Gratitude & Giving


As I sign off for the holiday, I wanted my last post for a little but to focus on the gratitude I feel for all I have and the ways in which I want to give back to those who are struggling, in pain, scared and hurting.  The images I’ve been seeing of these poor children in Aleppo have broken my heart.  Scrolling through the news these days has been painful and scary on a general level, but those images of scared small children and babies surrounded by death and destruction absolutely haunt me, especially knowing how safe, healthy and happy my own little baby is. I am so lucky, and recognize so many are not.

So I wanted to share some ways we can all give a little to help those poor children and families suffering right now.  As my charity of choice this season, I think it’s important to do all I can to spread the word and encourage people to give in one way or another to those is Aleppo.


I am packing up a baby carrier we didn’t end up using to ship to Carry the Future, a charity that gives baby carriers to refugees making it easier for them to get around with their children.  You can donate your gently used carrier very easily here.  Or for $100, you can donate a Baby Bed Box to safely sleep a newborn and that also includes diapers, a carrier, mosquito net and toiletries. I just did this in two minutes. So easy.

Other charities that have been vetted and are in need are UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders and this charity set up by Glennon Doyle Melton of Momastery.  All are supplying much needed care and aid and very well regarded operationally and financially.  I hope you will consider contributing in any small (or big) way you can.  In a world full of uncertainty, we never know when we, in turn, may be the ones who need help so lets all be a little extra generous in our giving this holiday season.

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And as a little bonus, Lisa Todd offered to donate 15% of all purchases made through the blog to the charity of my choice, which is UNICEF.  You can shop her yummy cashmere here and check my Instagram later today for an exciting giveaway. :)  It’s a nice way to give and get this season.

I wish all of you a healthy, safe, joyous holiday and will see you back here on December 28th.  Again, my gratitude to all of you who keep reading this blog and supporting what I do is not quantifiable! My amazement will never cease!








Our Own Christmas Lists!

A little peek into what each of us at Erin Gates Design are hoping for from Santa! :)

  1. Lugging around a giant DSLR camera doesn’t work for me, I’d LOVE this compact camera that connects to wifi and is good looking to boot.
  2. The Roman & Williams book and The Finer Things.
  3. LOVE this India Hicks necklace. Horns and tassels together? Perfect.
  4. I’ve become obsessed with Holly Addi’s work. I need a new piece for above my sofa…. (a girl can dream)
  5. I’ve been getting back into working out and need new kicks. Black and gold seems to fit the bill (and I can personalize these ones!)
  6. I love this Gustavian influenced chair for my guest room. Or any corner. I’d upholster in a skinny stripe!
  7. I actually love how Chanel No. 5 dries down on me for a winter scent. A little goes a LONG way.
  8. I need a new makeup bag and this monogrammed one is awesome.
  9. I may have already bought this Tory tunic (I couldn’t wait!)
  10. I dream of having this HUGE Michael Gaillard photograph of Nantucket in my home someday.
  11. Because I change into sweatpants the second I get home in the winter.
  12. I lost my favorite big crystal studs- these can replace them.
  13. Love this marble and gold iPhone case.
  14. I already posted this, but I have this in grey and want it in black. Best working mama bag ever!


  1. Lindsey’s always cold so this “sleeping cardigan” is perfect.
  2. Because we are adults now we ask for things like vacuums!
  3. A new Marc Jacobs black cross body tote.
  4. A pair of  pillows made from one of her favorite Lisa Fine fabrics.
  5. A yummy, cozy grey throw.
  6. A small work by one of her favorite artists, Megan Lightell
  7. I’ve gotten her addicted to the Racer jean :)
  8. This fab sketch from Slow Season Studio (in an antique gold frame)
  9. An antique (or antique inspired) dresser.
  10. The Mia floor lamp from Circa. A long time fave.
  11. These suede Kate Spade boots with the perfect height heel.


  1. This gorgeous abstract from Well & Wonder artist Amanda Norman.
  2. A pair of vintage brass candlesticks.
  3. This amazing blush Chloe bag.
  4. An Apple Watch in grey and gold.
  5. This fancypants new Kindle with leather charging cover (brilliant).
  6. Al says this is the best winter candle out there!
  7. Adorable monogrammed cocktail napkins.
  8. A darling pearl and gold charm necklace.
  9. John Derian’s new book.
  10. An Ooomph Tini Table in navy and raffia.
  11. This hoodie for workouts.
  12. A horse. Because it’s Christmas and a girl wants what a girl wants.

An Affordable Blue & White Christmas Tablescape with Walmart!

You guys know by now that I have a serious blue and white problem. Like, I may need an intervention. I’m on a mission to turn my whole house from black and white to blue and white slowly but surely! You saw that I did blue for my tree this year, and now as I think ahead to tabletop schemes for Christmas, what better than (drumroll please…) BLUE AND WHITE! And if you don’t celebrate Christmas, the color scheme works great for any holiday celebrations! So it’s really win/win!

image via At Home Arkansas

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