Gorgeous Gift Giving

I hate to admit this, but I found out about Simone LeBlanc from Kim Kardashian (uggghhhh). Actually, it was Jaime King who sent Kim one of these insanely gorgeous gift boxes when she was pregnant and instagrammed about it, whcihc caught my eye. I went on Simone’s site and was blown away by the perfectly curated wood boxes full of things people would actually love to get- not a bunch of sausages, apples and mixed nuts :)

I’ve sent a few of these to friends and they loved them as much as I did- totally a new go to for us!  They also make wonderful bridesmaids gifts (and do custom boxes for weddings too).




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Coffee Please.

It’s been a rough week of sleep with Henry and therefore I am a walking, talking, blogging zombie.  So coffee has become lifeblood. And since my brain is resembling more of a bowl of scrambled eggs than anything right now, I’m just going to share these darling coffee cups with adorable lids (to keep things warmer longer or just be cute, I’m not sure) by famed ceramicist Richard Ginori.  Adorable to gift someone with a bag of their favorite beans or tin of tea.  His stuff is hard to find but I found some at FX Dougherty and Gumps,


He also has to die for china place-settings for those of you who might be looking for wedding china!