I Want To Go To There: The Dean Hotel

I have grown up incredibly close to Providence, RI but to be honest, I think I’ve visited only enough times to count on one hand.  For some reason, when I was growing up Providence had a”Boston’s forgotten step-child” kind of vibe (unless you got into Brown, which I did not), but lately I’ve been seeing SO MUCH awesome press about amazing things blooming in the small city.  I am going to absolutely have to make a pilgrimage this summer!  One place I would love to see (and stay at) would be The Dean Hotel design by ASH NYC. It’s an incredible, modern take of New England Traditionalism. Take a peek! There’s SO MUCH good stuff here to be inspired by for your own home:

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The bathrooms are REALLY good.


There’s so much more to see…

I Want to Go To There: Paris Perfection

I must be on a hell of a traditional/modern kick right now because I feel so drawn to spaces that incorporate both well. And nowhere do they do that better than is Paris.  I somehow missed this spread on the hotel Marquis Faubourg St. Honore in Domino and just added it to my “I Must Go There” list.  I adore the looks of this charming place- plus they have Hermes toiletries and offer turn-down macrons? Let’s leave now, mmmmkay?




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The Perfect Getaway.

Following up on yesterday’s post, I have been perusing the internet for escapes. Some a re a reality, some not. This falls more in the not category, but HOLY HELL this is exactly what the perfect “get away from it all and unplug” place looks like in my dreams.  Meet The Hope House Mousehole (yes, the area is called Mousehole! MOUSEHOLE! Can it GET ANY QUAINTER???)  There is a house and a separate loft for rent in this sleepy seaside village in Cornwall, England.  Can I pack a ton of books, cable knit sweaters and tea and go NOW?


The House: The stuff my monochromatic dreams are made of.


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The Loft: Where modern and rustic meet.



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The Location:




I Want to Go To There: Crosby Street Hotel & The Mark

One thing I always say about my design work is that I never want my projects to look like “hotel rooms”. By this I mean stark, cold and impersonal. I may need to rethink that little saying after seeing some seriously awesome hotel design where personality is the name of the game. New York certainly seems to be a hotbed for this, no surprise. Hotels like The Greenwich, The Bowery and Gramercy Park are all on my list and have been for a while, but two more have just been deemed “must visit”, namely Crosby Street Hotel and The Mark.

Crosby Street is owned by Firmdale Hotels who own a bunch of boutique hotels in England, all of which are designed by co-owner Kit Kemp (check out her new book). Each room has a unique look, which means there’s PLENTY of inspiration to pull from.


A good black and white room really does make me weak in the knees.



Love this little vignette.



A print headboard plus striped wallpaper might seem like “too much” in theory but in execution it works if you keep the tones the same.


You know I LOVE those wing backs!!!


A great example of a perfect color purple for walls- deep and rich offset by white trim.



The patio looks amazing too!


The other hotel I’m freaking out about is The Mark- look at the lobby floors (not to mention the hotel bikes!) I plan to be buried in black and white stripes and this just delights me to NO END.




Kinda obsessed with the trimmed out closets.




But the real design porn is found in the bathrooms. The marble striped floors and chromed our trimmed cabinets are utterly ridiculous (in a good way!)  I need to make this happen someday in a house (preferably my own)





One more shot of this magic….


My kinda mini-bar (ginormous and well stocked!)


Even the pencils are awesome.


An Anniversary Getaway.

This summer has flown by… and not ONCE did I go to the beach. NOT ONCE!!!! That fact depresses me to no end and so I took it upon myself to book a night for my anniversary with Andrew (8 YEARS, OMG) at a place I have always wanted to go- Castle Hill Inn in Newport, Rhode Island. A luxurious inn by the beach is exactly what we need (two nights would be better, but, well…. we have a house to furnish). I seriously cannot wait- their website makes me giddy. It’s New England seaside perfection and just looking at the pictures makes me more relaxed.  Now let’s just pray for sunny skies!


You can choose stay in the inn on the hill, by the beach or the harbor.

CHI homepage 1


How LOVELY are the beach cottage interiors??

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A gorgeously nautical inn suite complete with clawfoot tub by the window, of course.


We’re staying in a harbor cottage at right.  The beach cottages, left, also make me weak in the knees.

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This is what sold me, right here. “The Lawn“, where you can snack, drink and watch the boats in the harbor!



thelawn-4 photo-half-5

This will be me and Andrew. Even the boat shoes, which I somehow managed to get him to not only buy, but WEAR too!



photo-half-18 photo-half-4

Why yes, I would like a cocktail on the beach, thank you, sir.


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Look at that location!


Another amazing thing about Castle Hill, that beach below left is called Grace Kelly Beach, because it was her favorite when she would stay here often. Um, yes.

photo-half-8 photo-half-11

I also hear the food is spectacular, so we’ve made a reservation to dine there as well.  I hope to also do the Cliff Walk and tour a couple mansions, which I have not done since I was little!  Now that I’m Downton Abbey obsessed, I think I’ll enjoy them even more!

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