Fashion Friday: Two Penny Blue Fall, A Giveaway & Day of the Girl!

Happy Friday everyone!!! Today I wanted to share the fall lookbook for Two Penny Blue (a brand run by one of my BFF’s Marie Whitney and which I consult for) and show you guys some of the awesome choices for fall as well as discuss the amazing uniform donation concept AND do a little giveaway!

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The Vivian Leopard Topper is obviously my favorite- Marie and I longer for a faux fur coat in a truly great leopard/cheetah print with clean lines that didn’t add too much bulk. And this is it- and it will be on my body as soon as my order arrives. :)  In fact, maybe I’ll just deliver in this.

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Fashion Friday: The Fall Investment Boot

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Since my fall wardrobe doesn’t get to be fun due to this certain “condition” I’m in, I am all about footwear.  Luckily, my foot have not swollen at all (yet), so I think I’m relatively safe in buying some new boots to help me spice up my leggings/ sweater uniform.  Number one on my list, a suede over-the-knee boot (flat for me since I’ll be running around with an infant soon). Specifically the Stuart Weitzman Lowland.  Totally an “it girl” shoe, but one that I think works on different women and with different styles.  Here’s some inspiration:


Fashion Friday: Coat Collection

I have an obsession with good coats, thanks to my mother who may be the Imelda Marcos of outerwear.  I can’t have enough coats, and since I live in a place where it’s chilly more than half the year (3/4 of the year, really, is coat season) I feel I can justify it.  I have coats that have been big investments all the way don to some faux leather Forever 21 items– with a whole lotta J.crew wool in between!

A funny coat story from ast year, I was getting my hair done and afterwards they handed me my army green anorak with faux fur trim (the coat everyone and their mother has in Boston) and I slipped it on and off I went. As I was walking to my car I thought “this jacket is warmer than I thought! And man it fits me well!”  I get in the car and drive home- and while on the Pike I get a call from the salon. “Hi Mrs. Gates- are you wearing your coat?” the receptionist asks. “Uh, yeah….why?” I respond, completely baffled. “I think we gave you someone else’s coat by accident”.  And sure enough, I had on not my cheap Zara coat but the coat I actually desperately wanted (this one by SAM) that was decidedly NOT mine. Do I keep driving and just never go back to that salon and live out my days with Dream Coat like an outerwear outlaw?  Alas, I’m a good person and drove it back to the salon to exchange for my sad, little coat (although they did look so alike that not only was everyone else fooled, but me too!)  Someday, my pretty! Someday.

In the meantime, here are a selection of coats by trends this season to help you fluff up your own collection!


FUR TRIMMED (l to r): 1. // 2. // 3. // 4.

PATTERNED (l to r): 1. // 2. // 3. // 4.

LIGHTWEIGHT (l to r): 1. // 2. (more affordable one here) // 3. // 4.

BOLD COLORS (l to r): 1. // 2. // 3. // 4. //

THE CAPE (l to r): 1. // 2. // 3. // 4.

LEATHER & FUZZY (l to r): 1. ($95!!!) // 2. // 3. // 4.

Fashion Friday: Go Fish

There are few things more classic than a cream Fisherman knit cable sweater for fall. And I’ve been seeing them a lot in stores and spreads for fall. So now is the time to pick one up (especially with all the sales this weekend). One of these natty numbers looks awesome both with denim and paired with dressier items like skirts or leather pants (for that dressy/ not dressy look).
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