A Different Kind of CSA


There is nothing that helps give life and color to a space then flowers.  Really, look at any interior spread and cover the flowers or greenery with your hand and see how the magic just drains out of the photos. So I love anything and everything floral related.  My project manager Lindsey alerted me to this awesome local company, Fivefork Farms, that offers a genius concept of a sustainable flower CSA.  What a lovely treat to yourself to receive a weekly bouquet or bucket of beautiful flowers (if you prefer doing your own arrangements), and BONUS,  you are supporting a small farm! LOVE. IT. Take a peek at this idyllic, wonderful farm and it’s flowers.  Check here for options and pick up locations and sign up for next spring!


Beautiful Boxwood

As I get used to having a home with a yard that needs landscaping I am starting to become more educated about plants and how to use them properly.  Being a busy person who doesn’t have the greenest of thumbs I constantly am looking for plants that make a big impact with as little maintenance as possible. Enter the boxwood.

I love the sculptural essence of this plant and the modern yet traditional vibe that boxwood can take based on how it’s potted and shaped. From using it in the yard to in pots by a front door, it’s the perfect way to fill your beds and outdoor space with big impact greenery. Here’s some inspiration…


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My Parent’s House a.k.a. The Ranch

My parent’s house (designed by my Dad’s firm) and more so my Mom’s gardens were featured yesterday in The Boston Globe Magazine.  So great seeing as my dad designed a gorgeous house (on a not to shabby plot of land) and my mom works her butt off on the gardens all by herself! They deserve a little attention for it! Sarah Winchester shot so many good pics I wanted to share more than was published!

The front patio and porch where we hang a lot.

  Tubridy_June2012(LowRes)-13 Tubridy_June2012(LowRes)-10

When I sit here it feels like I’m at a resort.



Back of the house. What a dump.


Tubridy_June2012(LowRes)-29 Tubridy_June2012(LowRes)-20

Back garden.  This area is amazing.


My mom makes those birdhouses out of dried gourds her friend grows. So crafty.

Tubridy_June2012(LowRes)-89 Tubridy_June2012(LowRes)-66

We have a thing for stars. You can see them all over in our old beach house on my dad’s site.


More details. I did not inherit Mom’s green thumb, not even close.

Tubridy_June2012(LowRes)-132 Tubridy_June2012(LowRes)-50

Roses. Roses. Roses.


So lovely, no?


Prime wine time spot.


The back gate, complete with heart shaped stone they found and put at the entrance.


A flower the size of a dinner plate (no joke) and my dad’s vintage “accessory tractor”.  They have real tractors for use, and this one for decoration (you wonder where I got it from…. ??)

Tubridy_June2012(LowRes)-152 Tubridy_June2012(LowRes)-197

Front of the house and garage.


Even the driveway is gorgeous.  I had some of my engagement shots taken under those trees and my brother (who just got married here) had some wedding pics taken too. Dramatic and lovely.

Tubridy_June2012(LowRes)-241 Tubridy_June2012(LowRes)-245

The stone bridge, naturally.


This is Bax and Ollie’s favorite place to come for a swim in the summer (along with my Mom’s three- soon to be FOUR- dogs.)  This is why when I say the phrase “wanna go to Nana’s house?” they FREAK. OUT.

Tubridy_June2012(LowRes)-249 Tubridy_June2012(LowRes)-248

Can’t post without this shot.  I came home one day and saw this in the middle of the driveway.  I figured my mom had also read the HILARIOUS Blogess post (READ IT!) about a giant metal chicken named Beyonce. She had not. She just likes big metal chickens (and yes, we now call her Beyonce and she looks over the house.)


And no, they are not looking to adopt any more children. :)





Brooklyn’s Finest

Can we please discuss the amazing home of landscape designer Miranda Brooks and her family in Brooklyn featured on Vogue.com? It looks like they live in upstate New York!  But it’s in the CITY! How is this possible? And how are they all this cute? This whole thing has ripped a hole in  the space time continuum for me. Does not compute.


I know it’s hard to notice the floors when there is a HORSE in the room, but they are pretty amazing.



I want to go to there.


I will never tire of wallpaper like this. I hope to someday have a budget that allows it.


Can you even deal with this bathtub? Like, right in the middle of a room?





More cuteness.


Showing how kids art can be amazing when hung gallery style- with frames or without.


This is the roofdeck shed- now a potting shed. I’m serious.


They have bunnies. In Brooklyn. Hipster bunnies.




Oh, and their wedding. Yeeeeeeaaaaahhhhhh.

miranda-brooks-wedding (1)

Love her bohemian look in the first picture? Yeah, me too. Here’s a way to get that carefree “I live in Brooklyn” look for yourself:


jeans // top // boots // bracelet // earrings

Holiday Window Boxes

It’s really nice to come home.  With a little bit of money and a lot of sweat equity (which I think contributed to Andrew’s recent rotator cuff surgery), our little house is looking damn cute if I do say so myself.  Basically all we’ve done so far is paint the shutters and doors black and add window boxes, but what a difference it made! We got our window boxes from my Dad’s favorite source Walpole Woodworkers,  which is also an amazing resource for fencing, trellis and sheds. I want to replace our rickety old shed with THIS ONE! (If you had told me a year ago I would have a SHED on my wishlist I would have laughed at you).  My mom has generously been doing our window boxes for us so I asked her to tell me how she does them after being asked by some followers on Instagram for a tutorial. Initially her response was ” just cut stuff and jam it in the boxes!”  But after telling her that garden skills don’t come as naturally to all of us she ended up giving me a little more detail, and it is actually pretty easy!

 I put florist foam in the boxes first, then add potting soil. I cut various evergreens including leafy ones like Mountain Laurel, Boxwood, Rhododendron, Holly andWinterberry– whatever is available in the yard at the time (or your local nursery/grocery store).  Then you can add Red Twig Dogwood, or you can spray paint any twigs red, white or metallic and stick them in.  Add some pine cones too! I start at the outer edges with the longest, fluffiest branches, varying the textures, and end with the shortest in the center.  At our house I put a miniature Christmas tree in the center and pomegranates or apples on florist sticks for some natural color.  Anything goes! 

Here’s the front of our house decorated for the holidays- I need to add a bow to the wreath. Chartreuse, I think. I should probably get on that since Xmas is, like, in 5 minutes. Also of note, our new beeeeyooootiful lanterns from Northeast Lantern. **Please note, we have NOT replaced the bushes and such in front of the house. They are pretty ratty right now- but just you wait until spring!

Looking at this I am realizing I need new numbers. Hmmmm.

It’s so charming to come home to all this greenery- especially with a twinkly tree in the window!

Here are some others I’m loving for the holiday season!


(via The Impatient Gardener)