Stairway to Heaven

As you know by now, leopard print is my jam. Like, big time. When asked what my favorite color is I say leopard.  So when it came to carpeting our new home’s stairs I immediately knew this was my major leopard moment.

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I’ve saved these images from Domino for-EVAH because I thought this was the best leopard print rug I’d ever seen. And for years I could not find it ANYWHERE.

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Then I saw the editor’s picture in Real Simple and there it was again!

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This was what we started with…..

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IMG_2336 copy 2

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And this is what went down yesterday morning!!!!!!

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photo 3-9

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photo 1-12

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photo 2-12

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GAAAHHHHHHH! I love love love love love love it. I finally found it (Glen Eden Cheetah– NOT leopard) at The Carpet Workroom in Needham who also installed it beautifully! I also decided to paint my banister high gloss black and it plays beautifully off the rug! Even Andrew loves the whole situation- and it took a lot to get him to agree to let me do this!  It helps that it is super durable and hides EVERYTHING! Bonus! I don’t even care that it’s not technically leopard. :)

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It’s all starting to come together!

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Bedroom Finishing Touches

So my bedroom is at a stand still- and I need a few more things (big ticket things, actually) to make it feel DONE done. As it is now:



I still like the bed, bedding and side tables but need to replace my dresser and find some art that will work with our low ceilings.  And although the rug is new, it shed SO MUCH we need to get rid of it or move it. Here is what I’d love to do to make this space feel luxurious and calming:


1. I want to frame two chinoiserie panels and hang them behind each nightstand- they’ll reach right up to the ceiling!

2. I’d LOVE a pair fo these Bunny Williams Beeline lamps because they add a touch of modernity and mix metals which will blend the nickel nailheads on the headboard with other gold accents in the space.

3. Maybe hand three of these very small sunbursts in a cluster above the bed?

4. A chair in the corner with interesting lines like this Kristin Drohan Collection one.

5. Add some natural/grey roman shades layered under the silk drapes.

6.  LOTS of yummy candles- this lavender one is best for bedrooms because it’s calming.

7. I’d DIE for this overdyed rug in the palest pinky coral to compliment my lumbar pillow.

8. FINALLY a new dresser, I love this one so much.  So sick of having an old dresser with drawers that won’t shut and hardware that keeps falling off!


Dining Dilemma.

So I have this great table, light and wallpaper…. but no chairs or drapes.  I am having the HARDEST time deciding what to do- both liking the idea of a bold punch of color AND keeping things super neutral. I suck at making these decisions for myself, so I need your help.

This is a horrid picture but you can kind of see the space…. better shots (but sans light) HERE.  Also I am still considering swapping out the Hicks pendants for these, which I already have in my possession.  Votes from friends have been evenly divided…

photo 2-8

The stairs will be leopard, as I managed to get this past Andrew! YAY! Cannot WAIT for this to go in.  This area is open to the dining area so that has to be kept in mind.  As such, I believe I will forgo a run under the dining table, we tried one and it just felt so fussy.

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 7.04.44 AM

I love emerald green, so if I do a color pop it will be that.  It’s so fresh, clean and very me.  I still am obsessed with this room by Grant K. Gibson with emerald green leather Louis style chairs.  I could totally do this look….

Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 8.36.28 PM


Paired with clean white drapes with grey greek key lead trim, same as what will go in the living room eventually.


OR I could do a bold drape, like this image (which I also am obsessed with).


With that I would probably pair the Louis style chairs from Ballard in a dark grey fabric.

A third option is a print drape- most likely a grey and white.  When I was planning the room I had thought I’d do the Premier Prints fabric at right…. but now I’m not 100% sure.  We’ve had clients do drapes in the  Lee Jofa Punch Linen at left and they do look lovely, and with my grey grasscloth would be cool.  Actually, either of these would pair great with those green chairs…. drat, another option!

gwf-2731_11 JIRINVB_lg

My last thought was a color AND print drape, like Peter Dunham Fig Leaf which I have as pillows in my sunroom.  I am also SUPER SUPER obsessed with these brass frame chairs from Empiric.  In that natural leather they are quite pretty too!


857_0 fig_drapes

And with all these options, an dlooking at what I;ve already spent on this renovation,  all I keep thinking is….




Moving Outdoors

We are currently taking a little breather from the interior of our house and focusing a little more on the exterior- the back yard to be exact.  I love to spend as much time as humanely possible outside in the summer and so I am beyond excited to have my own yard now! The one thing we are missing is a patio!  So we’re planning on installing one in the next month and have decided on stamped concrete for a few reasons- 1) budget 2) ease of maintenance.  And while concrete doesn’t sound very natural and pretty- think again.  This is a stamped concrete walkway that my dad’s firm installed at a project recently…..


Looks like slate, right???  A few more images of stamped concrete patios:

c424ceb849d3cf9d4b6d7b880166f1d4 210b75a33f43619ce7dcc49f0ce92091

We took out a big tree to make room for it while still leaving plenty or lawn for dog wrestling…. not mention, we have big plans for more plants and trees for a smidge of privacy.

Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 8.02.09 AM

I also have been wondering what color to paint my shed (and I need to get my Grandma’s vintage Brown Jordan patio set powdercoated…)

Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 8.02.23 AM

After seeing Erica Cook’s instagram photo of her yard I am thinking black with white windows!  I want it to fade away a bit, but this will make it look modern and match our house too!

Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 8.06.25 AM

Some more patio inspiration images- both grand and doable:



A firepit would be nice, no?








Patio is the city are super charming too- plus no mowing!




Buck Wild.

I’ve been trying to pick a stair runner for my house for a while. Banded wool sisal is the obvious choice, and probably the one I’ll go with, but of course animal print is my JAM and I still think about using one on the stairs. Andrew will throw in a veto on that, I am sure. Leopard is my favorite color, but maybe it’s overkill? How about antelope though? I do love the pattern and have seen the rugs used in so many spaces.  It reads quite neutral and is a little less {cat sound}.



 Bailey of Peppermint Bliss used it in her new living room- how about that green sofa too?


d746021c5f46e681ad38467d43e7a62e 98a42be431b7ae985a96b317053f1364


Do you even notice the rug when there are 50 Birkins on top of it? You could lock me in this room and I’d die a happy lady.

sarah kaplan 12


I love the grey colorway as well! A little more modern.


I actually ADORE this in a nursery- particularly a boys nursery! So fantastic!


But then there is THIS. Holy hell, yes.


And this…


And I finally found the manufacturer too!


I think I have my decision. :) Except for the pesky husband decor veto…. PLEASE ANDREW?