Fashion Friday: Fashion Week Roundup

I went through a zillion Fashion Week shows for Spring 2019 and edited it down to a few big, basic trends I noticed.  The most diffuse trend- hideousness. I have never seen a fashion week where so many of the designers I normally love showed absolutely nothing I would ever wear.  It makes me so sad!  Why can’t pretty and flattering be popular?

The most noticeable trend was the number of designers showing bright yellow– many of them neon highlighter yellow.  Like, eyeball searing yellow.  I always wonder how this memo gets around to every fashion house (I assume trend forecasters) but it’s funny how such a unique color shows up on almost every single runway. There were some softer versions of yellow too– so we now know that yellow is the color of spring 2019- plan accordingly.

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Fashion Friday: Back to School Style with Nordstrom

Hey everyone!

Before you head out for the long weekend I know some of you have kids that have started school or are going to be starting school next week, so I partnered with Nordstrom today to share some great finds for back to school for the littles!  Henry starts pre-school September (I can’t believe it) and since he’s growing like a weed, needs all new fall clothes for the most part (okay fine, I also have WAY too much fun buying clothes and shoes for him– it’s way more fun than shopping for myself right now!)   Nordstrom is where I go for a lot of his stuff, especially their great shoe selection (and you can’t beat the easy returns).


FOR BOYS: (I may or may not have bought everything on this list for Henry…. YIKES!)

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The Fall Trends I Simply Cannot Get On Board With (and Those I Can)

As a person who came of age in the late 80’s and 90’s, I am having a hilariously good time CRINGING at the recent articles I’ve seen for Fall 2018 trends.  I mean, it’s BEYOND my comprehension that these styles are considered “in” right now. And yes, I can hear myself, I sound like my own mother who probably felt the exact same way when I wore all these items in the actual 90’s. But I mean, wasn’t it bad enough that it was in style once?


I mean, just a pair of acid wash high rise jeans is offensive enough. But a whole denim tuxedo situation done in this horrific 80’s material? I simply CAN NOT.

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Fashion Friday: The Staple Trench

Just a quick Fashion Friday today as I’m not only on a family trip but also am feeling a smidge burnt out this week.  I have long been pondering a splurge/investment of a Burberry trench coat.  I’ve had other versions that have been nice but not QUITE the timeless quality of Burberry.  And the trench is something that will not only never go out of style, but is a piece that can last you a lifetime.

You can dress a trench up or down- it looks great both with jeans and a tee as well as a topper over a dress. And sleeveless versions are great for layering or wearing alone as a dress (a la Meghan Markle).

Here are some great choices in different price points: