Fashion Friday: Dressing For Family Photos

Our pic from last year- (by Maureen Ford) all in coordinating tones but NOT matching exactly!

It’s that time of year again– when you attempt to take some attractive family photos for holiday cards and gifts!  I learned last year how extremely difficult it is with a crazy toddler, and yet somehow we ended up with gorgeous pics!  My rule of thumb for dressing for family pictures is to make sure everyone coordinates in color and style level (i.e. all casual or all fancy, but not half the family in dresses and half in hockey jerseys!)  Here are three styles to help guide you in picking your own outfits! (As you can tell, navy is always a safe place to start!)

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(for link or the bow loafers click here)

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A Pair of Royal Nurseries

While the news that the Duchess of Sussex is with child is a wee bit triggering for me emotionally, I can’t help but be very excited about another royal baby.  I mean, is this girl’s life for real? She marries a prince and now gets to have a baby that will have a tiny BRITISH ACCENT, which happens to be every girl who’s seen The Holiday‘s dream come true? Come on, share the wealth, girlfriend! :)

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Our Heading Home to Dinner Table Design

We are so excited to be participating in the Heading Home to Dinner event this year at the Boston Design Center!  Last year was the first time local designers put on this event and it was a huge success, raising lots of money for a great cause and having a fabulous time while doing it!  The event is comprised of Boston area designers creating unique table scapes and bar carts.  You can come see them all Thursday from 11-3pm!  There is a great dinner event tomorrow night, but it has sold out already!

Here’s our table!  We are so grateful to partners Duralee/ Robert Allen Group, Makkas Drapery Workroom and Juliska for their generosity in helping us create this gorgeous table.  I wanted it to be a mix of traditional and modern, relaxed and formal and I think we really achieved that! I was inspired by the interiors and gardens of various notable style mavens like Bunny Mellon, Aerin Lauder and Tory Burch.

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13 Years and Counting!

Today is my 13th (!!!!!!) anniversary with Andrew. I cannot believe we’ve been together now over 15 years, but also can’t recall life before him ( well I can, but I’d rather not). So a little revisit to our wedding feels appropriate, as it always does. I am so glad that still, 13 years later, our special day looks classic.  There aren’t any glaringly obvious “trends” or choices that make me cringe at all, which is shocking — and makes me very happy.

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An Escape to Newport

This past weekend we were graciously hosted by the Grace Vanderbilt hotel in Newport, RI for a little (much  needed) get away.  Although a quick drive from Boston, we have not spent much time in this bustling coastal community but discovered it’s a great alternative to the Cape for a quick trip away. It was totally family-friendly and Henry had a BLAST.

The Grace Vanderbilt is a historic building built by Alfred Vanderbilt in 1909 for his mistress (quite the gift, eh?)  The historic bones of the property are complemented by modern amenities and an incredibly helpful and attentive staff.

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