I Want to Go to There (REAL BAD): Greenwich Hotel

No, it’s not in some far flung foreign locale or on a sunny beach of a tropical island- but rather in gritty but grand New York City- The Greenwich Hotel, my new “must stay at” destination for 2013! The rooms are the definition of understated luxury and each looks rather unique with tons of textural details. Did I mention Robert DeNiro owns it? Bonus cool factor.


That big pillow is killing me. So good. The team behind the interiors, Grayling Design, really took their time to craft spaces that feel like home instead of a hotel.


Oh hi amazing bathroom. Look at those sinks, will you? Insanity.


Charm. Charm. Charm.


Interesting.  So not your typical hotel lobby at all.


Hold the phone- vintage rugs AND THEY TAKE DOGS?? Pack your bones, Bax and Ollie!


There’s that gorgeous green I’ve been obsessed with! So love it mixed with the natural wood!


That is some tile, y’all.


Clean. Serene. Simple. European. J’Adore!


If those are macaron bedtime treats then you can just kill me now.


I don’t think we can even talk about the penthouse. Can we? It feels like we all might freak out and get very depressed if we do.


Yeeeeaaaaahhh. I will never get to stay here.


I hear the spa is amazing.  As is the pool.


The restaurant is Locanda Verde- which I also hear is the cat’s pajamas (will never understand that saying, BTW)


This makes me think people are right. A good bolognese is my weakness.


Has anyone been? Do tell if you have!


Monochromatic Magic

I have made the executive decision that most of my house (the main living level, anyways) will be only done in black, white, tan, grey, wood tones and brass.  This is pretty much the polar opposite of how I’ve decorated my past spaces but I feel like I’m in a different place mentally and spatially.  Our house is TINY.  It doesn’t look tiny from the outside but it is. And the ceilings are pretty low.  So the light grey walls, white trim and soon to be dark floors really help make it feel bigger.  I am constantly stimulated by color during the day while working on other homes so I really want my new space to feel calm and serene.  And it’s as if the people at Lonny read my MIND with their new issue because so many of the spaces they featured were exactly the palette I’m working with!

The Copenhagen house of the couple behind the fashion label Day Birger et Mikkelsen has me writhing in delight. It’s pretty much my perfect space (if you add a dash of leopard or zebra somewhere). This living room is proof that warm and cool neutrals can live a very happy life together.

I mean seriously? Can I please live here?

OH! There is some zebra! See, it is perfect (well, I’d add a smidge of art tot he walls in this room)

I’ve just passed out from looking at this bathroom. Can you even believe that tub? However, I could never shower in the open like that. It would be a little wierd to be showering right next to Andrew brushing his teeth.

This is what heaven looks like. Except in my version there is a TV with The Notebook on repeat in there too.

This stylin’ studio apartment they also feature is like a smaller scale version of the house above.

SUCH a stylish little darling!

A desk under a desk? Genius.

I am straight up obsessed with Haven’s Kitchen, also featured. A cooking school meets coffee shop meets foodie pantry meets event space? It’s to die for gorgeous! I must go my next trip to NYC!

And this is a public service announcement for my husband: THIS CLUTCH FOR CHRISTMAS. MY CHRISTMAS SPIRIT DEPENDS ON IT.

On the Hunt

Proof that all things come in cycles- hunter green is back with a vengeance this season both in fashion and interiors.  Once a color I loved in the 80’s and early 90’s (I certainly had hunter green Limited Too mom jeans), the color now has a bit more of a luxe look- especially when paired with gold.  It also happens to be a VERY good color for brunettes to wear specifically- making blah brown look richer and pale skin look more alabaster.  Here’s some inspiration to prove my point:

(Dying over both this Philip Lim bag and Tory Burch one as well.)

I personally am loving hunter green and light dusty pink, which the the scheme for my guest room based on that amazing vintage fabric I found and made into a bolster pillow.  I decided to paint the walls a light pink (Benjamin Moore’s Blanched Coral- awesome) to bring out the pink in the pillow and I love it! I also have a vintage chair that will go in here in a deep, deep green velvet, which I love next to the wall color. Please pardon this completely un-styled camera phone shot:

You get the picture though.  Here are some other ideas to utilize this rich color combo in the home.  Hunter green also pairs amazing with turquoise, camel and LEOPARD!

closet: light/wallpaper/stool/fabric

living room: pillow/ velvet/ lamp/ art

Climbing to the Top

Have I ever pontificated on how much I love built in bookcases with library ladders? If Ryan Gosling were a piece of furniture it would be this. Seriously. That’s how much I love them. Now, unfortunately I am not going to have any in my house as my ceilings are low. C’est la vie. But it doesn’t stop me for lusting after them!  We are pretty sure this is not our forever house so I can hold onto the hope that someday I will be swinging off the rungs of one of these babies while I browse for my next read!

Ok, this one kinda scares me. You’d have to rope it off in case visitors (or owners) imbibe too much and then want to read whats on the top shelf.

Of course, Diance Von Furstenberg in all her fabulousness has THREE in her home. THREE!

But they aren’t just for living spaces- they work great in kitchens with high ceilings too!

And how about this use in a bathroom/closet as seen on Design*Sponge? So genius!

But you don’t have to have (or install) built ins to get the look and function. There are plenty of freestanding options out there too. On the higher end of the scale are the modular units by Grange Furniture which I got to see at Maison & Objet last winter in Paris. They are GORGEOUS.

This unit from Old Plank Road is pretty darn awesome too:

A more industrial look Kathy Kuo Home:

Loving this set from Mallory Hall from reclaimed wood:

And you are gonna LOVE me for this affordable find from World Market!!!! How awesome is this? It’s veneers so I’m not sure about painting it, but if you could paint it white it would be perfection for under $650!

I began wondering how one would amass that many books in order to fill these things, but after just moving and packing and unpacking 8 zillions boxes of books I am not as concerned anymore!