Fashion Friday: A Little Forgiveness

While I am almost 15 weeks along in my pregnancy, I have yet to develop a baby bump.  Instead I have what I like to call a “baby gut”.  I’ve only gained a couple pounds so far, but my body has changed already, my tummy is rounder and softer and my boobs are RIDICULOUS.  No seriously, I’m busting out of DD bras and have no idea what to do from here- am I going to have to have bigger ones made on Etsy? Crocheted maternity bras anyone?  Anyways, I’ve been able to still wear my regular jeans, but I am prefer to wear them with looser tops and alternatively, looser dresses.  And I have to be able to wear a bra or watch out.

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But pregnant or not, who doesn’t like to wear more forgiving things, especially in spring and summer where loose and flowy is the name of the game? So I rounded up some of my current favorites that I’ve loved wearing for those who also have a little one growing or perhaps just have a Chipotle burrito baby bump to conceal. :)

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Fashion Friday: His & Hers Spring Dressing

Hew New Englanders- did you EVER think we’d get warm weather like this again? Isn’t it MAGICAL??? I can barely contain myself- literally- I want to spend every waking second outside soaking up the sun and warm breezes. But it did kind of come on all of the sudden, leaving me with “I hate all my spring clothes” fever. So I partnered with J. McLaughlin to showcase a his and hers spring outfit that works for just about anyone- in case y’all are looking for some inspiration and ideas. Also, just for you a 15% off discount today through the 11th with code JMCLSTYLE.

As you may know, I love stripes. Like LOVE,LOVE stripes. I have 427 striped 3/4 sleeve shirts but shockingly, had no striped t-shirt dresses. This one is great because it’s not too short, not too long (on my 5′ 9″ frame- so shorter ladies may want to size down a full size or even two- I’m wearing a small) and it’s made of THICK cotton. Flimsy, thin material in this application just highlights everything you don’t want to show off (plus underwear lines) so I adore the weight of it. Comes in lots of colors too. Paired it with a patterned scarf and the CUTEST little rattan bag that my mom totally eyeballed hard when she stopped by this week– so if you need a mother’s day gift, I suggest  you pop into a store and grab one of them and get wrapping. Oh also, I cut all my hair off this week. Surprise!

IMG_1760 IMG_1766

Dress // Bag // Scarf

Fashion Friday: Do Good, Look Good.

I really want to be one of those people who has adorable loungewear.  I dream of being like Cameron Diaz’s character in The Holiday, wearing freshly pressed, crisp white pajama sets to bed.  But in reality, even if I buy pajamas like that, once I wash them without a doubt the pants will miss my ankles by about half a foot and the tops will have collars that more closely resemble well cooked bacon.  Because I just can’t iron PAJAMAS. I just can’t.  Never mind the fact that every time I buy cute pajama sets I end up feeling strangled by them halfway through the night or, in the case of one polyester faux silk leopard pair from Target, sweating like I just went into early menopause.

So instead I end up wearing some combination of old, stretchy cotton pajama pants, some sort of free promotional tee shirt and big sweatshirt. Most of which are splattered with coffee and/or wine stains (because some days you just have to get into your jammies before wine time, you know what I’m talking about).  I took a glance at myself the other day in a particularly spectacular combo of green palm leaf print pajama pants, dirty tee shirt and leopard hooded fuzzy robe and thought “Wow Erin, now that’s a LOOK AND A HALF”.  And I swore I’d try to find sleepwear that is super comfy, non-restrictive AND cute.

And if I can add in socially conscious wouldn’t that be great too?

I saw this brand, Sudara/ Punjammies, on someone’s Facebook page the other day and was first interested in the cute pajama pants- but then I found out that they are made by women in India trying to escape the sex- trafficking industry and I thought it was doubly excellent.  How wonderful to see a company trying to give women the skills and income to make a life in a safe and respectable way.  Read more about their efforts here.
IMG_3895_large cause_image_3_a0d78ab1-3b25-4b2a-a01e-d685745793f7_large

Fashion Friday: A Look I Love & One I Hate.

I am ALL about simple, elegant, timeless style and this picture just encapsulates that kind of look perfect for this “chilly one minute, warm the next” time of year.


1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6. // 7.

Other options for this look:

Fashion Friday: Celebrate Open Toe Season with Nordstrom!


Slipping on your first pair of sandals after a long winter shoved into Uggs and boots feels like a jailbreak for your feet.  I’m so happy we’re getting into open toe season and I can let my toes free!  There are so many styles this season- from block heels to gladiator and minimalist heeled sandals- and I partnered with Nordstrom to pick some of my favorites! Check out this great selection (CLICK ON IMAGES FOR LINKS!)

* This post is sponsored by Nordstrom. Thanks for supporting EOS!