The Best Christmas Gift.

Christmas was lovely, but the most exciting gift? Plans my dad did for our new addition and exterior renovation!  Not sure when this will get underway, but it’s so awesome to get to visualize what we can do! A master suite, laundry room, pantry, mudroom and expanded entry! YAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!  Hope you all are having a wonderful holiday!!!!

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Yard Crashers, EOS Style!

So, we’ve been here almost a full year (September 1) and we are finally getting down to redoing our little yard!  I love the privacy it gives us, the fun it provides our dogs and the size, which is just enough to not be a total pain in the ass to take care of.  But one thing it’s currently lacking is a PATIO!  I am someone who loves being outside- so having a space to hang out and entertain outdoors is super important to me in a home.  So we are going to maintain some grassy space for the pups and future EOS spawn while adding a fabulous new patio to the mix!

While bluestone would be lovely, it’s not in our budget.  So we decided to work with Pavestone and Quikrete on a patio project showcasing what you can do with a smaller budget and just as good looking materials that also happen to be durable and practical.  First we decided on a material- it was between these two forms- on the left is Venetian 80mm Combo and on the right is Vintage Stone Combo (as well as the Rumble Stone border we are embedding around the planting beds next to the house). Everything will be installed by Chris Miller Brick Paving.

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 6.54.33 PM

Both of these looked great, and I loved the grey color, but I ended up choosing the one on the left due to it’s larger size stones.  I thought it looked more like bluestone and it looked better when wet (something to think of when choosing- I sprayed them down and it made the choice easier for me!)  So, we have a material, now for the layout.

It was VERY important to Andrew that we be able to have 2 chaises for us to relax on- we do love lounging in the sun!  But we also needed a place for the grill, a dining space and I wanted an area for 4 chairs where we could sit with another couple and have drinks.  We also had to plan for our future garage/master suite/ laundry room renovation/ addition in which we tear down the garage and rebuild it larger and taller to accommodate all those spaces.  So the door from the mudroom/garage/ kitchen to the patio will change locations in a year- we had to make sure the patio was planned accordingly.  So here are the “before” pics- so bland and in need of help, my goodness:

photo 3-3

(notice the marks from me spray painting my nightstands?? Ooops.)

photo 1-6

Ugh! It’s so sad looking!  We need to jackhammer up all that pavement and grade the area (which happens to be quite lumpy and uneven) before we start the install.

So here’s my sketch including details we are also adding like a trellis above our back door, rose trellis’ to either side of the door and a mini deck and steps being built out of wood.  We actually decided against the built-in firepit and instead will just keep using our freestanding copper one to allow us to have more flexibility with the furniture layout.


Pavestone did a KILLER video rendering of what the space will look like when completed!  We’re doing some different landscaping and furniture layout but you get the idea :)  It’s going to be time to call in my Mom for some serious landscaping advice after this is complete!

The trellis and porch we’re doing will look a lot like this:


We also have a little shed, we affectionately call “the barn” which needs painting and updating.  I have been enamored with black sheds with white trim, but also like Benjamin Moore’s Deep River, which has a smidge of green and is more of a grey then black (you can see my test patch by the door). Still undecided.


An example of the black/ white option for the shed- our patio will be that color too!



It would match perfectly with my patio decor plan- which is- wait for it….. BLACK AND WHITE!!! I know, it’s SO unexpected coming from me! :)  It all began with this vintage Brown Jordan patio set my grandparents left me that I love, love, love.  I had it re-enameled in glossy black.


And here’s where I am with the patio furniture (all IKEA because that’s how we’re rolling these days) and accents so far- still not sure about what accent color I’m using, but I do love coral mixed with black and white.  I’ll have to think about what colors my plantings will be and coordinate!


1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. // 8. // 9.

Stay tuned here to see progress- we break ground August 9th! I can’t wait to have a backyard I’m proud of!

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Stairway to Heaven

As you know by now, leopard print is my jam. Like, big time. When asked what my favorite color is I say leopard.  So when it came to carpeting our new home’s stairs I immediately knew this was my major leopard moment.

