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Etsy Find: Evajuliet’s Fantastic Prints

Thursday, May 1st, 2014

Etsy really has some phenomenally artistic and gorgeous stuff (once you search through all the crocheted cup warmers and other such stuff.)  I get so excited when I see boutique-worthy goods like the prints in Evajuliet’s shop.  Specifically, I’m adoring her stylish play on family trees! A great gift when framed in something sleek and modern (like these frames from Room & Board or these from West Elm (but splurge on a custom cut mat for a professional look! )  I adore the black background on this one reminiscent of vintage scientific botanical prints:


(I’d mat this in white with a gold frame or use a linen mat with a black frame!)

Want something more simplistic and pen & ink style? This one is so gorgeous and would be great worked into a gallery wall!


This one cane be done all black and white or add in a little pop of color as shown here.


SO fabulously adorable in a modern nursery!


A pretty, feminine version (amazing mother’s day gift).


Not into the family tree thing? No problem- check out her gorgeous art prints! Love these herb and plant illustration!



These black and white herb prints would be fabulous in a kitchen or breakfast nook.


Maybe a sweet little zodiac print for a kid’s room?


Etsy Shop Find: Oriental Tribe

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

I found Oriental Tribe on Etsy the other day and think these pillows are insanely gorgeous for the prices they are charging! Made of authentic tribal textiles and in such fabulous textures and colors I think these are awesome accents for just about anywhere.








Not sure how to pair these pillows with others? Here are some suggestions!


border pillow // la fiorentina pillow // velvet pillow

Windy Lane Studios

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

I’ve been searching Etsy for art for many clients lately.  Art is hard, if you want original works it forces you to spend a rather pretty penny most of the time.  Etsy has certainly helped as far as sourcing up and coming artists (read: more affordable art) but finding gems amongst the insane amount of, well, crap takes a lot of time.  That’s why when I come across a truly talented artist on the site I bookmark it immediately even if it’s not the exact thing I’m looking for.  I saw the work of Windy Lane Studio/ Kai Samuels- Davis and I thought not only was it so gorgeous but the way he styled each shot was so artistic as well!

I am IN LOVE with this print:


The color and texture is absolutely amazing.










Love this shot of the studio!




(Affordable) Art Crush: gretchen Kelly Studio

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

As of late I’ve been on a “only buy original art” tear.  I’m kind of over prints and reproductions, however, my bank account isn’t exactly of Picasso proportions.  So per the usual I turn to Etsy to find great original art- I am currently focusing on a bright and loose nude sketch for my bathroom.  I fell madly in love with these one minute sketches by Gretchen Kelly. From the artist herself …”These original sketches are from 1 minute poses, which are the warm-up exercise for longer poses. In a series of 10 poses, usually done at the beginning of a 3 hour session with a model, I quickly sketch + paint in multi-media of watercolor, pastel, gouache + graphite. I like to paint the female figure in quick poses to capture the gesture and the feeling of the beauty that I see. I use swift colorful strokes and finish off with defining marks in graphite.”

Against my black wall one of these would be perfect- and at only $50-$60 a piece it’s completely doable!

Pretty Little Things

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

I found out about this adorable illustrator 23 Madison Studio via Katie Armour and had to post her ultra-feminine works, perfect for gifts for girlfriends, moms, aunts or daughters. I especially love the What’s in My Bag” drawings, which can be customized to your exact bag and contents. Mine right now would be pathetic- broken strapped Louis Neverfull with loose change, dirty receipts, fabric samples, a random lip gloss, old ass wallet and set of keys reminiscent of a high school janitors. This will be the year of a new bag and wallet, I swear.

I am LOVING this print for a closet! Perfection.

I mean, how fabulous would these No 5 gift tags be to attach to bridal shower favors?


Double ditto.

Or get a card to give a Chanel obsessed friend (complete with perfume box envelope).

Or your Celine obsessed friend (that would be me.)

Or your little blue box fan (or newly engaged person).