you still have any doubts.


Erin Gates

P.S. Sorry Andrew, but really this whole schoolgirl crush  is all your fault.

P.P.S. (also to Andrew) I am pretty sure your crush on Harvey runs deeper than even mine.

P.P.S.S. Gabriel Macht would have been the best Batman. I love ya Ben Affleck, but no.

Ok I’ll stop now.

And for those who, like me, like to chase a gluttonous TV show binge with something a bit more, ah, cerebral, in an attempt to feel less gross about yourself, I highly recommend Dan Harris’ book 10% Happier.  I know from the amazing responses my post about anxiety received that a lot of you struggle with it too, and this is such a funny, witty, interesting story about one TV anchors journey of self-awareness and acceptance via meditation.  It’s an easy, great read that has some very interesting theories.



Fashion Friday: Olivia Pope. It’s Handled.

If you’ve been perusing my Facebook or Twitter you know that I am currently obsessed with Scandal. I’m midway through season 3 and VERY stressed that Jake Ballard is about to bite it (how cute is Scott Foley? I’ve loved him since Felicity.)  Anywhoo, I both love and am epically annoyed by Olivia Pope. She’s bad ass, but also has a meme-worthy cryface/ stressface that drives me nuts. But she also has some killer fashion.  So let’s take a peek at some of my faves and then I’ll show my OP picks….

Girl has some seriously awesome coats and blazers…

op_2 d6cacd2926c3c700d93a3b4d3693bc2b

And she loves a good bateau neck top (also she makes me want to replace everything in my wardrobe with white stuff). Hi Fitz.


More killer jackets. That pink one at right made me weep with jealousy.

OliviaPope3 rs_634x1024-131002110748-634.Kerry-Washington-Scandal-Wardrobe7.jl.100213

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Downton. I Caved.

I am so very late to the Downton Abbey train, but man am I glad I decided to climb aboard! I am only on season 2 episode 4 so don’t spoil anything for me, but I am 100% HOOKED. I should have listened to all of you sooner! I can’t get enough of the Dowager Countess or Matthew and Lady Mary (or Carsom- sucha crush on Carson!) The decor and costumes make the storyline all the more engaging- even the opening credits are stunning! It so sets the tone for the show and there are such fabulous little vignettes in it. Look here…. (and expect many more Downton posts!)


Get the look with Farrow & Ball’s Arsenic paint and LS Fabrics Orro damask fabric.

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Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 7.27.36 AM

Frame a window with solid green silk drapes like these from Overstock and beaded trim like this one from LS Fabrics.

63765f4f-bf74-4cf8-99a1-79ad14a8682f_600 1093845_1


Mix black and brass (always) using a campaign side table or this fireplace tool set.

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 8.11.31 AM master_MA817

Screen shot 2011-11-07 at 15.05.59

Set the table with gold rimmed china and cut crystal wine goblets.

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 8.01.11 AM HCH33WM_mx


Crystal chandeliers EVERYWHERE. This and this.


This show is making me think I need to add more traditional English elements to my home! Dman you, Crawley’s!