I’ve saved these images from Domino for-EVAH because I thought this was the best leopard print rug I’d ever seen. And for years I could not find it ANYWHERE.



Then I saw the editor’s picture in Real Simple and there it was again!


This was what we started with…..

IMG_2336 copy 2

And this is what went down yesterday morning!!!!!!

photo 3-9

photo 1-12

photo 2-12

GAAAHHHHHHH! I love love love love love love it. I finally found it (Glen Eden Cheetah– NOT leopard) at The Carpet Workroom in Needham who also installed it beautifully! I also decided to paint my banister high gloss black and it plays beautifully off the rug! Even Andrew loves the whole situation- and it took a lot to get him to agree to let me do this!  It helps that it is super durable and hides EVERYTHING! Bonus! I don’t even care that it’s not technically leopard. :)

It’s all starting to come together!

Bedroom Finishing Touches

So my bedroom is at a stand still- and I need a few more things (big ticket things, actually) to make it feel DONE done. As it is now:



I still like the bed, bedding and side tables but need to replace my dresser and find some art that will work with our low ceilings.  And although the rug is new, it shed SO MUCH we need to get rid of it or move it. Here is what I’d love to do to make this space feel luxurious and calming:


1. I want to frame two chinoiserie panels and hang them behind each nightstand- they’ll reach right up to the ceiling!

2. I’d LOVE a pair fo these Bunny Williams Beeline lamps because they add a touch of modernity and mix metals which will blend the nickel nailheads on the headboard with other gold accents in the space.

3. Maybe hand three of these very small sunbursts in a cluster above the bed?

4. A chair in the corner with interesting lines like this Kristin Drohan Collection one.

5. Add some natural/grey roman shades layered under the silk drapes.

6.  LOTS of yummy candles- this lavender one is best for bedrooms because it’s calming.

7. I’d DIE for this overdyed rug in the palest pinky coral to compliment my lumbar pillow.

8. FINALLY a new dresser, I love this one so much.  So sick of having an old dresser with drawers that won’t shut and hardware that keeps falling off!


Dining Dilemma.

So I have this great table, light and wallpaper…. but no chairs or drapes.  I am having the HARDEST time deciding what to do- both liking the idea of a bold punch of color AND keeping things super neutral. I suck at making these decisions for myself, so I need your help.

This is a horrid picture but you can kind of see the space…. better shots (but sans light) HERE.  Also I am still considering swapping out the Hicks pendants for these, which I already have in my possession.  Votes from friends have been evenly divided…

photo 2-8

The stairs will be leopard, as I managed to get this past Andrew! YAY! Cannot WAIT for this to go in.  This area is open to the dining area so that has to be kept in mind.  As such, I believe I will forgo a run under the dining table, we tried one and it just felt so fussy.

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 7.04.44 AM

I love emerald green, so if I do a color pop it will be that.  It’s so fresh, clean and very me.  I still am obsessed with this room by Grant K. Gibson with emerald green leather Louis style chairs.  I could totally do this look….

Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 8.36.28 PM


Paired with clean white drapes with grey greek key lead trim, same as what will go in the living room eventually.


OR I could do a bold drape, like this image (which I also am obsessed with).


With that I would probably pair the Louis style chairs from Ballard in a dark grey fabric.

A third option is a print drape- most likely a grey and white.  When I was planning the room I had thought I’d do the Premier Prints fabric at right…. but now I’m not 100% sure.  We’ve had clients do drapes in the  Lee Jofa Punch Linen at left and they do look lovely, and with my grey grasscloth would be cool.  Actually, either of these would pair great with those green chairs…. drat, another option!

gwf-2731_11 JIRINVB_lg

My last thought was a color AND print drape, like Peter Dunham Fig Leaf which I have as pillows in my sunroom.  I am also SUPER SUPER obsessed with these brass frame chairs from Empiric.  In that natural leather they are quite pretty too!


857_0 fig_drapes

And with all these options, an dlooking at what I;ve already spent on this renovation,  all I keep thinking is….