Mary McDonald for Schumacher

If asked who my top designer influences were I would have to put Ms. Mary McDonald at the top. I have loved her work way before Bravo made her a reality star and was so excited to hear she was doing a fabric line with Schumacher! I am sure we will see many more collections from her (a la Kelly Wearstler). How about these drapes, y’all?

mary mcdonald for schumacher

Loving the unique large scale appliques too!

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 8.03.56 AM

How gorgeous do these all look together?  Such great trims too! I love me a good trim!

16747829836298104_foxlY927_c 66190_175041_175051_68165-241-wrinklefree

Pretty crazy about this print which is very reminiscent of Gracie wallpapers ( Mary used a great light blue Gracie in her bedroom makeover on MDD if you recall).  I’ve priced that stuff out and it’s a fortune- so you can get the look with fabric at a somewhat cheaper price by making panels out of this fabric.  If you have a huge wall you could frame a panel of this, but it’s HUGE.

175040 175041

This fabric to the left would be great on a chair with the stripe centered on it!  And the print at right is a large scale and would be great on a chair or as drapes.

66181 175030

LOVE this marbleized print for pillows- and this applique would be so great on the back of upholstered dining chairs!

175051 66131

Mary also released a collection of gorgeous rugs for Patterson, Flynn Martin.


Speaking of Mary, I was so excited to see the redo of her living room in emerald green because that’s the color I’m thinking will be the only accent color in my new living room and dining room.  Even before it was dubbed the “color of 2013” I wanted to use it.


Here it is again in the Monika Chiang store Mary did (which I think is bananas good).


Julie posted this pic of a room done by the FAB Grant K. Gibson this morning and these are the exact chairs I was thinking of doing in my dining room- white frame Louis chairs with emerald upholstery. What do you think?

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 7.51.04 AM

Side note: I think MDD should just be Mary and Nathan and I also am 99% sure that the three of us would be best friends if introduced.  Just sayin’

Fashion Friday: Prints Charming

So many of you (including me) have a major love affair with Quadrille’s fabric. Particularly the China Seas line. If you need a reminder of why then here you go…

(all images via Quadrille’s site)

So it was of no surprise to me that when perusing Net-A-Porter I spotted some Philip Lim pants that looks almost identical to China Seas’s Lysette Reverse print!  Not you can wear the famous patterns on your body and not just let your furniture have all the fun!

China Seas Summer
And since we’re on the topic of coral and navy, here’s alittle sneak peek of my rental’s living room which will soon be featured on The Everygirl!

The Look for Less: Otomi Fabric

There are some patterns that I shall never tire of: Suzani, ikat and Otomi prints.  However, the price for actual handmade versions of any of these fabrics is typically VERY high. Take Otomi for example, a small throw can set you back almost $300. And if you want to make a headboard or upholster in it you’ll need multiples of them!

What I found on Spoonflower is a print exactly like the Otomi by textile designer Samarra Khaja and it’s way cheaper (you can pick the kind of fabric it’s printed on too!) So great for duvet covers, upholstering chairs and my favorite idea- custom nursery bedding!

The smaller scale…

Mad for Plaid.

There is something just so comfy, cozy and comforting about plaid.  It’s been embraced by preppies, hipster and country folk alike- I can’t think of another pattern that appeals to so many! Of course, in the fall plaid is particularly charming and embracing- it’s wooly warmth making you think of picking apples and cuddling by a fire.  In rooms it can be used in so many ways (big and small)- here’s an homage to plaid….

This old school room makes me want to curl up with a good book and some tea…


mixing a masculine plaid and feminine toile keeps things interesting…

Fierce plaid.

Modern plaid!

Country vs. city plaid

A monochromatic and light plaid looks ethereal not heavy!

Will ALWAYS love boys in plaid. Always.

Traditional luxury…

His and hers … the “his” is particularly lovely, no? :)

All images via Pinterest.