High Vs. Low: A Modern Breakfast Nook

First of all, I wanted to thank you for all your incredible comments on yesterday’s post.  As I expected and hoped, it helped me feel such a wave of support, hope and understanding during a very sad time.  Yesterday’s sense of true community is the best thing to come out of writing this blog, so thank you for that reminder.

But I don’t plan to dwell long on the unfortunate here.  Work has always been the best distraction for me when things go sideways in life.  So I pulled together a fun little High/Low post today of a modern little breakfast nook– at VASTLY different price points but very similar looks.

The high version features a Lindsey Adelman chandelier, which was a budget buster, as you can see. The Pottery Barn version of the light is eerily similar and a tiny fraction of the cost.  The rest of the items aren’t as jarring when it comes to price, but as you can see– if you look hard enough there are less expensive version of a lot of great looking items out there.

LOW ($2,908 with 4 chairs):   Table // Light // Art // Vase // Chairs

HIGH ($16,319 with 4 chairs) : Table // Light // Art // Vase // Chairs

High vs. Low: A Bright, California Inspired Entry

We’re trying to create some more blog “series” these days as we plan a full facelift of EOS, one of which is a High Vs. Low post.  I did one recently here, and today decided to create two entryway designs based on a bright, neutral California inspired style.  A mix of streamlined classics and textured wovens as well as leather and brass accents.  An accent wall of a pretty small scale paper finishes it off.

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