Fashion Friday: The All Powerful Neutral Shoe

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A purchase you will never regret is a great looking, well made neutral shoe. May it be a heel (essential ladies, it elongates the leg like no ones business) or a of-the-moment style like the backless mule, they go with everything and anything and are a key component to a well rounded wardrobe. And by neutral I don’t just mean BLAH beige- metallics (especially gold), sparkles and of course LEOPARD are all part of that category. In fact while strolling into a doctor’s appointment this morning some guy yelled “great shoes” about my leopard loafers which I had popped on because my outfit was otherwise very basic.

So heres a round-up of great neutral shoes– this spring it’s allllllll about the slide on sandal and mule. Backless or bust, I guess. :)


Fashion Friday: Uniform Dressing- Skirt + Bodysuit

As I was sitting inside all day yesterday stuck in the snowstorm I started dreaming of spring and the beautiful clothes it will bring. :) I’ve been on a skirt kick lately when it comes to prepping for spring, and for that reason I am JAZZED that bodysuits are back. Nothing works better with a skirt that needs a tucked in top than a good ol’ Flashdance-era bodysuit! No extra fabric, lumps or bumps or coming untucked! Even if you are scared of them, you NEED to give one a try this spring to see what I mean.
So here are four looks utilizing the bodysuit paired with a skirt– all of which need to be in my closet, like, YESTERDAY.


Fashion Friday: Lady of Leisure

One of the biggest trends right now is “athleisure” (a term I kind of hate, but…).  A mix of athletic gear and more refined styling, this is perfection for busy moms, students and basically anyone who prefers to be comfy over constrained.  But you don’t want to look like you came right from the gym (even if you have)- so here are some ways to look put together and modern, while also being able to run after a maniac toddler with ease.  The key is a stylish top layer (like this Gap sweatshirt I have in three colors and am obsessed with) and popping on some fun jewelry and a big bag roomy enough to hold TONS of crap! :)

I love this knit blazer- it looks so finished and yet cozy atop any outfit.  Add a big fun necklace (I’ve been wearing this one non-stop) and make sure your leggings have cool rose gold hardware and you’re all good!

1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6.

Fashion Friday: Outfits for the Office That Don’t Suck

Ask and you shall receive! I asked on Facebook yesterday for some suggestions regarding Fashion Friday and a bunch of people asked for work outfits that were easy to put together but looked great. So I pulled together looks based on basic work attire- suits, skirts, black pants, dresses and casual Friday (or for a more laid back office that allows denim). I hope this inspires you when getting dressed for work next week (bold words are the links!)

You can’t go wrong (on nearly any body type) pairing a slightly fitted button down with a pencil skirt .  For those in a hurry, look for non-iron button downs instead, but this chambray top paired with some swingy earrings in a matching bold color and a big resin cuff says you are fun but still ready for business. The zebra heels are the extra kick of awesome. Top with a classic trench!


Fashion Friday: Uniform Dressing in Black & Leopard

Obviously it’s known that I love leopard. And I know some people really don’t. But it is a time-tested way to add punch to otherwise simple outfits. Comboined with solid black in small or large doses, it always looks chic, playful and yet timeless. I would kill for this whole outfit, for example.  And you could picture it on Jackie O or Jenna Lyons in equal measure, right?