Animal Print Shop Giveaway!

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Thank you all for your wonderfully thoughtful comments and emails regarding yesterday’s post.  What a brilliant group of readers I have! So grateful for you all. Now to spread some smiles around let’s change things up with…. BABY ANIMALS!

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Nothing makes me to grin wider than furry little loves so when photographer Sharon Montrose became a blog sponsor I was beside myself with glee. I think I should make a little room in my house a “happy room” and just put tons of these awesome Animal Print Shop pictures up so I can go in there when I’ve got a bad case of the sads. They are some of my favorite things to use in nurseries and kids rooms and LUCKY YOU, Sharon is giving away a 16″ x 20″ limited edition print of any animal of your choice today!!!! Keep reading for how to enter….

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I can’t even DEAL with these faces! Look at them! (I am talking in baby voice to my computer right now)

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Can I have her job please?

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This one cracks me up.

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Check out this gorgeous Palm Springs nursery featured on Sharon’s blog by Morgan Satterfield (see Mr. Camel on the wall?)

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Adults can use them too- don’t forget! This buffalo is pretty boss.

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Actress Molly Sims used them in her nursery for her new son! See how awesome they look in a grid?

P.S. Her nursery is AMAZE.

Leave a comment below on which animal is your absolute favorite and like the Animal Print Shop Facebook page and we will email the winner next week!

I Want to Go to There: Londolozi

I came across this absolutely drop dread South African game reserve, Londolozi, in this month’s O Magazine and I now have a new goal in life: going HERE.  Not only is going on a safari my top top top travel wishlist item, but the design of this resort is beyond my wildest (pun intended) imagination.  I am so inspired by the interior spaces as much as I am the exterior landscape!

Stop it. Stop it right now with this bathtub scenario. A glass of wine and Ryan Gosling rubbing your shoulders and asking you how your day was and the most perfect moment the earth could conjure up will have just happened.

Modern plus rustic equals fabulous.


Drapes over a tub? Why not. This is heaven after all.

Do you think he’d rip my face off if I snuggled him and put him in bed with me?

Dig this look? Here ya go!

1./2./3./4./5./6./7./8./9./10./11a & 11b./12./13.

The Exquisite Edelmans

Last month’s House Beautiful has a whole section which I happen to have dog-eared enthusiastically. Some pages so full of amazing ideas that I wish I could triple dog-ear it somehow.  What I found so inspiring was the CT home on Bonnie and John Edelman in Connecticut (my home state, hollllaaaa). What a completely amazing, wonderful, insanely awesome example of decorating this place is. A mix of modern, traditional, vintage, new, simple and exquisite!  And would you expect less from the couple- he, the president/CEO of Design Within Reach and she, a very talented photographer?

Zebra? Check. Horns? Check. Sunburst mirror? Check.

Sputnik, I love you.

Amazing gallery wall, obvi.

More tulip tables! Guess that’s a given when you run DWR.

Gorg. Love me an egg chair too.

GAH! I just keeled over dead. This picture is porn for me.

Gallery wall x a gazillion.

I mean, REALLY? This is the OUTDOOR kitchen and dining area? Can I hold my birthday party here for a fee?


Perfection. Absolute perfection. Can you imagine making s’mores and drinking wine here? I can. Just waiting for my invitation…. (crickets)

And how about Bonnie’s gorgeous equestrian photos? Who doesn’t love a large scale print of one of the most beautiful creatures on earth?

I Want to Go To There: Castiglion del Bosco

I wandered through 12 cities in Italy in high school on a very memorable school trip, but have yet to go back.  It’s on the top of my list to revisit that gorgeous country as an adult, particularly Tuscany.  And if I had won the mega-millions I would be sure to book myself a nice little villa at Castiglion del Bosco.  A grand estate renovated by the Ferragamo family (of the famous fashion house) it appears sprawling, lush and perfectly amazing. Of course the style of the interiors is insanely gorgeous- using a mix of natural materials like rustic wood and stone but also luxurious fabrics and furniture of a more tailored measure.  But what’s NOT to like about this kind of destination for vacation? Pasta, wine, sun, spa, golf, more wine and then for good measure, some more wine.

Yes please.

Bramasole…For Rent!

What woman hasn’t seen Under the Tuscan Sun?

Really? you haven’t?

Okay, you must. If only for the HOUSE! And thanks to Hooked on Houses, I found out that not only is Bramasole, the real star of the film (sorry Diane Lane), actually a real villa in Tuscany, but it’s available for RENT! And bonus, it’s been renovated beautifully!

I think we should have an EOS Retreat there. It’ll be all wine, sun, Pinterest, celebrity gossip and decorating classes and fashion makeovers! And wine. Wait, did I mention that already? Who’s with me?