Fashion Friday: The Staple Piece


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I’ve come to feel the the staple piece for spring, summer AND fall is going to be the sleeveless trench or blazer.  It’s such a versatile topper that can dress up or dress down any outfit AND hide a multitude of sins!  I think it’s perfect for me while I get bigger and bigger and may want to feel a little more layered and covered up.  Here’s some inspiration on how to style this piece with pants, skirts and even dresses!

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Fashion Friday: Men in Stripes?

I like to say that Andrew has been my most successful makeover.  I’ve taken him from tapered acid wash jeans and mandals to dark wash slim denim and sleek leather lace ups.  But even though he now dresses WAY better, there are still some things we don’t agree on.  The number one thing that comes up over and over: horizontal striped tops and sweaters.  There is only one known incident in which Andrew has worn a horizontal stripe sweater and it was 1) forced and 2) while in Newport, so in other words, the only setting in which he felt it was maybe okay. (I’m gonna get in so much trouble for posting this)…

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 7.52.26 AM

(he’s drinking so much to forget he’s wearing the sweater)

And the whole time he was wearing it he could be heard muttering “I look stupid”, as if I made him wear a hot pink wrap dress to cocktail hour.  The only exception to this rule are striped polo golf shirts, which somehow are the ONLY allowed exception to this “no horizontal stripes” rule.

I however, think stripes look cute on guys! If i manage to get Andrew to even try something on like that it goes a little something like this:

Fashion Friday: A Go To Outfit

I always have few go-to outfits that are in heavy rotation in my closet. One of those is a variation of this look below- the perfect look for a night out where you don’t want to look too done up, but not too casual either. Combining skinny leather pants and a slightly oversize menswear inspired dress shirt paired with uber feminine heels and sparkly jewels. A great mix of tomboy and girly, not to mention casual


Fashion Friday: Summer Favorites

It feels a little like summer already (what happened to mild springs? I know I had them as a kid…) But I welcome the warmer weather and with that some new clothes and accessories! Here are some of my current faves for summer-


1. I love these turkish towels for picnics, the beach and in a snap- a sarong or scarf!

2. Bold print bikinis like this one from J.Crew.

3. I LOVE these dresses from Persifor- and am ordering this version now!  They are made of this stretchy almost bathing suit like fabric that keeps you cool in hot weather, never clings and is such a flattering cut (and great for ladies with a little extra in the belly right now!)

4. Adore these giant tassel earrings– a perfect way to dress up a simple summer dress or jeans and a tank!

5. I just picked these jeweled sandals in New York this week, and they were on sale!  Jeweled flats are all the rage this season.

6. A fun stripe and pom pom raffia clutch.

7. A floppy sun hat perfect for keeping those damaging rays off your face at the beach.

8.  A long (on sale!) horn pendant. Also this version.

9. Big sunnies– obviously.

10. + 13.  I am loving the pairing of a classic striped tee with a tea length floral full skirt! So cute!!!

11. An awesome and simple white dress that can take you absolutely anywhere this summer- the beach,drinks, dinner…(and it’s on sale!)

12. A lightweight scarf to pair with dresses and tanks.

Fashion Friday: A Little Forgiveness

While I am almost 15 weeks along in my pregnancy, I have yet to develop a baby bump.  Instead I have what I like to call a “baby gut”.  I’ve only gained a couple pounds so far, but my body has changed already, my tummy is rounder and softer and my boobs are RIDICULOUS.  No seriously, I’m busting out of DD bras and have no idea what to do from here- am I going to have to have bigger ones made on Etsy? Crocheted maternity bras anyone?  Anyways, I’ve been able to still wear my regular jeans, but I am prefer to wear them with looser tops and alternatively, looser dresses.  And I have to be able to wear a bra or watch out.

But pregnant or not, who doesn’t like to wear more forgiving things, especially in spring and summer where loose and flowy is the name of the game? So I rounded up some of my current favorites that I’ve loved wearing for those who also have a little one growing or perhaps just have a Chipotle burrito baby bump to conceal. :)